Understanding the Hidden Signs

Katherine asked if she plotted the Time of Birth chart of a person, would she be able to identify more tendency traits?

Yes, I have mentioned in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” that it is possible to identify more tendency traits of a person from their Time of Birth chart. Check out my book if you have not already done so.

Using the Birth chart should be enough for personality profiling in normal cases. However, there are times when you need that extra clue to improve your analytical observations, but you don’t know where to find it. Often, it has nothing to do with your analytical skills. More likely, the reason is straightforward – you’re not taught or aware there are many other analytical methods available.

At times, there are extra “influence” from the hidden numbers and elements that you cannot identify from the Birth chart. Knowing the time of birth is important as you can identify clues and gather more information specific to that person. In a way, the birth chart allows a macro view of the person while the time of birth chart provides a micro view. Analysing using the micro and macro views do provide more details about the person that may not be possible if you’d analysed from the birth chart.

Take the case of twins or two people born on the same day. Their birth charts are similar, but yet in real practical life, we often noticed twins or people born on same day do not have identical traits and do not behave or think similarly every time. A quick and easy way is to plot their Time of Birth charts, and identify the tendency signs from the elements or numbers present in the chart.

Katherine also wanted to verify the followings:

a)    Birth chart: If PQR ends with 9-3-3, does this means when the person is old, they have “no money”?

b)    Time chart: If PQR ends with 1-5-6, can we say that when they are old, they do have money.

When you look at the numbers present in PQR (or any other locations), do not only focused your analysis

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Adopting such narrow view may confuse you even more when you’ve analysed more charts and found contradicting behaviours than you’ve noted.

Once your skill set improves, you can analyse a chart from macro and micro views, and from a 360-degree view. You need to include the surrounding numbers and elemental influence present in the chart. Take the case of 1-5-6 – many “Power of Numbers” (PON) students would know 1-5-6 is about “money from overseas”. However, that’s just like reading only one chapter in the “Everything You Want To Know About The 1-5-6 Person” book. You need to read the entire book to understand the whole story, and to know there are more signs than just “overseas money.”


Katherine is not wrong if she only want to focus on the numbers present in PQR to identify the tendency signs. It depends on what she hopes to identify, and how accurate she want her observations to be.

There are many ways to look at the tendency traits of the numbers present using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. EON provides non-restrictive approach in profiling a person. You need to look beyond the numbers since the numeric and elemental Qi energies do not always move in a linear way.

For example, 9-3-3 could imply

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The tendency signs of “money talks” attitude could be strong too.

At my forthcoming 2nd EON Workshop in about two weeks (24 Sep 2011), I’ll share with you the techniques to identify hidden tendency signs of a person. I’ll also explain why macro and micro views are essential for a holistic analysis. Of course that includes the techniques I’ve shared with the participants at the earlier 1st EON Workshop. Register with McCoy now at 8356-0179 if you don’t want to miss the power-packed session.

Practise as much as you can on the EON fundamentals, since you can buy and read my book. With more knowledge comes greater analytical skill. If you want to extend your knowledge beyond the science and power of numbers, I look forward to share my extended techniques with you at the workshop.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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