Arnold Schwarzenegger: Missing number 5

One user posted a comment, “for people with missing numbers 5 and 8, does that mean the effect of the 88/85/58 in personal year chart is small or it does not make any difference?” regarding the article “The Search for Double 8-8: Luck or Bad?” that I’ve posted earlier.

It depends on the elemental strength present in the Birth and Personal Year charts. When the number 5 comes in, it could influence the person to manifest traits associated with the number 5Earth element. If the number 8 comes in, you’ve to check if number 3 is present, as it might be feeding Fire with Fire, which could be more detrimental to the person. Let me explain further below…

When the number 8 comes in, it could create the “command and control” responsibilities. However, if there are multiple 3s already present in the Birth Chart, and as well as in the Personal Year Chart, this means both Yin-and-Yang Fire are strong. It’s like you’re adding more fire to a strong fire. The consequences? It might turn a minor fire in the grassland into a damaging forest-fire effect. From EON perspective, the person might become more critical, sharp-tongue, blunt, invoking, hurtful, and agitative. The number 8 vibes, could accelerate the overbearing attitudes of “controlling” responsibilities, which could result in behavioural traits like nagging, quarrelsome, raising tensions, pressurising, and endless arguments.

When the number 5 is indicated as a “missing number” in the EON chart, the presence of a number 5 from the Personal Year  (PY) Chart could imply some sort of support. Technically, this implies the person could behave in a more flexible and less-rigid way, willing to adapt and compromise, more humble, and tolerant. On the other hand, if there are more 5s present in the Personal Year Chart, it could be like a sudden floodgate of energies rushing in. This could create the more harm than good outcome. It’s like you’re very hungry and deprived of food for almost two days. When the food is finally provided, you quickly swallow as much food as you could, without chewing them slowly. Later, you’ve a stomachache due to improper diet and indigestion. From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, this means the sudden influx of energies relating to the number 5, could influence the person to behave in negative ways, like becoming more principle-minded, stubborn, intolerant, distracted, refusing to compromise, long-windedness, and greedy (like everything also wants to take or learn). Moderation and balance are essential.

Look at the screenshot showing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s EON chart. He has the number 5 indicated as “missing number.”  His PY2020 Chart is showing the Root number 5, which technically, should enhance his wellness related to number 5, the Earth element. From the Five Elements principles, Fire “support or produce” Earth, and in turn, strong Earth element could weaken or exhaust the Fire element. We could associate the Fire element with the heart and blood vessels.

In this online VARIETY article, “Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Fantastic’ Condition Following Heart Surgery,” it was reported that Arnold had undergone “heart surgery to replace an aortic valve —  the second time that he’s had heart surgery in the past two years.

Before we attempt to associate the presumptive assumption of the number 5 affecting Arnold’s health energies, we need to apply the 5W1H (Why, What, Who, What, When, and How) probing reasoning to identify the tendency signs. While it might be hard for many of you to identify the signs, it’s much easier for me – including my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students and many registered FEON+ users – to do so, because of the easy accessibility of the FEON+ v1.x (Android) software tool.

The screenshot shows Arnold faced the Double-Effect (DE) vibe last year (PY2019). I formulated the Double-Effect theory, after identifying its potential effects on a person’s wellbeing and pursuits. The energies during a DE year, could manifest doubly. Depending on how the person managed their goals, a person facing a DE-year could potentially pick up some form of “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy” effects. Unfortunately for most people, the weakest link during a DE-year, would be on their health and wellness. That is why it is equally important to take care of your health while you pursue other goals. As brought up in my articles posted previously, a DE-year effect doesn’t imply the impact could be felt by the person only during that year. Instead, there are overlaps of DE energies, especially during the transitioning years. This means, as Arnold is facing the DE-year in 2019, he could have felt the DE impact between 2018-2020, which could have probably, contributed to “the second time that he’s had heart surgery in the past two years,” reported in the VARIETY article.

