What’s in 3-6-9?

Katrina recently discovered this Elements of Numbers (EON) site, and was excited to know there was so much information she could gather and benefit from reading the articles I have posted. Here’s an excerpt of her emails:

Katrina: I came to know your website whilst goggling for information on PON and Five Elements. I must say everything you wrote is exactly what was clearing the doubts in the back of my head! I started a journey on name numerology, DOB numerology & five elements numerology. I firmly believe that the time of birth is a huge factor to make/break our life as well. Hence, I had a lot of unanswered questions. Somehow, it wasn’t making sense with all that I was reading up. With the “education” you have fed me through the articles on your website, I have lesser questions now. I truly would like to learn this in detail and hope you will be able to help me.

Katrina: Actually, I’m just curious, the master I went to see (Master C) practically reads numbers in 3s. I had a lot of 3-6-9, which literally meant fast-money-success right? However, this was interpreted as responsibility/duties by Master C. How was this deciphered? I have one set of 3-6-9 within my triangle & two sets of 3-6-9 outside. He interpreted that as I hold three responsibilities at work, which is true. But the puzzling part was, how was this read? Is there another set of reading or interpreting for three numbers?

There are no fixed sets of ways to interpret the numbers or patterns in a chart. Master C could have devised his own comfortable style of looking at 3-number patterns to conclude his observations. Some traiders associated the 3-6-9 as some form of windfall luck or main fortune luck when the pattern is at certain location of the chart. As the numbers 3, 6, or 9 could reside in locations U, Q, or X, some trainers even associated them to different kind of internal and external luck as well. No matter how much you could associate these lucky numbers, and even if they are strongly present in your charts, we cannot simply depend on these ‘symbolic luck’ to boost our vibes without physically taking actions. As the popular phrase goes, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” These mean no matter how much luck we are deemed or assumed to have, we still have to make early preparations to equip ourselves with the strength, knowledge, and zeal to step forward when opportunity comes knocking on our doors.

Let’s look at what the 3-6-9 pattern has in store for us…

Well, apart from interpreting them as [Fast – Money – Success], we can also look for extra signs too. For example, apart from seeing the obvious numbers 3, 6, and 9 present in the pattern, the additional numbers 1 and 8 are present as well. Before explaining the responsibility and duty traits Master C had told Katrina, let’s revisit the fundamentals of the numbers first, using the EON principles since it could provide more associations than the basic keyword used in some other numerology methods.

  • Number 1 – self, leader, alone, egoistic, pride, proud, intellectual, sharp, blunt, and other traits associated to the Metal element.
  • Number 6 – home, security, responsibility (home), family (duties), stability, charm, and other traits associated to the Metal element.
  • Number 3 – creative, passion, critical, tempers, self-centric, hopeful, joyful, burning desire, and other traits associated to the Fire element.
  • Number 8 – responsibility (working hard), responsibility (financial management), fast and furious, happy, temperamental, and other traits associated to the Fire element.
  • Number 9 – success, humanitarian, compassion, vision, growth, competitive, hard-headed, resentment, emotional, and other traits associated to the Wood element.

You can check my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for other traits associated to the Five Elements. And if you’re staying in Singapore, and yet found my book “out of stock” at the bookstore outlets, you can always order the book directly from me. Katrina did just that, to save the trouble and time, and had the book delivered to her.

I have not seen Katrina’s EON chart or knew her birth date. I could only share some insights for Katrina to understand why Master C could identify the responsibilities and dutiful traits in her. Different trainers and numerology masters have their own analytical style of profiling a chart. It doesn’t really matter much when you analyse from an EON perspective. I replied to Katrina, “Once you understand the underlying signs of each number, it is simpler to look at combined sets, and then linked them into probable traits. Of course, it’s easier for me to do so, but you can as long as you practise, you can analyse just as well as me, if not better.

I also told her, “I don’t claim to know every pattern as my first approach is to understand the underlying ‘root cause’ or energies of the number or its element. There are many ways other masters could have concluded certain traits that I’m not aware of. In fact, I may not even associate them straightaway. However, when looking from another EON angle, chances are, you can identify similar traits. It’s always good to be more curious. It’s even more shiok (satisfying) to find out why or how others could identify such traits. Of course, some Masters would not reveal the reasons. As long as you apply the 5W1H (What, Where, When, Why, Who, and How) steps, you should be on the right track.

Katrina has taken the first step to buy my book while waiting for my course schedule. In no time, I believe she could profile EON charts confidently and identify more traits, similarly to Master C but from a different perspective.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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