EON and Tai-Sui (Grand Duke)

I received an interesting email from Clarence recently. He is not alone as there are other users facing similar confusing thoughts, often because of their hasty actions to take shortcuts without spending time to understand the purpose and use of the individual metaphysics systems. It could also be due to the lack of adequate knowledge or guidance from their mentors or trainers to help them focus and identify key issues.

Clarence wrote, “I attended a course at LifeQuest, and therefore, I am PON-trained. I also bought the EON book for further reading, and visited your blog for the latest article – very intriguing and very informative. I have a question that bothers me. I’m born in 1976, the Year of Dragon, and in 2018, the Dragon zodiac will clash with Tai-Sui. Generally, people born in the Year of the Dragon may have a tougher time in 2018. My personal year for next year will be 52-7-93, which are supposed to be good since 7 is defined as a good numerological vibe. Trainers and senior student say so. However, my Bazi reading for next year will be very bad. What are your thoughts on this? I find this contradicting and the only way to find out is to go through 2018 to ascertain the accuracy of Bazi and numerology. I have been searching your previous blog, apparently there is none.

Clarence won’t find an answer to his problem on my site as I am focusing mainly on my Elements of Numbers (EON) method for profiling. While EON might share some basic-level concepts, its extended methods and visualisation profiling techniques are entirely different from the PON or UCMHP method. The same applies to organisations like LifeQuest teaching PON-like theories. Furthermore, I do not recommend mixing Chinese Astrology, Bazi, and other methods with each other, as these could produce contradicting and fearful signs, which is what Clarence is facing now. The ideal case is to focus on individual system and not mashed them in conjunction, like a salad, as these would create unnecessary confusion, which could be detrimental to the mind and health, especially for inexperienced users.

I shall also reserve my comments regarding the use and applications of Chinese Astrology, Tai-Sui, Bazi, and other Chinese Metaphysics components, as this is not the appropriate or suitable site to discuss. Clarence can clarify with his LifeQuest trainer on the conflicting signs too, or seek external advice on essential Fengshui ‘cures’ if he is so worried about his Chinese zodiac animal (Dragon) clashing with next year’s Tai-Sui (Grand Duke). Meanwhile, since he has emailed me, I can offer basic advice (from Chinese Metaphysics point of view) as my current focus and time spent for past few years are on the EON research. Generally, when you think you have a ‘bad’ year, you can always refrain from extreme activities or actions to manifest the negative energies. Lower your expectation, be humble and practical, and be realistic. Take the opportunity towards moderate actions to recharge and revitalise your energies, such that your focus is on what you’re doing, and not be overwhelmed by your fears that the year is going to be terrible.

Now, since Clarence has raised a concern about his fears, I can only assume – and I may be wrong here – his LifeQuest trainer, and the seniors could not provide suitable, handy information to guide him, or suggest alternative solutions beyond those described in the course notes.

Let’s analyse Clarence’s EON chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Let’s put aside any associations to the Chinese Astrology and Zodiac, Year of the Dragon and its inflictions or clashes with the coming year’s Tai-Sui, and the Bazi chart. Clarence mentioned it might be a bad year for him, and the question is – a terrible year for which life aspect? Is he referring to money, relationship, business, investment, career, or everything (which is hard to comprehend)?

[Note to 1st FEN WORKSHOP student – apply what I have shared with you, including using the visualisation techniques, Annual Code, reflection charts, hidden patterns, and others.]

While the Root number in his PY2018 chart is 7, it doesn’t indicate if the Year is good or bad. Every number has its Yin and Yang, and positive and negative energies. This means the number 7 might not be beneficial or favourable when its energies are manifested strongly at the wrong time. Anyway, the tendency signs are suggesting a careless or loss of money (due to possible over-confidence, hasty quick money-making thoughts, overspending, or oversight) with roller coaster-like effects. Money come, money goes, and little money is saved. The strong 5-1-6 patterns in his birth chart and PY2017 chart, is creating unnecessary worries on Clarence. Besides, when the number 5 transform to manifest the number 1 or 6 vibes, it becomes a tormenting, and worrisome experience for him. It is important for Clarence to apply the Five Elements principles to control and balance the strongest Metal element.

