Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide: Multiple-Effect Vibes

According to this online article, the financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epsteinhanged himself at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, a law enforcement official told CNN — less than a day after a court unsealed documents detailing disturbing claims against him and associates.

What was puzzling is that “Epstein was put on a suicide watch after he was found July 23 in his Manhattan jail cell with marks on his neck,” as stated in the article.

How can a person under suicide watch be found dead later? Could there be a security lapsed somehow? Could it be an inside job? Could the security camera be “accidentally” turned off or coincidentally “lost power” during that decisive moment? Could the security staff be sleeping on the job “intentionally” or being drugged? Could someone have covered Epstein’s face and suffocated him; and then put him in a suicidal position subsequently? Could someone poison his food or drugged his drink? Or could some injected lethal poison or drug into his body? Or could someone uses special illegal drugs to stiffen his body and limps, resulting in heartburn and subsequently resulting in almost immediate death? Could someone have drugged Epstein, and he became hallucinated and chose to commit suicide eventually? Or could Epstein actually committed suicide on his own accord, without any external help? Could it be a cardiac-arrest resulting in heart failure?

Wait a minute… I’m not writing a homicide-inspired post-mortem article, listing down all conspiracy theories behind Epstein’s apparent suicide.

I was curious when I read the article, and found it troubling for a person on suicide watch, to have committed suicide without anyone knowing.

Let me share some interesting findings from an Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives – it might not lead to clues regarding his death, but yet, there are some forms of tendency signs on the energies and elemental vibes on that suicidal day.

Let’s look at Jeffrey Epstein’s EON Chart. At a glance, Epstein has some form of Double-Effect impact on the numbers in M-N-O-P-Q-R of his Birth Chart, almost similar to the same location on the fatal Day chart (10 August 2019). In addition, there is another set of Double-Effect impact found – the Personal Year (PY2019) and the Combined Day Chart – the 3-3-6-9-9-9 pattern is present on both charts. The common signs between both Double-Effects is the 3-6-9 patterns.

From a basic keyword interpretation, the 3-6-9 pattern could be interpreted as [Fast – Money – Success]. And it’s irrelevant in this case. However, when we interpret them to use advanced EON decoding method, it could be [Fast – Life – Success] or [Fast/Hasty Action – To Terminate Life – Success and Closure].

Could that imply someone or a group of people (multiple 3-6-9) wants him dead, and then that he’d not reveal the secrets that have been kept for a while?

From a wellness or medical perspective, the 3-6-9 pattern could also be [Inject into his blood vessels – poisoned liquid – to stiffen his limps, chest, heart, and block airways]. Once dead, Epstein is then placed in a position  to simulate an apparent suicide incident? After all all these conspiracy theories and tendency signs, perhaps it could really be Epstein had committed suicide on his own accord, to protect the “interest” of his friends and business associates. There’s also a possibility of Epstein suffering from a cardiac-arrest symptom too.

Let’s wait for the autopsy report to be released, and hope that it’s not been covered up. Unless the real truth is out, with unedited video clips showing Epstein hung himself, we wouldn’t know the eventual closure news is “real news” or ‘fake news” at all.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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