Changing the 1-4-5 Paradigm Shifts

Timothy attended the Power of Numbers (PON) course some months back, and wanted to explore more possibilities on how he can further improve his analysis. According to him, my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” was interesting as it provided him with “many new insights” on how he could analyse charts differently.

Timothy’s friend (let’s call him Joe) always complained that his plans seldom happened the way he wanted. Joe often felt stressed up and became “excessively sensitive and high-handed” toward others for no reason.

Timothy did not provide Joe’s birthdate or chart except for the 1-4-5 in MNO. He then asked if the number vibes have anything to do with Joe’s failures as 1-4-5 could imply [Alone-Plan-Obstacle].

If you have similar number pattern (1-4-5) in your birth chart in different locations, or even at the same MNO locations, it doesn’t mean you’ll have similar traits mentioned later. Always be consciously aware that although the numbers do have vibrations that could influence you, it is your own perspective, attitudes, thoughts, and actions that determined the result. We can only identify the tendency signs from the numbers. You have to decide if you want to manifest the positive or negative energies within you, and beyond. These would influence how others react to your “manifested” thoughts and actions.

On a basic level, the 1-4-5 could imply the person (Alone, number 1) may not be able to carry out his plan (number 4) successfully every time as he could often experienced challenges, obstacle or stumbling block (number 5).

On an extended level, 1-4-5 could provide hidden signs of stubborn nature and success-driven traits. This means that for the person to ensure his plans could succeed, they must first get rid of their stubborn traits. They must changed their attitudes and behaviours.

They are usually the “problem-starter” and “weakest link” unknowingly. If their plan doesn’t work, they should then reviewed their tactics and include other’s suggestions in the changed plan. If it’s a communication problem, then they should reflect on their actions first.

Joe’s case could be slightly different since we can identify 9-6-6 in PQR locations. There are tendency signs Joe could be motivated or controlled by

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Joe could also become flexible in his thoughts and actions like the clay, and adapt to external situations positively.


In the 80s, I attended a workshop on Dr Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis. I’ve read his book “Games People Play”; and two other books by Dr Thomas A. Harris, “I’M OK – YOU’RE OK” and “STAYING OK”. It means I must be “OK” towards others first before I can expect them to be “OK” towards me. You must first change your attitude, perspective, behaviour, and actions positively if you want others to react to you positively in the same manner, and with the same respect.  If you behave and think like a spoilt child, the other party may behave similarly towards you, or rebuking you like a critical parent. I could still vividly remembered having fun role-playing the various traits and am glad I’d the opportunity to learn Dr Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis years back.

I’ve included in my book various methods you can use to change the way you perceive and act. Do check on Page 255 of my book for more details.  It could be helpful to know more about Transactional Analysis. You can learn the stroking methods and how you can feel positively and communicate with others like adults, in the same frequency, and respecting others in the same way you want them to respect you.

Many of today’s relationship problems are often caused by negative attitude, stubbornness, and self-egoistic thoughts that somehow created unnecessary misunderstandings.  When you combine the Transactional Analysis knowledge with the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you can understand yourself better, and make a positive change in the way you communicate with others.

Just remember… when you’re “OK” with others, they’ll be “OK” with you too.



Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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