The search for 5-8-4

A few days ago, I was checking the search statistics on this web-blog, and noticed someone did a search for 5-8-4 number combination.

Let’s look at the 5-8-4 (or 8-5-4) number combination in general, putting all other numbers aside for now.

This person is constantly feeling stressed. Often, it may be more of an internal stress rather than externally. They can be stubborn in nature, and believes in their own principles. They prefer to find out the truth themselves, rather than believe in what others said. As a result, the persistence makes them feel stressed up. They may have plans but it may not come about as they kept changing their plans because of distractions. They have to be tactful and communicative in their relationship with others.

The constant moving around and the responsibility to ensure their principles are upheld are taking a toll on their health, especially on their heart (and other cardiovascular conditions) and digestive problems. Some may felt the heartburning sensation easily. Some may have lots of phlegm or cough frequently. And some may took to drinking or smoking to cool down the burning sensation.

These people do have strong resilience. Some of them are always doing things for the sake of others, or to attract the attention of others. The phrase “Action speaks louder than words” may apply to some of them. They usually do things based on their mind (head) and gut feelings. Some of them may even feel regretful later when they reviewed their past actions.

These people must learn to relax and calm their thoughts. They can be emotional at times. The possible health symptoms include anxiety, nervousness, tiredness, stiffness, dementia, mood swings and bipolar disorder. On the extreme cases, it may lead to heart, immune or mental problems.

OK, that’s just the basic interpretation of the probable effects of 5-8-4. Remember, it is just a general interpretation since there could be other surrounding numbers influencing the 5-8-4 as well. Not everything mentioned here may apply to anyone with the 5-8-4 (or 8-5-4) number combination due to the lack of a proper birth chart.

Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for additional information on the individual numbers and the number combinations.

If you are the user who did the search for 5-8-4, do send me an email. If you have the birth date to share, that would be great as everyone can learn too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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