On Simon: Daughter’s Health – Part 3

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In my earlier articles (Part 1, Part 2), I shared some observations on Simon’s chart and matters relating to his career and health.

Healing doesn't means that the pain is longer exists, it means that the damage done no longer controls you. Elements of Numbers EONI was waiting for Simon to feedback what I’ve mentioned in my Part 2 article; he has not, and I hope all is well. Profiling observations must be a two-way collaborative effort, just like face-to-face profiling. Because we live in a complex system, our behaviours and mindsets could change, as could our views and priorities. It would be easier for me to shift my focus to the chart based on the feedback received.

Anyway, I hope Simon is working on the areas I’ve mentioned in my earlier two articles. In this article, I’ll share briefly my observations on his daughter’s health. For ease of identification, I’m going to refer to his daughter as “Chloe.”

First of all, it’s very important that we get a professional medical opinion on health issues, especially for young people. If in doubt, seek another doctor’s opinion. What I’m about to share, does not mean Chloe will face the traits and conditions reflected in her charts. Instead, my observations were made on the basis of the signs present in the Elements of NumbersEON charts; whether or not this is apparent to Simon, depends on his point of view.

[Simon] Chloe has a massive brain tumour. The prognosis doesn’t seem optimistic and is expected to have long-term side effects. As a first-time parent, I feel worried about her and my future. I feel sad when thinking back to the times she could just be an active, happy, and loving baby. Is there any action or advice you can offer from viewing her charts?

Elements of Numbers (EON) chart generated from FEON+ Pro (iOS) profiling software toolI’d advised Simon to continue discussing with the doctor on the health management options for Chloe. Since Chloe is still young, she cannot change her behaviours and attitude to manage her conditions. And for a young child, it’s important that their parents provide as much support as they can.

Students who have attended my Elements of Numbers (EON) and Five Elements Numerology (FEN) classes would know how to observe tendency signs of the parents (father or mother) from their child’s chart. In Chloe’s case, Simon needs to show more care and attention to his daughter and not focus mainly on his work and career. Yes, career is important to bring food to the table, as is the quality of family bonds and Chloe’s upbringing.

Simon’s wife also needs to do likewise. Otherwise, tendency signs suggest they could both push responsibility (to care for Chloe?) to the other party. This implies that both Simon and his wife have an equal responsibility for taking care of Chloe. If you look at Chloe’s Birth Chart, although it’s not a mirror chart, the numbers of the father’s quadrant and the numbers of the mother’s quadrant are similar. Therefore, Chloe also needs love and care from both her parents, especially when she is still a baby or young child.

In the extended EON method, we could associate the Metal element with mental, cognitive and brain related matters. Could the numbers hidden at locations H1, H2 and H3 (6,1,1) be related to the occurrence of the brain tumour?

Frankly, I don’t have the answers, simply by looking at these places. However, if I looked further down the Birth Chart, the locations in M-N-O-P-Q are showing 5-5-1-6-6 patterns. In the EON method, the number 5 has duality traits and can absorb and/or show traits associated with the neighbouring number. In theory, it means that the number 5 can absorb/exhibit the energies of 6 (Metal element), 3 (Fire element) or 2 (Water element).

LOVE is not something you go out and look for... Elements of Numbers EONAt the most extreme end, if the number 5 absorbs the traits of the number 6, then the Metal element is very strong. This may lead to health problems associated with the Metal element. If the number 5 absorbs the traits of number 3, it could imply that Metal and Fire elements are constantly in control and/or repel actions. This could imply health conditions related to mental/brain and blood/heart symptoms.

Now, if the number 5 absorbs the traits of the number 2, this is where the Water element takes effect. In the Five Elements principles, the Water element could be used, in Chloe’s case, as a mediating element. It could weaken or exhaust the strong Metal element, and it could suppress or weaken the Fire element. From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) aspects, the tendency signs are suggesting her inner body is in a changing state of either too cold or too hot.

Elements of Numbers (EON) chart taken from FEON+ Pro (Android) profiling toolSince I’m not a doctor or a healthcare professional, Simon could consult the doctor if he could change the type of milk powder for Chloe, besides the normal prescription/advice given by the doctor.

I could only provide limited observations based on Chloe’s age. It would be too soon to talk about her personality, etc., since she is still at the age when she does not yet have direct control over her behaviours, emotions and actions.

As mentioned above, it would be good and healthy for Simon and his wife to have shared responsibilities to take care of Chloe, and to provide a good family upbringing. And to provide a Chloe with as much nutrition as possible.

On the surface, the Wood element is weak (not missing), based on the “Birth/Natal Strength (Elements)” chart and other charts. However, this is not so as the Wood is strong in Chloe’s Reflection Chart. This could imply the inner strength of a person with strong resiliency.

The Water element is needed as the mediator element, and it’s also indicated as a challenge for Chloe when I looked at the “Pinnacles & Challenges” chart.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityFinally, I recommend that Simon remains cautious. Strictly follow the doctor’s advice on the kind of health management required to bring Chloe back to a healthy state. As Chloe is still very young and could do nothing to handle or control her emotions on health, Simon should avoid believing advice, especially those that suggest physical remedies like LifeCode cures, given by a non-certified health professional. The change of milk powder is the least I can do, based on the Five Elements principles. This is because different products for infants have a different mix of ingredients resulting in different characteristics.

Hopefully Chloe’s condition is improving. And for Simon and his wife to keep their love together and take care of Chloe.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun






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