Easy money but hard on love

Derrick sent me an email recently and wrote, “I’ve purchased your book and have read it. I do have some matters that I’m still not familiar in regards of careers & love relationships as I believe that there’s much more in-depth into it. If you’re willing, are you able to do a case study of this birthdate – a bro of mine. He knows how to make money. But he always has problems with ladies. Are you able to decipher out?

Today’s article would be about money and love – two common topics we could easily associate when we’re out there, finding for true love and hopefully, lasting companionship. There are two key areas I’d look for in a person’s charts to identify the elements or numbers associated to money and companionships. Most other numerology methods conducted by other trainers would focus on the easiest part, which could provide first-impression signs. However, in the extended EON methods, I’ve shared with past FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students in my classes on the main component contributing to the money and/or love. These could be identical or different from the first-impression signs many external trainers tend to associate them with.

Let’s call Derrick’s bro or friend as “John” for easier identification. I’ll focus on the “first-impression” signs to allow Derrick to understand further since he’s just bought and read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and is still fresh on the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. Before I continue, I must highlight that what you are about to read is based on the signs, elements, and numbers present in the charts. It does not imply John will display the habits, traits, or behaviours I’m about to describe later as these depend on his family upbringing, social influence, and moral ethics.

In basic theory, we could associate the number 6 with money. This means checking out if there are signs of number 6 in the person’s birth chart. If there is, we can assume technically, that the person is deemed to have direct access to money or material wealth. Whether the person has the wealth or the ability to accumulate the wealth is besides the point, since these are mainly the outcomes of his or her behaviours and attitudes – nothing to do with the number 6 on their birth charts. Now, even if the birth chart doesn’t have any number 6 in locations I-X, do check if the number 6 exists in the Hidden Numbers H1-H5 locations. When found, it could imply that this person doesn’t seem to be wealthy outwardly but could be, inwardly. This could imply a prudent, thrifty, or stingy person who doesn’t care much about his or her outward appearance or dressings, or might feel contented in their below-average salary job. Even so, they often believed in saving for their future, or inculcated the habit of sound investments and growing their wealth.

Now, what if the number 6 is not present in the person’s birth chart, even in the Hidden Number locations?

Well, life is never fair to everyone – we cannot decide whether we want to be born in a rich or poor family, or on a good auspicious date where the number 6 is found. Sure, people born into affluent families or have number 6 in their birth charts (in any location, I-X, H1-H5) has a head start in wealth enriching activities.

That said, it doesn’t mean those who don’t even have a number 6 in their charts are forever poor, or unable to maintain a comfortable lifestyle with sufficient savings. Like people who considered themselves as late boomers, they work hard initially and grow their wealth and become rich. Often, money is not a major issue for them when they recognised opportunities when it comes knocking at their doors, and took steps to make it happen. And the opportunities are present in their periodic charts – yes, in the Personal Year, Personal Month, or Personal Day charts, or through the seasonal periods. That is why many self-made multimillionaires might not be born in rich families, or don’t have the number 6 in their birth charts. Instead, they work smart by accepting challenges as abundance of opportunities.

The earlier few paragraphs are about the first impression on a person’s chart. John has the “money” signs present in his birth chart. That means, in theory, he is capable of attracting money on a positive note. However, there are different quality of materialistic pursuits. What this means is that – and take the case of the numbers present in John’s chart – he might not have adequate wealth at the later years if he strayed towards the gambling sides (4-5-9 in V-W-X) because of social influences or peer pressure. Alternatively, because of his upbringing and parental status (9-6-6 in S-T-U) when accumulating wealth is easier. He might conveniently have forgotten about the “Dos and Don’ts” on the fallback plan, and kept making careless investment mistakes or money-losing online ventures. On positive note and when done right, John has the tendency signs suggesting the ability to enrich his wealth now and in his later years. Perhaps he might want to start the “pay forward” initiatives to harmonise the “receiving and giving” blessing vibes. In John’s case, the essential “main component” associated to the money luck (in extended EON method) is different from the number 6, but is equally present as well in his charts.

