Differing views of Anwar and Azmin

I was reading this online Yahoo article “Analysts: For PKR and Pakatan to move forward, either Anwar or Azmin has to yield” around the feud between the two Malaysia Datuks. One of them needs to step aside to move on, for the Malaysia people’s sake, according to the writer.

While reading, I was thinking, “Hmm… Let’s find out if I can verify or find clues that could provide similar signs of what the experts are saying.

So, today’s article is another free lesson to everyone, on how you can apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) techniques to correlate what others are saying, to the signs shown on the various charts plotted from the FEON+ software.

By the way, before I go on, I’d like to emphasise that what I’m about to describe about their probable characteristics and behaviours, might not be entirely true, as people do change over time, and their attitudes, mindsets, and outlooks are influenced by formative years, social and working lifestyles, economic and life pursuits. What you’re about to read is based on the tendency signs shown on the charts, and in no way, does it imply a concluding factor between Anwar and Azmin.

[Quote]Pundits believe that the conflict between the two has been dormant for years…[unquote]

To understand if what the “pundits” and others are suspecting about the conflict between Anwar and Azmin, it is important to check out their individual personalities first, and find out if we can unravel any sign to support the suspicions.

The tendency signs of 6-2-8 pattern in Azmin’s EON Chart, could suggest a person who frequently talked about the need for responsibility, and to be a role-model politician to serve the people selflessly, and not for self-interest. He has the ‘hidden‘ perfectionist mindset, and often presented himself outwardly as someone who thinks or acted with wider perspectives, like having better foresight.

The tendency signs of 9-3-3 pattern in Anwar’s chart depicted a focused and passionate person who tend to act hastily – to achieve the short-termed visions and success as fast as he can. Perhaps he has mellowed down over the years, and the fiery behaviours might have transformed into passive, focused actions. Anyway, hasty actions could lead to rash behaviours, yet though the hidden signs could suggest Anwar had the country’s stability and security in mind. When a person acted rashly, others may have perceive him as “act before thinking” which could have agitated and hurt many people.

The tendency signs are suggesting that while both Anwar and Azmin have good political intentions to create a better Malaysia, their delivery and leadership styles to achieve their visions, are different.

[Quote]For now, it is impossible for both Anwar and Azmin to steer PKR harmoniously, the crisis between them is too dire. PKR is heading for a split, either in the nearest future or at the very latest during the party’s 2021 Congress.[unquote]

Is there any conflict between them? To work in harmony, would take two parties to work cohesively as a team. We need to look at their “Relationship / Compatibility Chart” to find out more about their relationship, as team members, and as competitive individuals. The 6-5-2-7-8-6 pattern could depict the obstacles, stumbling blocks, and varying conflicts between their views (on the country’s stability and security) and what they communicated to their supporters. In short, the 6-5-2-7-8-6 could be seen as [Stability – Challenges – Communicate – Supporters – Responsibility – Security]. This involves the frequent conflicts – challenges and stumbling blocks (number 5) – in their mindsets and attitudes. When one of them stepped aside, the challenges and opportunities (and differences) could pave the way for committed and sincere cohesive teamwork and coordination towards a better “new Malaysia.”

For political leaders, we could interpret the 6-3-9 pattern as [For Stability and Security – need to Focus and be Passionate – to achieve a successful vision of the country]. In their “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2019),” there are crisscross sets of double 6-3-9 pattern shown. This could imply conflicting ideologies and visions on how they’d want to carry out their plans towards a “new Malaysia.

[Quote]And by keeping Dr Mahathir as PM for an entire term, Mohd Yusri says this will enable Azmin to challenge Anwar for the PKR presidency come 2021.[unquote]

What has the year 2021 got anything to do with them? Could there be hidden signs that we aren’t aware? Let’s find out by checking for the relevant sign from their Compatibility Year Chart (PY2021). Sure enough, the signs are present and substantial. The 6-1-7-8-4-3 pattern could suggest [For country’s stability – only one person could lead – and gain support from the people – take responsibility and be committed – to plan for a better Malaysia – and action to carry out the plan]. This means, there could only be one leader to steer the country towards the visions set forth.

Furthermore, the 8-4-3 pattern could be interpreted as a communication breakdown, a split or drift, or a breakup from the people. The number 7 could depict the trust, wisdom, and knowledge, plus the backing of the people. Hence we could also interpret the 6-1-7-8-4-3 pattern as a breakaway from the traditional norm, and that to achieve the stability and security of the country, there has to be a clear division for the majority of the people to decide who they want for their next Prime Minister.

[Note to all who’d registered the FEON+ software: Plot both Anwar’s and Azmin’s charts individually, and look at their PY2021 chart. Identify their individual strengths during that year.]

In their individual PY2021 charts, one of them might face multiple challenges and roadblocks in advance; while the other might have to work harder to gain the support and trust of the people of Malaysia. Whatever it is, let’s wish for a better, “new” Malaysia that the majority of the rakyats (people) had hope for.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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