Same Chart, Different Analysis

I’ve always encouraged my students or anyone to expand their profiling knowledge, and widen their profiling horizons beyond those that I have shared. As every student learned the same basic principle, it doesn’t imply they have to follow rigidly the same analytical view. That is why I was happy when Larry recently sent me his opinion on a case-study article that I’ve posted two years ago.

[Larry] I’ve read one of your case study articles “Driving Forces of Multiple 6s.” This case study was shared by your student about a fatal accident that hit the unfortunate 17-years old boy. I’d like to share my perspective on this particular case, based on the interaction of elements. As you can see, the EON Birth Chart of this boy (Justin) has a few sets of MetalWood interaction – 69, 96, 19, and 91. The chemistry of element interaction puts it – Metal control/suppress Wood. Metal is heavy stuff, and the nature of Wood is growing (like trees). Thus, the Wood element in this case is 9; and 9 being in the “Mental” plane. When the Metal hit the 9 that’s in the Mental plane, it’s like head being injured by the crash.

People born with this chart do not necessarily imply car accident; it can also be “very stubborn,” or may have a certain brain dysfunction illness. It happened in the PY Cycle of 6, and this is the “Tai Sui” year for him – he has Birth Root 6. Wood (9) is about growing; when too many Metal controls, the tree cannot grow normally, or the growing process is impeded (blocked) – he died in the accident.

[Ron] When I profile a person’s chart, I’d usually combine my experience and knowledge in various metaphysics sciences – including Chinese Metaphysics, Five Elements, EON, FEN, NSQ, Enneagram, and others – into my analysis. As the intent is on the analysis where the identifiable root-cause analysis is considerably preferred, it doesn’t matter often on why or how I could derive at that conclusion. That’s what Larry did, and I’m glad he’s willing to share his analytical views. His knowledge on the Five Elements principles are remarkable, and he’s already enquired about my latest EON ORACLE deck set

Now, as this site is focused mainly on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I have to follow certain guidelines, as a trainer, researcher, and mentor, not to confuse readers and visitors to this site (like you) and my EON/FEN/NSQ students. Larry brought up about the number 9 in the Mental plane – these are derived from similar principles of the NSQ PROFILING method that I have shared with students previously at the 1st NSQ Profiling class. In many of my articles, I’d usually mentioned words like “from NSQ perspective…” or something to that extent, so that you’re aware the following explanation was derived from a complementary method, and not from the EON/FEN principles.

In Chinese Metaphysics and using the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals (Chinese Astrology), this year 2019 is a “Tai Sui” affliction year for people born in the Year of the Pig. The next Pig Year would be 12 years later, in Year 2031. We also have to be careful not to mix different theories into a profiling at one go, that might confuse others unknowingly. For example, in EON theory, the late Justin was born in the Year of the Tiger, not Year of the Pig. Hence, technically, he is not facing the “Tai Sui” actually. From the EON method, Justin was facing the “Double EffectDE Year in 2016. And I believed Larry meant that – the DE year and not “Tai Sui” affliction. Also noted in many earlier articles, and as well as in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” we need to take care of our health, especially when we are in a DE year. That’s because when the DE effect kicks in, it could bump off or hurt us hard, and the weakest link is on our health. Now, having said that, it doesn’t mean the effect on us would be deadly or gravely in a DE year. On the contrary, many of you would have faced many DE years, and have not suffered much in worsening health. That’s great and all, mainly because you’re younger then. However, when the unknown becomes known, it is simply too late. That is why I consistently recommend that no matter whether you have a DE year coming or not, always make sure you take up medical or health insurance policies, to protect yourself or your loved ones.

I look forward to more contributions from Larry, as it brings to light, that one system does not fit all, and our analysis depends on many contributing factors. For me, I’ve to consciously remind myself whether I am standing on the EON mentor/trainer side, or the profiling analyst side. Either sides, while the journey of our experiences might be different resulting in distinctive underlying reasons, we’d meet at the same checkpoint (conclusion) eventually.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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