The “missing number” theory was based on the Birth Chart. I found out it’s inconclusive as there are other contributing factors that could address the question why the number 5 in his PY2020 chart could affect his health. Besides the important DE vibes mentioned earlier, you must also look at two unique EON charts that I’ve devised, which are not taught in other numerology courses, unless they copied my charting theories and modified accordingly. First, you’ve to check out the Reflection Chart too. While the Birth chart is more akin to the outward “conscious behaviour” of a person, the Reflection Chart is like the “inner self” subconscious thoughts of that person. That’s why when people claimed they knew a person “inside-out” more than anyone else, it’s usually a short-lived assumption as our thoughts change depending on the environment we’re in, and our limiting self-feelings. The screenshot, taken from an unreleased FEON+ Pro version on my phone, shows the Root 5 in his Reflection Chart. That implies, the inner-strength of the number 5 is present and substantial, when we apply using the EON method, while it might not be obvious to anyone who studied other profiling methods. Hence, it’s like the “what you see in the chart, may not be what you look at the person” phrase.

The other contributing factor, is the 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) Code, which again, is different from other methods taught by external trainers. I devised the 9YR-C code after researching for few years, to identify potential signs that, to me, is relevant. The 9YR-C (PY2019) is showing the 8-6/5 code, and 9YR-C (PY2020) is showing the 7-7/5 code. This further suggests a transitioning of the 9-Year cyclic energies, from 2011-2019 to 2020-2028, and that could influence (or impact) a person’s weakest link, which regrettably, is usually related to their health. In Arnold’s case, the resultant number of the two transitioning 9YR-C codes are same – the number 5, although the “cause-and-effect” are different.

To sum up, “MISSING” numbers in a Birth Chart, does not mean the elemental influence of the particular number, is missing and lack the energies to influence the person. On the contrary, what it means is that the energies are just weak. Hence, when a similar number is present in the PY chart, it increases the energy associated with that number. For example, when the number 5 is missing in the Birth Chart, it’s weak. When number 5 comes in from PY chart, its energies are implied to be strengthened and in some ways, becoming more harmonised and balanced. However, for the number 8, there’s a slight difference due to the Yin-Yang Qi energies influencing the Fire element of numbers 3 and 8. That is why a “missing” number 8, might not have a weaker strength when there are multiple 3s elsewhere in the chart.

I hope I’ve answered the question made by the user, in today’s article. In any case, the answer is YES. The effect of the 88/85/58 in a Personal Year Chart  year chart does make a difference on the person. However, not everyone would face similar impact as it all depends on the influences from the surrounding numbers in their Birth charts, and other charts too. Besides checking on the Personal Year charts to identify the tendency signs that might affect a person, it’s essential to find out other equally-important charts as well, as shared in earlier paragraphs.

Understanding the Five Elements principles – which is the core essence of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method – would help you to understand the interactions, associations, dependencies, and resulting influences of the numbers, in a chart. When you attended external courses conducted by other trainers, you learn about the number patterns and restrictive one-way presumptive theories. When you unlearn other rudimentary methods, and relearn to understand the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you’d acquire the visualisation techniques to analyse the numbers present in a chart, from varying angles. You’d also find out how to apply and interpret the various EON charts, for broader holistic view of the tendency signs that might influence or impact a person. Together with the extended techniques taught in the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, and symbolic representation info, you’d perceive a wider-horizon of knowledge to enhance your profiling skill sets. And when you apply the remedial ways to facilitate a person change their mindsets – using techniques like EFV FLOW, EFV SPAN, Annual Code, Qi Tapping, and others – you’ve a ready set of handy tools to use, to build the knowledge competence and confidence to profile a person better.

The first step to profile yourself and others better, is to start reading my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to interpret the fundamentals. If you currently haven’t got a copy, you can buy the EON book directly from me, by clicking on this link. Oh, one more thing… thanks to those of you who’ve recently taken the beginning step to buy my book. Like all the positive feedback I’ve got from learners who bought my EON book previously, I know you’ll get to enjoy the insightful learning experience.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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