More than 8-4-3 relationship problems

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

You could have practised it unknowingly through the years. It’s just that in your mind, it’s not called Law of Attraction but just a simple positive thinking habit. Perhaps to you, it’s just a coincidence.

Early this week, I posted an article “Learning Elements of Numbers” about the effects of having multiple 8-4-3 number combinations in a birth chart.

Yesterday, I was having lunch with a friend “Elisa”. As we enjoyed our lunch and talked about the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods, she mentioned her friend “Anthony” has multiple 8-4-3 number combinations in his birth chart.

Guess what?

The birth chart is similar to the sample I used for John Doe, a fictional person.

Yes, Anthony has relationship issues with his wife. As mentioned in my previous article, the telltale signs are there.

Anthony needs to exercise self-control over his temper and anger. If he wants to keep a better and healthier relationship with his wife, he needs to change his mind-set and examine his past behaviours and bad habits. He has to try to identify and understand the causes that contributed to his past negative actions, and learn to release his old resentments.

The strong Fire element is present in his chart. The number 4 (Wood) makes him emotional and easily agitated. The build-up in the fiery Fire energies caused his heart to suffer, resulting in a stroke.

When Fire is strong, it may affect the Metal (respiratory system, lungs) as well. The Lungs are the source of inhaling and exhaling. If Metal is weak, it will also affect the throat and nose. Metal is associated to the emotion of grief. This could imply worrying unnecessary.

Apart from anger management, Anthony has to learn how to relax and not to worry too much. On health’s side, he should try to avoid taking food or drinks with high sugar content. If he is not careful enough, the possibility of getting diabetes may be high.

Anthony has to reframe his life and embrace healthier ones. If he can ‘thrash away his old habits’ and build on new positive ones, he would be able to create a new life he choose to live, in a positive and healthier way.

Regards, Ron


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