Betting on Gambling Luck


What?  Really? Hmm…

That was my thoughts when I received and read Steven’s email. He wrote, “In front of Kwan Im Temple at Waterloo Street (Singapore), one guy was using your EON to issue 4-D charging $10 in less than 5 minutes for each birthdate. Wow! The queue was long.

Friends and EON Workshop participants would know I don’t support using the Elements of Numbers (EON) for gambling purpose. Sure, there’s nothing wrong in applying your knowledge on metaphysics methods to gamble on your luck on the winning numbers. Every year especially during the Chinese or Lunar New Year festivals, there are many seminars organised by professional metaphysicians presenting the year outlook with spices of gambling tips. That’s usually the main attraction.

The reason I don’t focus on identifying your gambling luck is there’s no guaranteed, sure-win method to know if the 4-D numbers would win this time around. Like what Steven wrote, “If I were him, I will issue 0000 to 9999 and ask people to buy $5 BIG and for sure 23 people will strikes every week.”

When there are 23 sure-win tickets in every week’s draw, it’s natural for these 23 or more people who got the winning tickets to spread the words around about how accurate this man (let’s call him John) is. Eventually more people would flock to pay John for the lucky winning number. Putting moral and social grounds aside, John has done nothing wrong. Technically, John is providing a service to people who’re willing to pay $10 for the lucky number, and then pray to the temple deities to help “enrich” their gambling luck. Even if John did not provide such services, gamblers would still flocked to other fortune-tellers outside the temple vicinity for lucky numbers. John is using the EON to enrich his lifestyle and applying his knowledge to help others who believe in him. We shouldn’t stereotype John as a “charlatan.” John is no different from many professional Wealth Creators who give talks on how to make ‘quick money’ through investments (properties, stocks, blue chips, and commodities), direct-mailing, and home-based initiatives. Sure, they are always “hits and misses” in gambling-related pursuits.

BANNER6There are many numerology books that include pages on identifying lucky days and lucky numbers. In general, these methods provide sign on the vibes that MAY increase the lucky vibes to enrich your gambling luck. There are many equally important considerations besides knowing when you have the gambling luck.

People are naturally greedy and could be swayed by the beginner’s luck and thought they have the spot-on method to identify the winning numbers. Gambling can be addictive. In short period, some people could become a passive (or casual) gambler to an obsessive one, oblivious to their limited financial means. Sadly, they ended being a social menace to society and their families.

Steven asked, “What do you think about this…possible?

I don’t know if John attended my EON WORKSHOP previously but I vaguely remembered providing some clues on how you can identify your personal daily code (for the 4-D numbers). You can then check if there’s presence of certain number patterns and specific elements in the Day’s or Combined Day’s chart. For all you know, John could be using my EON (Android) software as a “money-making” tool for his services.

Whatever it is, CONTROL is the keyword.  Taking control of your life and taking charge of your habits are important. If you discovered a winning way after reading this article to identify lucky numbers with high chances using EON, that’s great. And if you gamble and win often, spare a thought for the unfortunate and poor people who couldn’t even afford their daily bread. Inculcate the habit to donate a portion to charity and help make the world a better and happier place. Even if you think you can provide similar services like John, you must always inculcate the ‘charity mindset’ and focus on your social responsibilities.

And finally my “social responsibility” act – if you know you’ve a gambling problem or know someone who does, and is staying in Singapore, do check out the NCG (National Council on Problem Gambling) website. They have a team of sincere and caring professionals who are ready to help you get rid of your gambling addiction and help “turn your luck around.”

Good luck!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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