On Alicia: Relationship That Matters

I’ve posted two articles over the past two days – “On Alicia: Understanding Self” and “On Alicia: Boyfriend’s Traits.” I hope you have found them insightful, and it could help you in future profiling observations. Most importantly, I hope Alicia is aware of the hidden traits (especially those that haven’t surfaced yet) so that she can make an informed choice on what she wants to do later.

Today’s article is about the relationship matters between Alicia and Mike. Once again, it is by no means complete or conclusive since I’m sharing my observations from the tendency signs present in their charts. Their attitudes, behaviours and perceptions when both are together might be different from what I’m about to share. Nonetheless, there should be similar signs to what they’ve experienced so far.

Let’s analyse the “Relationship / Compatibility” (R/C) chart from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective. We could interpret the 7-1-8 pattern as [Support – Alone – Stress] and [Socialise – Self-Ego – Crazy Busy]. What this might imply is when both Alicia and Mike are together, there are both stressing and busy times, with both wanting to appease one another probably for the sake (impression) of others.

The 9-6-6 pattern could imply the pursuit of fast success and materialistic activities. Since we could associate the number 6 as home and family, there are signs of them, or either one, may be focusing on home or family matters. In addition, with the 3-9-3 and 9-3-3 patterns on both sides, it could suggest the urge for quick success. However, as we could also associate the number 3 as critical, temper, blunt, and agitate, these could imply signs of tempers rising, quarrels, and disagreements over plans and visions for their future.

The Root 8 in their R/C chart could imply the need for prudent financial responsibilities. When both could control their spending, then the hardship and busy schedules might be worth the time spent together. Otherwise, the overpowering party (more likely towards Mike) could manifest the 7-1-8-9-6-6 pattern to become [Because of Friends – Brand Conscious – Work Hard – Vision – Spend Money – Spend More Money]. As Alicia’s Root number is 7, we could also interpret that as because of Alicia (or more likely, his friends), Mike is often seen to over spend on branded items and/or indulge in high-style living because of “saving face” and social pressure. As a result, he might obtain the financial wealth – whether he’d spend that on Alicia or his other friends, or towards his home, is something left to be seen in the future.

Last year (2016), the 7-9-7-7-5-3 pattern appeared in the “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2016),” and this is a flipped version of Alicia’s 9-7-7-5-7-3 pattern present in her Birth chart. This could also imply Alicia might experience some form of “Double Effects” vibes, meaning double boost of extra sensitive, wavering thoughts, insecure and unsure feelings, and distorted realities. The tendency signs are suggesting she wasn’t sure of what she wants – what she experienced when she’s with Mike might not be what she envisioned. Furthermore, the 5-7-3 and 7-5-3 patterns could suggest unnecessary spending last year, possible money lost due to carelessness, or some form of contractual disagreements. With the number 5 on both sides (locations I and L) it reminded me of the stubborn “I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK” communicative outcome.

This year (2017), the 7-2-9-2-7-9 pattern is present, and it signifies sensual feelings for each other. However, as we could associate both patterns as socialising traits, these could imply distractions and disruptive changes between them, where both might not see eye-to-eye and instead, redirect their attention and focus on someone else. The 6-9-6 in V-W-X of their “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2017)” chart could imply the urge to spend more money in order to grow the money, for investment or home.

It’s up to Alicia to decide if she wants to be “up close and personal” with Mike. She has to be aware of the strong materialistic pursuits and ego-centric mindset Mike has, probably due to his family upbringing and parental influence. As Alicia has the 8-4-3 pattern in her birth chart, she has to control her emotions and tempers when communicating with external parties, and that include Mike’s parents – more likely towards his mom. Hopefully such situations might not come true if their relationship continues. It reminded me of some Korean drama series where the future daughter-in-law has to obey her future mother-in-law instructions reluctantly because of her love for her boyfriend – her future husband. On the other hand, the 7-1-8-9-6-6 pattern in their R/C chart could also be interpreted as Mike’s love for Alicia could compel him to work harder to realise his visions, wealth, and home.

Alicia is 21-years old this year, and at a young adult age. She has ample time to explore more possibilities, including socialising with other male friends. If Alicia is feeling the strain on her relationship with Mike currently, perhaps they might want to discuss what their plans are for next few years. If the plan is a one-sided decision, then it’d become the “I, Me, & Myself” kind of relationship. That reminded me of the “Controlling or Critical Parent” and “Obedient Child” relationship as in the Transactional Analysis (TA) principles. For good communication to take place, and both parties agreeing and accepting each other’s views without reservations, it has to be an “adult-adultego state where both are at same “frequencies and wavelengths” for positive decision-makings.

To continue the relationship with Mike, or to put the relationship on “status quo” or on platonic basis while she expands her social circle of male friends, or to have some kind of temporary “separation” to find out if they are meant for each other, is up to Alicia to decide. Here are some questions Alicia might want to ask herself truthfully.

  • Is she willing to accept Mike’s high spending and socialising habits?
  • Is she feeling comfortable and happy (in her heart, and not the mind) when she’s with him?
  • Is she experiencing the true love that she needs (as a loving companion and not the need for parental love) from him?
  • Are they making plans together happily or is it usually Mike making the decision?
  • Is she willing to settle down with Mike and forego the opportunity to enjoy having more partner choices?

Alicia could seek opinions from her friends, including her male friends, if need be, to have external, non-naïve views. She has many options and the time to decide.

Whatever option she chose, let’s wish Alicia all the best. I hope she could make the ideal choice that allows her the opportunity to create happier and positive times ahead.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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