Smart Tools for EON Profiling

With today’s smartphones and tablets, accessing world news, gossips, scandals, health, and other information from various online sites are so much easier and immediate. It is also easier and faster for me to gather celebrities’ birthdates and chronological events of their lifestyles today in real time without the need to wait for tomorrow’s newspaper.

These days I often used my HP TouchPad to check for news and information that could help me further improve my Elements of Numbers (EON) analysis.

For example, I could quickly gather information on Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, and read about their recent divorce filing from my WebOS tablet. I could then launch the EON software from my AndroidOS smartphone, plot their Birth and Personal Year charts, and identify tendency signs relating to the events quickly.

At the recent SFSC (Singapore Feng Shui Center) Alumni dinner on 29 Oct 2011, some friends had a “sneak preview” when they installed a “preliminary” copy of my EON software on their iPhones. Although it’s nonfunctional, they’re happy as development has started.

If you currently own an AndroidOS smartphone supporting 800×480 resolutions, you’re in luck. Just send me an email with your device model and I’ll provide the link where you can download the freeware copy of EON (Android) software. The features are basic but it can help you plot the charts automatically. You can save the trees too without plotting the charts manually on paper. And if you’re attending my 3rd EON Workshop at the end of this month (26 Nov 2011), you’re in better luck!. The full version of my EON (Android) software would be provided FREE to all participants with AndroidOS smartphone supporting 800×480 resolutions.

The sample screenshot shows the full version where details of the person’s Birth chart are displayed, including their Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day.

And since I mentioned Kim Kardashian earlier, let’s briefly look at her Birth and Personal Year 2011 charts. Did you notice the number patterns like multiple 4s, 8-4-3, 7-5-3, and 1-8-9; and strong Wood/Fire elements? Check my previous articles for tendency signs caused by the vibes from the number patterns and the elemental influences.

The tendency signs and influences are strong for her this year. Look at the double sets of 4-8-3 and the resultant number 6 in her Personal Year 2011 chart.

Plot the chart for Kris Humphries too. Then plot a Relationship Compatibility chart for both of them, and observe the number patterns and elemental influences. You may refer to Page 186 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to check on how to plot the Relationship Compatibility chart if necessary. Then check the online sites for more information on them, and try to correlate the incidents, their actions, and personality traits from the charts.

The 8-4-3 (including 4-8-3) on the Personal Year charts denote many possible tendency signs, including strained relationships that could lead to divorce at extreme cases. It reinforced the EON fundamentals that the elemental vibes of the numbers in a person’s Birth chart, and the relative influence of their Personal Year vibes could affect the person during that year.

I know it may be overwhelming to plot all possible charts and analyse them quickly unless you have plenty of time. If you want to plot the charts quickly as I did on my smartphone, just send me an email to get the freeware version (comes with limited feature that display only the main chart). And if you’re attending the forthcoming 3rd EON Workshop, you can look forward to use the FULL version of EON (Android) software on your compatible AndroidOS smartphone.

I look forward to share the extended EON methods and new discoveries with you at the workshop, which would be the final workshop for this year.  As seats are limited, do register with McCoy early (Mobile: 8356-0179) to avoid disappointment.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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