On Alicia: Understanding Self

I received an email request from Sheryl asking if I could do a case study analysis on her best friend Alicia. According to Sheryl, Alicia seemed to face troubling times lately with some personal issues. Among them is the strained relationship with her boyfriend – she felt constrained and stifled each time she’s with him. Since Sheryl is a relative of mine, I told her I would do a multi-part article on Alicia.

Today’s article is focusing on Alicia’s character and traits. By the way, what I’m about to share is based on my observations on the tendency signs present in Alicia’s charts. It doesn’t imply Alicia would inhibit or display such traits or characteristics, or experienced certain events previously as a person’s behaviours and feelings are influenced by many factors. These include the environment (country, economic, policy, residence), family upbringing, social lifestyle, and self-beliefs.

In the study and applications of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we can identify relationships between the subject person and their parents from the chart. Take the case of Alicia – the relationship she had with her father ‘revolves’ around the I-J-M and H2 locations. The 7-2-9 pattern and number 9 in H2 could suggest a friendly, cordial, and chatty communication style between Alicia and her dad. There are signs her dad might have high aspirations and demanding expectations on Alicia. Instead of instilling a top-down approach in grooming his daughter, his dad could have adopted an encouraging and success-driven approach using a more respect-like communication style. That reminded me of the suggested “adult-adult” and “nurturing parent” ego states from the Transactional Analysis (TA) principles. It reminded me of the “I’m OK, You’re OK” relationship style.

On the other hand, Alicia’s mother is adopting a different upbringing style. The 1-6-7 in locations K-L-N and number 5 in H3, could depict the strict ‘tiger mum’ approach where her mom is the controlling type, just like the “critical parentego state in TA principles. As consequences, Alicia adopted the “rebellious childego state in TA principles when communicating with her mom. Furthermore, the number 5 in H3 is akin to having obstacles and different mindset between them, and it might trigger unnecessary tension and disagreements. We could also interpret the 1-6-7 pattern as [Alone – Home – Support] which could imply having a dislike to stay at home – probably to avoid the loneliness and negative vibes around with her mom – and preferring to enjoy more positive vibes externally, like with her friends instead. It reminded me of the “I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK” relationship style. I noticed the 8-4-3 pattern is present in locations V-W-X which we could interpret as having some form of communication strain or bad EQ with others. It could also be due to the cumulative negative vibes Alicia has with her mom, and that moulded the selective relationship or “heck care” mindset. Because of that indifferent attitude, Alicia might have unknowingly agitated others, or isn’t tactful enough when communicating with others. It reminded me of the “I’m OK, You’re Not OK” relationship style.

We could interpret the patterns and numbers in locations M-N-O as the self-created perception – that means because of her good relationship with her dad and bad relationship with her mom, Alicia could have instilled the urge to look outwards, beyond her home, to seek external parties (like friends) to pursue the success she desperately desires. The multiple 7s in N-O-Q locations could depict a reliance and dependency on others, and these could make her more gullible and susceptible to being easily influenced by others. Alicia has to stop depending on others to pursue her visions and success, and take charge and control of her own destiny. Furthermore, she might find herself over-spending or embroiled in lawful matters, or losing money because of her carelessness. Alicia must also be consciously aware and attentive when signing contracts and agreements, and refrain from being someone’s guarantor to prevent legal entanglement.

Now, let’s focus on her characters and traits. There are tendency signs suggesting Alicia has the “smart” genes – the street smart and book smart resourcefulness. The street-smart ability could have been a result of her conflicting family upbringing experiences with mom and dad, making her more self-reliant and independent. The book-smart genes mean Alicia can also be the bookworm-type of a person who could study. Nonetheless, there are other tendency signs suggesting an intentional “refusal to study” act – a defiant and spiteful nature in her. That’s similar to the “rebellious childego state in TA principles. Alicia has the intuitive and gut-feel thinking, and could have relied on her instincts on past decision makings. However, because of distractions and confused thoughts, her gut-feelings could be swayed by emotions, stress, and hasty temptations. While she might be seen as seeking attention, all she needs (and probably missed) is the parental love and care, and a happy home. Alicia must learn to stay compose, calm, and relax, and to rely on herself to decide what she wants to do to ensure she enjoys a better tomorrow.

The excessive multiple 9s appear in Alicia’s Personal Year PY2016 chart. That could imply a sudden urge to strive for success regardless of what it could take for her to achieve that. It could also strengthen the highly-competitive streak and over-confidence attitude. On top of that, the multiple 9s is like Alicia finding herself among the many trees in the densely-populated forest. That means she’s not the only “tree” fighting for the best sunlight and achieving the goals. What this implies is that Alicia could have found herself very tired and stressed up in her pursuits for excellence and success, and it could dampen her fighting spirits, besides manifesting the fear and worrisome thoughts unnecessary. Furthermore, she might not have the opportunity to show off her skill sets and abilities due to intense competitions. That reminded me of the phrase “if you can’t beat them, join them.” This means instead of fighting a losing battle, it’s wiser to join forces with others for common good. As we also associate the numbers 4 and 9 with the Wood element, we could also correlate them to emotions, hypersensitive, depressions, and suicidal thoughts, in addition to the “I don’t care” or “I can’t take it anymore” thinking. Anyway, although the multiple 9s was present in her PY2016 chart, it’s not too late for Alicia to focus on working as a responsible and fun team-member in the projects she’s taking.

This year (2017), Alicia might find herself feeling more confident and knowing what she needs to do to become the leader of her own destiny. That’s great, and the positive vibes are suggesting the need to stay calm, focused, and decisive; and not be swayed by temptations or bad influence from others. Alicia is still young. At 21 years old, she’s feeling like a bird given the freedom to fly and explore the world on her own, without her parents tying her down in their homely nest. Whatever it is, and while enjoying her freedom and identifying life purpose, eventually the bird must go back to its nest at the end of the day. What this means is, it’d be beneficial for Alicia to improve her relationships with her mom. Every mother loves and cares for their childrenit’s just that their actions might be different from their intent. While Alicia’s mom might be the stubborn, disciplinary “tiger mum” type, her intent is good as we could also interpret the 1-6-7 pattern as [Self – Home – Supportive]. This means the possibility of feeling happy, joyful, and peaceful at home, and enjoying laughing moments with her mom and dad – once the perceived mindset has changed.

Alicia’s Birth Code is suggesting the need for her to act independently so that she can maximise her intuitive strengths and resilience; identify the opportunities in every obstacle, and have a relentless and tolerant nature. Once she can empower herself to take charge to optimise her strengths, Alicia would be able to boost her confidence, self-esteem, and resourcefulness, and become the person she aims to be.

That’s all for my short analysis on Alicia. I hope Alicia could discover new insights on her personalities from this article. She could benefit by making a conscious effort to change her attitudes and mindsets. A more tolerant and less stubborn nature could pave the way for her to enjoy a happier home… and a wonderful family.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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