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My son doesn’t like to study, but he loves reading comics,” said John, when I was sharing the steps to identify the “smart genes” pattern at the recent 1st FEN WORKSHOP class on 28-29 October 2017. The students had provided birth dates of their kids for ‘live’ analysis, and one of the birth charts caught my attention – it was about John’s son’s birth chart. Now, let’s call John’s son as David, for easier reference.

I told John that David is a very smart boy, and has both street-smart and book-smart genes, and he can study. “But his result is average only, “ interrupted John.

One of the lessons John (and other students) learned in class was not only about identifying “smart genes” pattern, and whether his son has both the “street-smart” and “book-smart” genes. It’s also about understanding the contributing factors that might affect a person, and in this case, on David; like what are the possible reasons why he loves reading comics and not focusing on his studies. “Because you are a lion dad, and your wife is a tiger mom,” I told John. “Both of you have extremely high expectations of your son, and might have always reminded (and often nag at) him of the need to strive to be the TOP, and the importance to become successful.” At this juncture, John nodded his head in agreement.

I then told John that since David is around 10 years old now, and is in Primary 4, it’s the right time for John and his wife to change their parenting style on David, who will be sitting for his PSLE (Primary School Leaving Exam) in two years time. And now is the right time to change, observe, and fine-tune. Otherwise, his son will rebel and intentionally refuse to study, just like the “rebellious child” communicating with the “critical parent” ego states, based on the Transactional Analysis principles.

But… how do you see or know,” asked John. “Looked at David’s Birth chart, and especially the numbers appearing in H2 and H3,” I said.

When we’re analysing a school kid, one important area to look for are the numbers and element present around the locations, I-J-K-L and the hidden numbers, H1, H2, and H3. Well, other locations elsewhere, including H4 and H5 are equally significant, but as the focus is on determining whether David has both the “book-smart” and “street-smart” patterns, we can focus on specific locations in the chart to find clues on the beneficial energies. In basic Elements of Numbers (EON) theory, we associate the locations, I-J-K-L to a person’s age of up to around 20 years old. This means, when such “smart genes” are around specific locations and elsewhere in the birth chart, it implies the kid has the specific genes naturally. And he can tap on his resources without intervention or encouragement from his parents, to “automatically” study on their own, to understand school subjects, and to have above-average or good exam results.

As we associate the number 9 as “success and visions,” and since the number 9 appears in H2 (father’s sector) and H3 (mother’s sector), it provided clues about John and his wife’s parenting style – apart from stressing the need to study hard and be successful, it also portrayed the perfectionist mindset.

I told John the urgent need to reduce, or preferably, change their parenting style from a “lion dad and tiger mom” to be a more nurturing and understanding parent. As there are far too many 9s in David’s chart, he might become a victim of his own success, in his adult life. At the worst extreme, he might sway towards the emotional and mentally crazy state as a strong Wood element will affect the Metal element which we could associate to the mental, cognitive, and respiratory system. This means David might exhibit other health signs associated to the Metal elements. Besides that, the many 9s could also create unnecessary fierce competitions at school and elsewhere – that could stiffen his emotions and create a temperamental constraint effect on David. And there has to be an outlet to de-stress, and perhaps, reading comics is one of his ways to divert his attention and put his studies aside.

As part of the course syllabus, I also focused on the LifeCode popularised by PON and UCMHP. I shared the formula, and explained why I was unwilling to use that as a “life-saving” energiser or remedy. I highlighted the detrimental effects towards a person’s health – physical and mental. David’s birth chart is a classic example, and I don’t mind sharing the reasons here. In David’s case, he has far too many number 9 (Wood element), and his LifeCode pattern is 9999Can you imagine the extreme effect of a deranged-like, brutal, emotional, and the “I don’t care” inhumane behaviours and mindset that David might exhibit one day, later in his life?

While the five basic remedies described in my book, and also taught at PON/UCMHP are applicable, it is inadequate to help David in this case, as he is young. I then shared various alternative solutions that John and his wife MUST consider and act, if they want their son to grow up with a healthy and sound mind.

