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I received an email recently from one of my students from Malaysia. Patricia wrote, “I have a chart of a young man, a passenger in a car that was hit by a lorry along the Highway on 10 March 2016. He sustained serious head injuries and died. After the horrific accident, I plotted his birth chart and Personal Year 2016 chart. It showed a double effect year! Hence the accident leading to his death!

It’s unfortunate that Justin died in the car accident. He was 17 years old. May his soul rest in peace.

CaseStudy_JustinI’ve shared and forewarned my students in class on the need to take precautionary measures should they encounter a “Double Effect Year“ (DEY). I’ve also written about the DEY impact on our health (and lives) in many case study articles posted on this site. While we pursue our dreams and manifest the positive energies, we must consciously be mindful of protecting our life and health in a DE year. Often times, our health is at a vulnerable state during the DE year. In class, I showed slides on celebrities, politicians, and “the bad guys” suffering from serious health conditions, and in some cases, resulting in their deaths when the DEY effects took place.

In a DE year, both positive and negative energies are manifested doubly – you get to enjoy abundance of beneficial energies, and you also get to enjoy double loads of gloomy side effects. Whether you get basketful of sweet apples or bad rotten eggs depended on your mental and health state, and not on your luck. On a positive note, you might enjoy a “double blessing” period where dreams are fulfilled, plans are made and executed, and happiness and joy are felt. On the negative side, you might be knocked out and slapped with a “double whammy” year where all things dreadful and feared comes to you concurrently, easily and fast.

Having a DE year is not as terrible once you take precautions. There is the little need to be so obsessed and fearful to the extent of being psychopathic that you dare not step out of your house. It’s OK to go about with your normal daily lifestyle except perhaps abstaining from extreme sports, binge drinking or eating immoderate unhealthy food, and spending less time than usual on unhealthy activities that might affect your health and life. Invest in yourself and get yourself covered through adequate medical, health, or life insurance policies, especially when there are excessive elements present in your birth chart. For example, it’s great to be joyful but too much joy, as studies have recently shown, could increase a person’s heartbeat abruptly and kill them. In short, everything has to be done in moderation.

Patricia wrote, “Why the car accident instead of other fatal encounters? The many 6s found in both charts represent wheels! Hope I’m right in my findings.” I replied, “Yes, and it’s sad and unfortunate that the driving force of [the multiple number] 6s is creating havoc.

number6traitsWe could associate the number 6 with many events and actions, and to the Metal element. For example, we could associate them to political and financial stability, police (law and order, security tensions, riots, protests, firearms), rockets, and bombs (military exercises, terrorists, explosions), finances (banks, corruptions, and money laundering) and aerospace (satellites and space flights). We could also associate them to fast moving vessels and vehicles (cars, planes, ships, and trains) and accidents, and mental health (immune, medicine, head injuries, mental illness, neurological, respiratory, strokes). What I have described is just a few of the many associations we can correlate when there are multiple number 6s in a person’s chart.

The car accident was unfortunate. Justin died of head injuries which is related to the Metal element. This year, he was not only facing a personal “Double Effect” year. In actuality, the Triple Effect impacted him greatly through the universal Year 2016 energies. You might want to check out my articles “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016”, “The Accidental 6-6”, and other articles on the possible “accidental” signs that might happen for this year. In Singapore, we have seen increasing oil spills on the road, increasing car accidents, and most recently, the unfortunate death of two SMRT Technicians on the rail tracks (check this AsiaOne online article for more details.) Elsewhere in other countries; many people have experienced extreme cold and chilly weather conditions, highway accidents, traffic jams, emotional and mental tensions, and many of the forewarning signs I have described in my 2016 forecast articles.

[Note to FEN Advanced students and others who registered the FEON+ software: Check for other clues besides the Double or Triple Effect patterns. Check the life path patterns and plot the Day chart (the day of accident) – analyse them and see if you can identify extra signs. It’s not definite and conclusive, but sadly the forewarning signs are present somehow.]

Double Blessing or Double WhammyThe “Double Effect Year” vibes comes periodically every nine years. You might have experienced and “survived” previous DEY periods. It might be because of unconscious positive actions you took, and/or you’re healthier and younger at that time and could withstand some sufferings and the hard knocks that had a minimal impact on your life. Whatever it is, do not be complacent. You must take good care of yourself as your mental and health state is different at present, especially if you are facing a DE year currently, or soon within the next few years. Always take up medical and health insurance policies if possible, if you have strong elements present in your birth chart. It’s for your own sake and that of your loved ones, just in case any unfortunate incident happened that affected your healthy state or living expenses. Drive safely and walk carefully when on the roads. Avoid extreme sports and control your emotions and tempers wherever possible.

Take care. Take action today for healthier and happier times ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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