Crazy Busy Over 8-7-6 Vibes

Even though we have 24 hours a day, some people still feels that their available time is always lacking and short. They’re always busy trying to maximise their available time. Even when they are asleep, their minds are still thinking about the tasks they can do the following day. As a result, they sleep light, and became restless at nights. Often, their loud snoring could prevent their sleeping or bed partners from having a good sleep. These people could suffer from tiredness, restlessness, or insomnia.

If you have 8-7-6 or 7-8-6 pattern in your Birth chart, you could experience the traits in one way or another. Even if you have partial pattern (8-7, 8-6, 7-8, 7-6, 6-7, 6-8) in your Birth chart, do not be too happy. You may experience them when the “other missing” number is present in your annual chart. These include the Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day charts. That may be a possible reason you couldn’t sleep well on some days.

Let’s review the basic signs – 876 [Stress-Supporter-Money] and 786 [Supporter-Stress-Money]. They are crazy busy helping others. At times, others would take advantage of their helpful traits. They are also always thinking of new plans to make full use of the available time. They can be happy easily with or without material benefits. Sometimes, these people assumed it’s their obligations to help others and they take pride seeing others happy and touched by their actions.

That’s just the basic observations. Moving upwards the analytical level, the driving force could be different. They’re crazy busy running errands for the sake of their family. They want the best for their family. They would go out of the way just to ensure their family members are happy. They want a happy family and a stable home to stay.

On the political, humanitarian, religious, and charitable arenas, people with such patterns are always doing things for their supporters. To them, the bigger picture of ensuring a stable country, organisation, or welfare comes first. Self-interest is usually on the least priority for them. Others may misinterpret their magnanimous traits thinking they have a hidden agenda for being so helpful. Although they do have kind intentions, the way they react and take actions may hurt others unknowingly. Some of them are seen as strong-willed, blunt, direct, and forceful in the way they act. Some others are seen as caring, thoughtful, creative, and empathetic, like Mother Theresa.

When they face obstacles, they consider it as a challenge to find means to accomplish their tasks. “No risk, no gain” could be on their minds, especially those with strong 7-8-6 patterns. The elemental vibes from surrounding numbers would influence the way they react to situations.

After much self-sacrificing actions, these people often exhausted themselves easily. They need to take care of their holistic well-being, especially their hearts and lungs. Health conditions caused by weak heart and lungs may surface when they least expected it. They should set personal time for exercises and meditations, and taking less stressful but creative hobbies. They could benefit from redirecting the excess physical energies in them to creative and thoughtful means.


You can easily use the Visualisation and creative approach to identify the effects of 8-7-6 and 7-8-6. I’ll share the techniques at next month’s EON Workshop.

I know many of you with the 8-7-6 or 7-8-6 pattern will think quietly, “I’m just like that!”.

Are you “crazy busy” fulfilling other’s wishes and not your own needs? There’s nothing wrong doing the things you loved to do, even if it means stressing yourselves out for others. The self-sacrificing actions mean little to you when you see others happy. Sure, others can be happy with your persevering and caring thoughts. But you still need to stay healthy and fit, to help them. Embracing the late Steve Jobs’ “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” words may be a motivating factor to you. But you cannot afford to stay hungry and foolish all the time at the expense of your health.

Forget about the “no pain, no gain” thinking. When you feel tired, it’s a sign your body is telling you to slow down and revitalise your energy levels. Getting “crazy busy” at the expense of poor health is an unhealthy pursuit. When you finally feel the “pain”, you may not have the energy to enjoy the “gain”. It may be too late then to take remedial actions when health conditions worsen.

There’re different ways to help others without aggravating your tempers and stress. You don’t need to move around doing errands. You can learn to be an effective organiser, or prioritise your tasks and delegate the low priority ones to others. You should redefine your needs and expectations. You should learn to handle tasks effectively and in a more efficient and productive way.

If you have 8-7-6 or 7-8-6 pattern in your chart, it doesn’t always mean you’ll have the traits mentioned above at the same time. As I’ve said, it all depends on the way you control your thoughts, actions, and habits.

Now that I’ve shared my observations with you here, I’d love to hear your views. Send me an email and let me know if you’re just like that, and how you have controlled the stressful moments.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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