On Alicia: Boyfriend’s Traits

I’ve posted a case study article “On Alicia: Understanding Self” yesterday and shared some observations on Alicia’s personality, characters, and traits that might have influenced her behaviours, feelings, and thoughts. Alicia must learn how to love and care for herself first, before she can untie the relationship knot and improve the communication skills with others. She must constantly remind herself that she can dare to take risks, and face all obstacles and challenges as opportunities that are waiting for her to identify and grab them. She has to understand that only she, and not even her best friends and parents, could make the choice to transform her life towards a better future – a life that’s more fulfilling, fun, happy, and purposeful.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my observations on Mike, Alicia’s current boyfriend. And just like in all my articles, what you are about to read doesn’t imply Mike would inhibit or display the character and traits, or encounter events mentioned later.

Let’s focus on Mike’s relationship with his dad. The 7-9-7 in locations I-J-M could depict a business-like and/or success-driven relationship. This means whenever Mike is with his dad, the common topics they’d chatted about usually about social success, visions, plans, and intellectual discussions. However, there could be a problem here – the number 5 in location H2 is suggesting there might be a difference in opinions, disagreements, and perhaps, heated debates and quarrels at times between Mike and his dad.

Although there are challenging times between them, there are equally opportunistic moments that could have sparked off more positive visions, business networking, and BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) initiatives. Their relationship is like the “nurturing parent” and “adult-adultego states in Transactional Analysis (TA) principles. That reminded me of the “I’m OK, You’re OK” and “I’m OK, You’re Not OK” communication style.

Mike and his relationship with mom are superb. There is no “Tiger Mom” upbringing style, and instead, it’s more of the “mummy’s boy” approach. The 1-2-3 pattern in locations K-L-N is suggesting Mike’s mom is from an above-average or wealthy family. And the number 6 in H3 location is suggesting the relationship Mike has with his mom is mostly about money. Thus, it is highly possible for Mike to indulge in extravagant spending with his mom providing material support. Their relationship reminded me of the “obedient childego state in TA principles where Mike would tend to indulge in the “I’m not OK” mentality, such that his mom would adopt the “If You’re not OK, I’ll Make Sure You’ll be OK” with material support on hand, anytime.

A person’s attitude towards their friends and behaviours toward others is partly influenced by family upbringing, social etiquettes, and lifestyle livings. Many affluent families brought up their kids with good moral humbleness and consciously knowing their “roots.” On the other hand, there are also rich families who brought up their kids with the “silver spoon” approach. The tendency signs in Mike’s chart, especially his Root number 1, is suggesting a high-ego, self-centric person with prideful aspirations. As we could associate the number 1 with the Metal element, we could identify the symbolic representations of materialistic pursuits (expensive taste), face and brand conscious ego, high lifestyle living, and the “I, Me, & Myself” behavioural attitude.

And just like Alicia, Mike has the “smart genes” as well, with stronger book-smart genes present. That could imply the possibility of Mike having good academic results are high – a knowledgeable person who usually follows the rules of the book and law. Mike has the street-smart genes too, but his resourcefulness might not be directly from himself. He needed to tap on others, like his parents and friends, to gather the information to help him build the knowledge. The sign of “selective listening disorder” syndrome is present, and so is the high-handedness mentality, resulting in frequent disagreement, arrogance, and bad EQ – the 4-8-3 pattern.

Mike seemed to enjoy the lucky streaks last year with the multiple 7s. He might have experienced happier moments with his friends who possibly have self-beneficial intents. The signs are suggesting Mike could have become too accommodating, trusting (only likes to hear the good words), and over-spending beyond his means.

This year, he might direct his focus on his career and girlfriends – which means beside Alicia, there might be someone he likes (or someone who likes him from afar) in his social clique. The 9-6-6 pattern in his Personal Year PY2017 chart is suggesting the [Success – Money – Money] mentality. That means in order to achieve the success and visions, Mike needs to spend the money first, before he can grow his wealth – continuing to enjoy the brand-conscious pursuits to match his high lifestyle living.

No one knows for sure if Mike could grow his wealth it all depends on his attitude, behaviour, and habits. Here’s an analogy – when you have abundance of free high-grade charcoals from your supplier, you will continue to enjoy having barbecue sessions with your friends. However, when your supplier is gone, your charcoal stock would deplete quickly. Unless you have acquired the knowledge and mean to buy the high-grade charcoal from another supplier, you might not be able to accommodate your friends with continuing barbecue sessions. Gradually, your good friends, whom you once think are loyal and close, would leave you because they know you now have limited charcoals left.

That said, Mike needs to curb on his extravagant spending, be prudent in risky investments, be more humble and attentive (especially on legal agreements), and live within his means, if he wants to continue living comfortably in his later years. The missing number 4 is suggesting the need for Mike to plan for his future, be self-reliant (and not depending on parent’s material comfort), know his “roots” and stand on his own feet. The missing number  8 is about improving the responsibility and accountability toward money management, and be willing to work harder (and smarter) than others.

That’s all for a short observation on Mike in this article. Look out for my next article where I will share fresh observations on the relationship’s aspects between Alicia and Mike. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and it could provide some insights on how I’ve applied the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and the Transactional Analysis (TA) principles to profile the chart.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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