On Carrie Lam

Putting aside the months of ongoing protests in HK, one person’s name stands out throughout these unfortunate incidents – Ms Carrie Lam, the present Hong Kong politician serving as the 4th and current Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

As someone had searched for “Carrie Lam” on this site, I thought I might as well share some insights on her, from an Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective.

Carrie’s EON chart is easy to interpret, especially for FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students who have gone through the visualisation techniques that I’ve shared in class. Let’s begin with the basic “number patterns” that I have also described in many of my earlier articles posted here on this site.

From basic EON interpretations, here are some observations:

  • 5-4-9 (or 4-5-9). We could associate this pattern for a person who is risk-averse and risk-adverse. In short, it implies a person who likes to take risks, and yet, feared taking risks. To do, or not to do, the fear or flight tendencies – these are all in the person’s mind. She tends to hesitate and take longer time to decide what’s right for her. In this case, it’s more directly from Carrie’s formative years.
  • 9-4-4 (and multiple 4s and 9s). We could associate this pattern to an often-stubborn and hard-headed person who is strong-willed (like a tree) but yet flexible (like a flower). As a result, they’re often in the mood-swinging ways – one moment, they are firm in their decision, and another moment, they‘d change their minds. “A or B, which way to choose…” can be a constant headache for them, even with the right facts, as they sometimes tend to go against principles, and instead rely on their egos. And this egoistic mentality could create high adrenaline vibes, resulting in frequent emotional tensions.
  • 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3). These patterns are often associated with people having bad-communication, poor body language, indifference attitude, and the EQ issue. Because of their assumed responsibilities and emotional stress, they’d not hesitate to rebuke back on anyone, with their direct, vocal, and undiplomatic manners. Unless they consciously practised self-constraints, their relationship with others is like sailing a small boat on the stormy seas.
  • 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3). We could associate this with a person who often breaks the law (negative side); conversely, on the positive side – enforce the law (like security officers), implement the law (like Cabinet Ministers, and Politicians), or is related to law and legal matters (like lawyers, magistrates, working in a law office, etc.).
  • 2 and 7. We could associate either numbers as feelings-related, as number 2 or 7 are associated with the WATER element. From basic symbolic representation and keyword interpretation, the “medium of their message” is through communication with others. They could be seen as soft-spoken, flexible, appealing and charismatic (this trait is depending on location of the number in the chart), and approachable – the positive traits. On the other hand, they could also be seen as secretive (dark seas at night), manipulative (like “still water runs deep”) – the negative aspects.

There are strong signs in Carrie’s chart suggesting the likelihood of a person having “selective listening disorder” tendencies. They could be consciously seen as an enthusiastic listener, but subconsciously, they inculcated the “listen to reply, and not listen to understand” habit. They tend to hear “only the good things” and conveniently ignore the rest, which at times, could create misunderstandings and making wrong presumptions. And as stated in previous articles, Carrie could also be a “victim of her own successes” which could blinded her political aspirations and egos from humility and compassions.

What I’ve just described above could easily summarise the commonly-known number patterns that are present in Carrie Lam’s Birth Chart. Technically, after reading the basic interpretations that I wrote, you roughly understood the type of personality Carrie might portray – the good, bad, and ugly sides.

I’ve shared visualisation techniques and advanced interpretations to my students in the FEN classes. Once they understood the fundamentals, it can be a fast and easy way for them to look beyond basic observations. In today’s article, I’ll share some insights – the associations and common behavioural actions – and not the fundamental reasons behind them. If you are keen on know more, would be better discussed in the FEN class.

From extended EON interpretation, there are signs suggesting Carrie Lum has the extreme emotional and suicidal tendencies. No, it does imply Carrie will attempt or committed suicide when she couldn’t take the undue stress on her. Nevertheless, it could suggest that she might have felt the urge to “let go of everything she has worked hard for” and walked away from the issue. However, with the number 9 around, it created some form of stumbling blocks for her, like a wall, to stop her from the extreme suicidal thoughts. At extreme cases, if left uncontrolled, she might suffer from some form of mental depression.

Now, there is a real, impending issue that Carrie has to take note of. It could be detrimental to her health and life, and the signs are strongly present in her PY2020 chart. She’ll be facing the DOUBLE-EFFECT (DE) vibes next year, where the numbers in locations M-to-R of the PY2020 chart, are identical to the numbers in the same locations of her Birth Chart. This implies, the energies, and influence (positive and negative ones) are further multiplied, and it could affect her behaviours, health, and actions. As the transient energies are constantly in motion, we could all be influenced by the impending PY2020 energies today. It’s just like knowing we have a police officer standing outside our house, and awaiting to come in. Their presence reminded us constantly of  safety and security matters; and the imposing worries and fears. Carrie might have felt the extra energies imposing on her. In a DE year, the weakest link is on our health, which means we should, at all cost, protect and safeguard our health, regardless of our work or projects. This means, while it’s alright for Carrie to relinquish her dedicated work, passion, and political pursuits, she must consciously NOT aggravate her anger and emotions. Otherwise, it could trigger the suicidal inclinations as the energies, are doubled due to the DE effect.

Just imagine, the basic interpretations of the number patterns mentioned earlier – everything could be doubled. That’s a potential serious and severe case, and at the extreme end, could create an ugly mess with problems totally unresolved.

There are so many areas that I could interpret on Carrie’s chart, like the 6-6-3 pattern in her PY2020 chart, her missing numbers and others. I look forward to sharing more insights, including potential cancerous tendencies that could affect her health, in the coming FEN WORKSHOP class in December.

If you have one or more similar trait, know what you could do to dilute the negative energies while you pursue to manifest the positive ones. And when you have a DE year coming, always remember your health is usually the weakest link.

Until my next article, I hope you have enjoyed some insights on identifying basic traits on a person’s chart.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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