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Let me share my personal life lessons in today’s article for a change. I’d a wonderful and insightful experience last night (24/3) with Master CK Tan conducting his “Unleash Your Inner Qi” workshop. He has conducted classes in Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. Master CK reiterated on the blocked Qi (energies, Chi, Ki) as an obstacle preventing us from having best performance in our life pursuits, be they on abundance of health, wealth, love, and happiness. He also explained the differences between our conscious (short-term memories) and subconscious (life-longed memories) thoughts, and how we could align our sub-conscious thoughts for better wellbeing.

The Book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling"While Master CK was sharing his research findings and experiences, a part of my subconscious mind was drifting away (positively) and correlating what he said to my personal EON experiences. Both of us have done our research, conduct trainings, and published a book. And more importantly, both of us included the Five Elements principles in our application techniques.

When Master CK mentioned InnerQi meridian tapping points and distance healing, I could correlate that to the valuable lessons I’ve learned many years back from different Taiwan Masters on “hands healing” (Zhang Sheng Xue, Fu Sheng Xue, and Ren Dian Xue). And the times I did volunteering “hand healing” practices for many months on people suffering from fatigues and pains, recovering from cancers, and having other health conditions.

The best part of the Master CK workshop was the live demonstration on a random participant. That, to me, is one sure-fire way to differentiate the experience and knowledge of a charlatan and a professional trainer. I have always encouraged participants and students in my own EON/FEN workshops and courses to post questions anytime so that I can do a ‘live’ case study analysis. It reinforced the principles of “to teach is to learn twice” where I could learn, in real time, to associate different clues dynamically to various elements and numbers present in a chart. Of course, it is simpler for me, and I believe it is easier too for Master CK, to have the confidence to conduct ‘live’ demonstrations because of our time-consuming and continual research, and practices. Furthermore, doing ‘live’ practices does illustrate the analytical and observing techniques that I’ve used, and they (the participants and students) could learn and apply on their own.

Numbers & Health

Master CK then began the “emotional freedom technique (ETF)” by using one example of the “muscle testing techniques” (Kinesiology) as a diagnostic health profiling tool and asked questions based on the reference chart containing the various attributes of the Five Elements emotions. His chart is similar to the reference table included on Page 132 of my “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” book. That’s where I described the corresponding of the five elements to our organs and emotions used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices. I’d encourage you to check out the chapter “The Five Elements and Internal Organs” on Page 132 of my book. That’s where I included the Emotions (Joy, Anger, Love, Anxiety, Fear, etc.), its relation to the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal), and the effects on the Yin and Yang organs (like spleen, kidney, heart, etc.) of our body.

HEALTHMaster CK then presented his “unleashing the Qi” technique by conducting ‘live’ healing on a lady Sheila, who suffers from shoulder and neck pain in recent weeks, although she experienced similar symptoms on-and-off for the past five years. Sheila rated her pain level as 7 from a threshold level of 0 (no pain) to 10 (maximum pain). Master CK then applied the “muscle testing techniques” and identified her blocked Qi related to anxiety. Subsequently, he diagnosed Sheila’s anxiety symptom to be a probable inherited sign, and likelihood from her father. Master CK then proceeded to “unblock the Qi” using “magnetic healing or therapy technique” by stroking the magnets on Sheila’s back. Although no reason was given why he worked on Sheila’s back, it was relatively easy to correlate “anxiety” to certain body organs in the body. Check Page 132 of my book again to find out more. Believe it or not, Sheila subsequently rated her pain level as 1 after Master CK had unblocked her InnerQi. Some reservations to me on instant healing… although I agreed regular use (Qi alignment) might actually work.

Master CK’s workshop was great although there were subtle flaws and prideful exaggerations. I don’t know him and only met him at his workshop last night. Somehow I felt positive energies within me during and after the workshop, and felt I should share the experience with you. There are many similarities in Master CK’s principles with my EON theories. As I have spent so much time for the past few years on my EON research, it’d be easier for me to do some self-research on unlocking the Qi energies for transformation healing. I do believe in connectivity and synchronicity, and a reason why I was attending his workshop. I look to future collaborations and possibility of us (Master CK and I) learning from each other. We could complement our research discoveries and trainings cohesively in conjunction. Ah… if one of you could help sync us up together!

Action2When you apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) technique and attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, you learned to identify tendency signs that might manifest the energies (positive and negative ones) that could enhance or affect your health, wealth, relationships, careers, moods, behaviours, and actions. Knowing your true self, changing your habits, and making a Paradigm shift are essential keys you need to unlock for a better future ahead. And that is easier said than done for many people who consciously knew they must change. In reality, most people needed much pushing or convincing, or finding excuses and blaming on the lack of time, to compel them to make a change to better their lives. Often times, getting rid of these “time-wasters” is the best cure to take a positive step forward. Money is important but spending small amount of money learning the basics over a long time can cumulate to be an expensive habit. Taking positive steps by learning from experienced trainers can enable you to stay ahead of others, at a shorter time frame and spending less eventually.

Have a positive, healthier, and happier weekend ahead!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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