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“I’ve read the comments that you have posted, and it is true that reading it again provides new perspective. I was anxious to finish as the contents are intriguing. As I go through your post I realised that numbers are creative and your book serves as an interpreter to express their nature. I look forward to part 2, thank you again for everything.”

That’s what Melvin wrote in his reply email on my recent article “2-Number Patterns & Hidden Number 8”.

I’m focusing on Melvin’s other questions today. He wrote, “Although I know that you say names does not affect us as much as our inner character which is characterise by our DOB, I’m bothered by my ‘Christian’ name which I gave myself years ago. I felt more emotional after that. Is there a compatible number I can use for a suitable name?”

Good-sounding or compatible names are good as it could provide ‘equilibrium, load-balancing‘ vibes to dilute the strong negative energies and balance the influences on a person. It is just one of the many ‘alternative’ methods (including car plate numbers, mobile numbers, symbolic ornaments and jewelleries) a person can try out to manifest the external vibes to influence their thoughts and actions. These external influences, though great at the suitable time is just… a product of external influence.

It’s important to strengthen the internal positive influence of the person. Eventually it’s up to the person to take action to attract the good energies and react positively. The vibes from each element changes periodically. The balanced vibes today may not be so positive tomorrow. A compatible name that creates positive energies now could somehow create negative energies some years later because the strength of the energies has changed.

Melvin can always change his current “Christian” name (or “English”, “business”, or “social” name) if he feel it’s creating more emotional stress for him, or revert to his given or birth name if it can help reduce the stress. For all you know, his emotional stress could have been manifested by vibes not from his “Christian” name.

Melvin asked, “Seriously I like to know more about myself, and your book seems to be the key to decipher questions about my character and personality. I sincerely hope that you can help me.”

Let’s look at Melvin’s chart and see if we can identify stressing vibes that could contribute to his emotional stress. I’ve included his EON chart and Bazi chart. Once again, I wanted Bazi users to know they now have a choice to apply EON techniques easily and fast to complement their profiling analysis. Melvin’s chart is another “classic example” where Bazi users can correlate to my EON profiling observations.

CaseStudy_Melvin (EON and Bazi charts)

You can read up about the Root number 1 and the traits associated to Metal in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Some of the traits include leadership, bluntness, direct and frank, loneliness, and mental worries. There are tendency signs suggesting loneliness and unnecessary worries over other people’s matters besides the ‘self-egotistical‘ mindset.

The 4-6-1 [Plan-Stability-Alone] could suggest signs of frequent planning (including self-made responsibilities) to help others unconditionally. These could lead to emotional and mental stress, and frequent tiredness (4-6-1 [Emotion-Mental-Immune]). When we looked at the “hidden patterns” (EON workshop students are taught how to identify them) there are extra signs of undue stress, tiredness, and tempers. Perhaps it’s time for Melvin to consider his health and let others take care of their own problems.

Coincidentally, the poetic name for his Day MasterGeng Xu” in his Bazi chart is ‘Temple Dog’ and this could imply a drain on personal finances and mental health trying to help others. His EONHidden Number’ 8 (mentioned in my previous article) also suggested the “cannot sit still” person and these could have triggered the emotional and mental-related health problems. Melvin should take time to relax by taking up meditation and other relaxation exercises, and let matters take their course. And yes, he should try to stop to smell the roses and enjoy the beautiful scenes Nature has created.

The 7-5-3 pattern in his birth chart could suggest unnecessary spending, money lost, or at extreme cases, regular involvement in contractual disagreement or legal issues. Melvin should remember to put aside the “stubborn and gutsy feeling” attitude (5) and frequent arguments (like debating on principles, 3) with other people (7) as these could create undue stress and increasing temperaments, besides controlling his unnecessary spending. That’s no good for the liver, mental, and heart! Bazi users can refer to the “Hidden Stems” of his Day Stem Xu (Ding, Wu, and Xin) which show vibes similar to the 7-5-3 traits.

Melvin could have felt emotional last year as the 4-5-9-5-4-9 in his PY2012 chart could suggest stronger Wood vibes. In Five Elements,

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as the ‘diabetic’ pattern is also present in his chart.

Melvin’s “Christian” name may not be the “cause” to his increasing emotional traits. More likely, it’s caused by his relentless concern over others at the expense of his own health. Oh… if you’ve bought my book, you can also read up more on the fuzziness thoughts and humanitarian concerns in the 2-2-1-5 patterns (locations I-J-K-L).

Helping others can be rewarding (intangible means), self-satisfying and purposeful. And the more you should take care of your own health first. An analogy – a typical battery on your mobile phone could drain out quickly on continuous use. Similarly, Melvin should learn to stop and recharge his inner-health vitality vibes regularly before his “health batteries” drains out.

It’s healthy for Melvin to learn to recharge regularly if he wants to help others as much as he could. At the same time, he could learn to control his emotions, stress, and tempers, and live the live he wants.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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