Passing of the Stars

The past week has been a memorable one for many people, and it brought hope and sadness.

People are guessing the events that may happen on 11.11.11. Many happy couples tied the knot on that memorable day. Many people had their wishes came true. Some had their last breadth, leaving their loved ones behind. And there were “hits” and “misses” on forecasts made by the speculators, scientists, and metaphysicians.

On 7 November 2011, we experienced the “close encounter of the space rock” with the passing of the asteroid 2005 YU55. It flew past between Earth and our moon. Although the scientist claimed the space rock would not hit Earth, I believe deep in their hearts they are worried too as there’s a thin line between confidence and uncertainty. Thankfully, the space rock just flew past without creating any gravitational influence on Earth and the tides. It also brings hope to the scientist as they’ve the opportunity to study and learn about the passing space rock.

The passing of the other stars were sad ones. The former boxing champion Joe Frazier was diagnosed with liver cancer in late September 2011. In early November, he was under hospital care. He died on 7 November 2011. He was 67.

“Thanks. I will check Joe Frazier and please do write an article of these boxers and my idol Muhammad Ali.” That’s what John said in his reply email when I suggested him to check on the late Joe Frazier’s Birth chart, and other periodic charts.

Frazier’s “health symptom” is Wood. Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling for the steps to identify the health symptoms. In the Five Elements, liver is associated to the Wood element. The health symptom could provide tendency sign to specific health conditions. It may happen to a person if they do not take precautionary measures to minimise the manifestation of the negative elemental vibes. The health symptom is general, and could only provide a “lifelong” tendency sign. It is hard to identify the severity level on a periodic basis.

With the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you can gather the techniques to analyse the chart from a different perspective. I’ve shared extended methods to those who’d attended my earlier two EON Workshops. If you are among them, do plot Frazier’s chart, PY2011 charts, and the other periodic charts that I’ve shown in class to identify combined vibes.

Another star who passed away last week was Ricky Hui, a popular Hong Kong comedian, singer, and actor. He died of a heart attack on 8 November 2011. He was 65. Do check his chart and try to analyse the tendency signs relating to his health conditions.

The tendency health signs may provide some clue, but is not a definite sign. At least it provided you the resources for learning and self-improvement. When you learn the EON method, you have the ability to plot out your life path (Personal Year chart, and other periodic charts). You can then look at the current situation and identify how you want to move on with your life. You can “tweak” your life path to a more favourable destiny, or simply ignore it and let fate decides your destiny.

An analogy – if the GPS gadget in your car prewarned a massive traffic jam about 3km ahead, you have to decide how you want to reach your destination. You can divert to a slip road which may take you a little longer to reach your destination. On the other hand, you can simply drive ahead and join others in the massive jam. For some people, the sound of car horns and shouting could raise the heart pressure levels. The emotional mood could be stressing and frustrating.

You know your road ahead. How you want to feel when you reach your destination depends mainly on your thoughts and actions.

Taking remedial actions earlier would provide a drastic change to your thoughts and could influence your actions. Know your life path with the extended EON charts, and take action now to better your holistic health. You could dilute the negative energies present in the particular year with your positive thoughts and actions.

I’ve prepared the Case Study slides on Joe Frazier and Ricky Hui for the next workshop, including a few new slides. I’ll explain the extended methods at the 3rd EON Workshop. I look forward to share my discoveries and extended methods with some of you who believe you can learn beyond the PON methods on that day.


Lastly, I understand from McCoy that we have a few seats left for the 3rd EON WORKSHOP on 26 November 2011 (Saturday). Act now and call McCoy at 8356-0179 to register.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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