I’m not sure what areas of concern Clarence has, but if it’s related to money matters, he must spend wisely and curb his spendthrift habits. While the number 7 may looks good, he must always be alert to avoid office politicking (if he’s working for someone) that might affect his career, or unfair actions from competitions (if he has his own business). Furthermore, if Clarence is married, he needs to tighten his belt on family finances, as the Wife (or a female person) might compel him to overspend unnecessary. In addition, he needs to be mindful of potential transgression.

What Clarence needs to do, if he’s so worried about the bad vibes in 2018, is to focus on taking the positive and right actions now, and not procrastinate them. The Annual Code (AC) signs are suggesting that he needs to focus on building up his knowledge to empower him the ability to focus and align his mental thoughts, so that he can have a firm direction on what he hopes to achieve, be it for his home, wealth, or career. Furthermore, the ‘Hidden Patterns’ in his AC signs are suggesting the need to stop worrying and start planning now, so that he can communicate and gain the trust and support from others in his pursuits. If he could do that, and control his emotions and anxieties, he could see some form of success coming his way easily.

There are other techniques that Clarence can check, like understanding his various “life forces” influencing him. For example, his “Secondary Force” is suggesting the need to harmonise with his “Birth Force Energy” which we could decode as 7-1, meaning the need for self-reflections and building up the correct knowledge to improve his intellectual self, such that he needed not to create unnecessary worries over his swaying mental thoughts. In short, be less gullible too, and interpret signals from logical and practical aspects. His “Prominent” Force is suggesting a strong self-ego and self-centric traits with an active mind, and ability to generate new ideas. However, with his frank, open and direct nature, he needs to be cautious of jealous and envious people around.

There are many other aspects of “Life Force”energies taught at the recent 1st FEN WORKSHOP, and was the first time I included them as I noted its relevance to provide more clues to allow a person to identify signs and then work on the suggestions provided to harmonise the Life energies in them. Clarence is currently in his Life Cycle 2 with the number 3 in focused – the need for self-realisation, creation, and expression. In short, it’s all about his passion and expressions. These are suggestions that Clarence can act on, to balance the negativities in his birth chart. With a more positive self, he should be able to act and react to circumstances quickly, with the clear, focused mindset.

In extended EON principles, there are both Universal and Personal energies present in the Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day Pillars. By understanding the presence of the numbers, and its interactions with one another, including the influences and effects, it is possible for us to identify the ideal actions to take, depending on the focus of our needs, be they on career, academic, money, family, and others. This means, allowing us the opportunities to manifest the positive energies, and transforming them to the effects similar to having wonderful times every day.

On a side note, Clarence needs to control his blood-sugar level, as there are tendency signs indicating high-risk of having diabetic symptoms, or possibly, a hereditary condition. Besides that, having a regular exercise might help improve his sleep, breathing, and mental alertness. Focusing on actions rather than worries could reduce emotional, mental stress too. While Clarence might have the academic-inclined smartness, it is time for him to tap on his resourcefulness to improve his lifestyle, health, wealth, and knowledge so that he can start taking action rather than constantly worrying and fearing for the worst.

There are so much I could relate to Clarence’s chart, and I believe, the eight FEN students (who attended UCMHP and/or PON previously) could identify other signs too, now that their understanding of the elements, the numbers, and its associations are clearer.

I encourage Clarence to attend the 2nd FEN WORKSHOP (tentative 13-14 January 2018) to allay his fears and worries that 2018 is an awful year. As long as he could understand and identify the tendency signs, and acquire the right EON knowledge to empower him to change and transform, a bad year indicated by other metaphysics systems might not be a terrible year, when applying the EON/FEN techniques. I’m looking forward to sharing the extended EON techniques with him in class, just as what I did with the earlier FEN students. In fact, some LifeQuest students and trainer attended my previous FEN (Advanced) modules too, and I was happy to share and impart the same EON/FEN knowledge to them.

I believe Clarence could achieve his visions easily and happily in 2018 once he is in full control of his own behaviours, habits, moral obligations, optimism, and actions. While the year 2018 might be loaded with challenges and opportunities, it’s generally not a bad year once you have a positive-charged mindset.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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