By understanding the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) theories, and knowing there are always two extreme ends to any number, patterns, and elements, John and his wife need to “turn the tap” to let David’s excess energies to flow out quickly. They can involve David on communal services and humanitarian projects. And inculcate the purpose of social services, involved in charity projects, and visits elderly care homes, etc. – these could alleviate and dilute the strong number 9 energies from a tough negative effect to a more positive one that’s easier to control and manage. Family upbringing and shared values are important as it provided formative influences on a person’s internal belief as they grew up. Reading comics is one creative way for David to release his tension. And John can tap on David’s interest in comics, to understand his child better and find out the needs, issues, fears, and dislikes. I have briefly explained the various ego states in Transactional Analysis in class, as another approach towards mind-changing, positive style to influence a person. John and his wife need to get themselves involved personally, and individually, and spend quality time with David, in a “Nurturing Parentego state instead of insisting on staying in the “Critical Parentego state as one parenting style to groom their child.

I have also shared the various periodic codes to the class, including the Annual Code, Birth Code, Birth Date and Time Code, and others – these could provide relevant clues to aid John and his wife to identify guiding signs to help their son to take the “healthier” path towards achieving his academic visions and life purpose. As I have given a free copy of the FEON+ software (as an introductory gift) to each of the FEN students, I explained the importance of checking on the Reflection Chart (displayed on the software) of a person as well, as these could provide essential clues to a person’s unconscious or subconscious behaviours, thoughts, and actions.

If you have a school kid, there are many alternative ways to guide your kid without applying the disciplinary way. It is important to be aware of the presence and strengths of the academic intelligence (book-smart pattern) and resourceful intelligence (street-smart pattern) in a chart, including the periodic vibes. You can then be in a better position to understand the potential extreme effects (positive and negative ones) that your child might be inflicted or influenced once you have identified them in their birth and Personal Year charts.

The FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students had previously attended UCMHP and/or PON courses. When they first came to my class, I could sense their hesitations and negative feelings because of their prior learning experience. And I’m glad they completed the FEN WORKSHOP course with a big happy smile – they have regained their confidence and build the positive attitudes toward EON/FEN profiling. They are now actively discussing case studies in the special WhatsApp chat group that I have set up. While I continue to share my views and guide them on how I analyse the charts, I have also learned a lot from their observations, analysis, and explanations. Eventually, everyone learns and progresses at the same time, putting aside past grievance and vibes on other experiences with other trainers. I hope you can also be part of the FEN WhatsApp chat group where you can actively discuss case studies with other members, including me.

I have tentatively scheduled the 2nd FEN WORKSHOP weekend session to be on 13-14 January 2018 (Saturday and Sunday). You will learn at the workshop session, many insightful techniques not shared elsewhere, and acquire the know how to decode a series of number patterns easily through the hidden patterns and visualisation profiling techniques. And more importantly, you will learn how to apply the “Qi Tapping” techniques to value-add to your extended, Relative Directional Chart – to maximise and accumulate positive energies, such that “every day can be an excellent day for you, and every direction can also be a pleasant path to move towards achieving your goals.

You, and every student in class, will have ample opportunities to ask me questions, and post ‘live’ case studies, anytime during the class (and after class through WhatsApp chats) to seek answers and clarifications. I’m also limiting the workshop attendance size to accommodate up to around 12 students. So, register early as seats are limited, as I encourage equal opportunities for all students to ask, share, and learn.

By the way, I can only confirm the dates if there are minimum registrations received before 20 December 2017. So, if you are keen on attending the course, please register early (early-bird fee at SGD$369, normal at SGD$396) so that we can confirm the dates. I’ll continue with the introductory gift for this 2nd session – free copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and the FEON+ (Android) software.

I have only one request: please don’t attend my workshop if you have not attended any PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, or similar PON-style courses before. This workshop is not suitable for you as you would slow down the course lessons and make other students frustrated. I hope to have your kind understanding as I want my students to be happy and excited in my class, so that they can learn as much as they could. I’m OK and welcome you if you’ve practiced diligently and profiled many case studies after reading my EON book, such that you understood the basic theories and plotting of charts. 

The FEN WORKSHOP is a power-packed session focusing on extended, practical EON/FEN techniques, which means this course is not aimed at beginners. You must have prior knowledge on the basicstaught elsewhere at PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, etc.  And if you do, you are the one I want to impart my knowledge to you. Like what the FEN students experienced, I‘m confident and certain you will learn even more in my class, have better understanding of the numbers, and be in a better and an assertive position to identify suitable profiling techniques and solutions to apply when analysing charts.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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