Enough money talk… let’s move on to love affairs now. Many trainers (of other numerology methods) tend to associate the 2-7-9 and 7-2-9 as having love affairs. In simple terms, it’s about having friends of opposite (or same) gender – platonic or “up close and personal.” And depending on whether the person is married, engaged, or single, we could interpret these love relationships as normal boyfriend or girlfriend relationship; and transgressions or adulteries when the person is married.

In summary, we could check if the numbers 2 and 7 (or either one) is present in a person’s chart. This allows us to determine their abilities to make friends naturally on their own (birth chart), socially (locations V-W-X) or through family connections (locations S-T-U).

Derrick has the numbers 2 and 7 in his birth chart, and especially last year in his Personal Year (PY2016) chart. This means there are many ladies coming “into” his lives, or the likelihood he might have many female companions “any time” because of his persuasive, charismatic, charms, and appealing-looking characteristics. On extended EON method, the main component associated to girlfriends or wife on John’s chart is different from the numbers 2 and/or 7, but lucky for him, it is also present in his charts. This means John can socialise with many female friends, or the ability to have girl friends as companions easily.

Now, I could sense some of you might ask question like, “I’m confused. If you say John has no issues with the ladies, then why is Derrick saying John has problems with the ladies?

So far, I have discussed about the money and love numbers, which John seemed to have them. In fact, there are tendency signs John might have two (or more) “true or close” love relationships privately – probably a responsible and appealing lady, against another sexually and exciting lady. In recent months, and especially last year, John is crazy busy over far too many ladies coming into his life. With the multiple 2-7 patterns in his PY2016 charts, these could imply John was behaving like a ladies’ man. Deep inside, he’s an “owner of a lonely heart” man in search of true love, finding the best attractive rose among the many beautiful roses in the garden.

So what was the real problem John had with the ladies?

The answer is clear and present in his chart. His attitude and arrogant behaviours could have drawn a thick virtual line between platonic or sexual friendship and true love. There is a possibility while the ladies might love his wealth (to satisfy their materialistic wants), they dislike his personality and character. It could be due to the absence of sincerity, and John could not fulfil their “true love” needs. John has the 8-4-3 in his birth chart (location M-H4-N) which we could easily associate to the poor communication skills – the tendency in a person to have bad EQ. John has to improve his tactfulness and sincerity. The signs are suggesting he might be frequently making empty promises and sweet-talking his ways. John is a smart and resourceful person, and has no qualms in transforming visions into realities, or attracting ladies to step forward and come closer into his life. Everything evolves around his ecosystem and self-centric mindset. He needs to change his mindset and treat all female friends as equal-standing friends, and not just a materialistic play thingIt might be hard for John to change his current active lifestyle to a more humble one, but he needs to change if he wants a happy love life. He can remain focused and stay hungry – to strive for success and not thrive on his wealth. He needs to consider clearly what constitutes, to him, as a girlfriend who can be his companion and a trusting partner – who might eventually become his everlasting true love and wonderful wife, and a caring mother to their children.

As mentioned earlier, I might be exaggerating on John’s traits or personalities but the signs are there. Perhaps, he might only inhibit some of the traits I’ve mentioned. Even so, he needs to be aware that he could inhibit all traits, at extreme cases. Then again, such signs might actually happen to someone else born on the same day, or have similar charts, and they could exhibit many, if not all the traits mentioned. The important thing is, once you have identified the signs; it’s up to you to decide what you want to achieve in life. As John is in his mid-twenties, it’s great to start transforming his life early so that he can enjoy more good times in his later years. He can start changing his attitude and involve in more charitable projects to harmonise the energies in him.

John has to stop talking most of the time, and instead, listen to what others have to say, and to take their constructive views seriously. He can attend self-enrichment or self-improvement courses. John has the “selective listening disorder” and slight OCD-like syndrome, and that could block his mind and narrowed his views previously.

It’s time for John to reduce the fantasies and open his mind – to stay humble, tactful and responsible. This will set the path to allow him to isolate and recognise the one true love among his many female friends.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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