EON Bits on Luck Phases and Auspicious Dates

Over the past one week, I noticed there were searches on this site for “Luck phase, auspicious date, Pythagoras, good natal chart” and many others.

Using Pythagoras

The interpretation of the numbers and charting steps from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is based on the Pythagorean theory. Many profiling experts also adopted the Pythagorean method to check on names to derive more patterns. Sometime back, I was told by a friend that a popular PON trainer had included topics on checking names using the Chaldean method. Although there has been a regular discussion on the suitability of using either the Pythagorean and Chaldean theories for checking on names, both are equally useable. However, I find it amusing that the trainer could adopt the Pythagorean method to analyse a person’s chart, and yet, at the same time, using the Chaldean method to check on the person’s name. The numbering system on alphabets (for names) used in the Chaldean and Pythagorean methods, are different. Hence, it’d create a confusing and often, conflicting signs. An analogy here – It’s like you adopt both the left-hand drive (like in the US) and right-hand drive (like in the UK and Singapore) to construct slip roads and pathways. Such chaotic approach could raise accident statistics. Perhaps, the trainer is confused or has acquired the ability to combine both conflicting methods into a single non-chaotic way to analyse a person.

On Luck Phase

Everyone of us, do experience different phases in life. Two people with similar Personal Year charts – where the numbers in locations I to X are identical – could face similar encounters. However, the responses and attitude towards these encounters could vary, depending on the person’s age. And in a way, it also depended on which LUCK PHASE they are currently “into.”  In the popular Chinese Metaphysics System like Bazi, there is a 10-Year Luck Pillar, which allow users to determine their potential luck periods pertaining to health, wealth, career, relationships, and many other life aspects. Similarly, I have also introduced the 9-Year Luck Cycle Pillar (9YLCP) into the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. While the 9YLCP steps are formulated based on my experience in Bazi, its application approach from EON is different.

The 9YLCP method is an advanced method, and available only to students who attended the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. With the 9YLCP method, users can check which luck phase they are currently in. They can then easily identify the probable influences and effects on them, be they on their health, relationship, career, wealth, and others. For example, if John is having a luck phase of 3-8 (2), we can say that John is being influenced by the “steaming water or hot spring” effect. And when James’ luck phase is 2-7 (9), we can say James is facing the “swampy or floating tree” effect. While both John and James might share similar chart (numbers in M-N-O-P-Q-R are same) and they have identical Personal Year charts, the way they respond and react to similar situations might be different, because of age. John, while influenced by the “steaming water or hot spring” effect, could be more temperamental, easily agitated, and could act rashly or hastily. His reaction may be more like a critical, direct, and “in the box” approach. James, on the other hand, could be confused with mixed and swaying feelings and adopt an idealistic and cautious manner. His reaction may be more like an “out of the box” approach.

On Auspicious Dates

Sure, there are methods that I’ve shared in the FEN classes on identifying favourable and beneficial dates. To some people, these are the auspicious dates. While there are many methods available, understanding the concepts of “every day is a good day, and every direction can be a good direction”  could create the feelings and manifest the energies that “every day is an auspicious day.” Many people got married based on auspicious dates, but sadly, some got divorced years later. Many entrepreneurs opened their business on auspicious dates and at the opportune time, but unfortunately, some of them failed and have to close their business after some time. Could it imply that auspicious dates are just about the day and time being favourable, and thereafter, it is not the date-selection consultant’s problem at all? In actuality, selecting a good date and time would enable the person to energise and manifest the “Good Blessing” vibes, and hopefully, that would help them to have a good start in their ventures, be they on marriage or business. What this means is that, eventually, the person must take conscious and positive efforts to ensure the good vibes continues to be around and within them. This way, they have the capacity to absorb (the good vibes) and manifest on others – like having harmonised marriage with spouse, or influencing customer’s continuing loyal support.

Choosing a good date might not be possible at times. Under such circumstances, choosing the time and direction would be appropriate. For example, I’ve a Thai student who attended a recent 4th FEN class – she wanted to try her gambling luck after the 1st-day lesson, and approached me on how to energise her lucky vibes. I used the “Personal Direction”and “Relative Directional” method, together with the “Qi Tapping” application usage to advise her. By knowing the time, direction, and how to “walk in the correct and positive way” towards the target, the student could achieve her desired outcome at the opportune time. Click this link for additional info…

Now, as the energies are transient and constantly in motion, this means you also need to understand the hourly effect on a person. This means, for example, 6pm-7pm could be favourable to a person, but 7pm-8pm might not. Hence, as I also advised the student, it is best to know when to stop even though you might be on “cloud nine” with your winning gambling luck. Stop before the opportune time ended and enjoyed the rewards thereafter, rather than loses them all (or more) eventually because of greed in a game of chance.


The schedule for the 6th FEN WORKSHOP is now available. You will learn more about the 9-Year Luck Cycle Pillars, Qi Tapping, Relative Directional method, and many more in class. While you’ll learn these “luck energiser” methods, what’s important is you will eventually learn and understand how to profile a person. This includes knowing yourself and others in a better way, without relying too much on number patterns as taught by many external trainers. Unfortunately, many of these trainers “happily give you a fish for a day at a high price, but lacked the fundamental knowledge to guide you how to save cost and fish on your own.

The early-bird discount is currently available for a limited period only. Register now and learn the fundamental of profiling in an interactive and positive way. And knows that when you are stuck midway, there’s always the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group where fellow students and myself, would guide you along the way. A small investment to attend the FEN class, a lifelong learning experience gained.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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