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I have read your article and the symptoms you described are aptly manifested in my wife’s aggressive behaviour. She will scream and shout at my son… and during her outburst she may throw things. I am wondering how much of all these behaviour is already in her life chart and how much is caused by the life code.

That was the question Wyson asked in his email reply to my earlier case study article “Suitability of Life Code numbers.

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeWe can consider the 3 LifeCode plaques Wyson bought for his family as a symbolic ‘influencer’ ornament which allows a person to manifest the relevant energies from their conscious minds. Here’s a simple analogy – imagine you have a sample bottle of “LifeCode” perfume and sprayed strongly on the wrists of Sabrina and AliciaAlicia liked the perfume as it gives out a pleasing, sensuous, and unique fragrant smell around her. She also noticed the sudden ‘second-look’ awe-like expressions on her male colleagues when she passed by them, which they don’t normally bother to look at her at all. She felt confident and positive, and felt it’s because of the sensuous influence of the perfume smell. Unknown to her, the ’second-look’ her colleagues took was not because of the perfume smell but rather the aura and positive energies she emitted from increasing confidence and positive outlook. Sabrina disliked the pungent smell of the perfume. Her mood changed and she felt sensitive and uncomfortable. It somehow affected her mood and she’d reacted in sudden outburst manner at slight disagreement with her colleague. She also noticed her male colleagues were avoiding her and believed it could be because of the pungent perfume smell. Unknowingly to her, the male colleagues avoided her because of her outburst behaviours and irritable mood swings, and not because of the perfume smell.

EON_AnswersThe 3 LifeCode plaques Wyson brought home might have the influencing effect on his family. It might have manifested the positive energies on him but it could adversely affect his wife or son. Their moods change unexpectedly.

In summary, the LifeCode vibes could have subtle influencing effect on a person. As the influencing energies vary between people, it’s harder to quantify the percentage level of the energies that could affect someone. Although the influencing energies could be from external factors, a person’s attitudes and behaviours are formed through self-beliefs and their personal outlook in life. Sabrina can just wash her wrist to get rid of the perfume smell or just ignore them and look at the day ahead on positive side. Her male colleague would still be attracted to her because of the positive energies manifested within and surrounding her.

CaseStudy_Wyson_wifeWyson’s wife (let’s call her Melissa) aggressive attitude is a direct result of her attitude, behaviours, and actions. There are tendency signs suggesting a person who often worries unnecessary but yet at the same time, imposed undue mental stress on herself due to her ‘perfectionist’ tendencies. The 8-4-3 pattern in her chart suggests that she needs to put in extra effort to improve her tactfulness and expressions when communicating with others.

The intuitive traits are strong, and there is a likelihood she might have experience difficult times when young. She’s more of a book-smart person than a streetwise person who prefers the ‘study-by-heart’ approach rather than building up one’s knowledge through creative and resourceful means.

The tendency signs are also suggesting a person driven by quick successes (over finances and family matters) and ‘the need to be perfect for survival’ ambitions possibly because of personal experiences during her younger days.  

There might be tendencies suggesting she’s worried about her son’s social influences last year, and that could have irked her even more. The 4-8-3 is present in her PY2015 chart. This means she has to take extra precaution not to annoy others and accept the fact that her son has his own goals and social friends.

BANNER5Melissa has to learn to stay calm and reduce her emotions and angers. She needs to improve her immune and respiratory system. Oh, she has to be mindful of her tempers as there are tendency signs in her charts suggesting she could fall into the ‘high-risk group’ of people with strong cancerous tendencies. Going for regular medical and health checks are important to allow her to understand her current health status, and to follow preventive healthcare rules when necessary. Drink enough water is good for her. Learning meditation could help bring down the temperaments in her, and as well as improving her breathing (and mental) techniques.

FEN_COURSEI look forward to share more extended EON techniques at the forthcoming FEN (Five Elements Numerology) courses. I’m glad Wyson has signed for both Level 1 (Basic) and Level 2 (Advanced) modules. Thanks for the support, Wyson. I know he would learn to be more conscious of his traits and understand his family members better. And he could take charge to encourage them to change their habits for a more harmonious and happier family lifestyle ahead.

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