Kaisar on Career vibes

Kaisar recently posted some questions in the comment section of the article “Beyond the Destiny Path”.

1) Whose career path would rise faster?

2) Is 2-1-3 a problem to the career advancement?

3) For Personal Year analysis, when should the analysis starts – from the person’s birthday or from the New Year (1 Jan)?

Kaisar also attended my previous EON Workshops, and have learned the technique to identify the Career element, and the tendency signs of the vibes that could influence it. Although the observations are not definite or final, I’ve shared with the participants on the methods to identify the tendency signs that could lead to bonuses, change of job scope, retrenchment, resignation, and so on.

Let’s review the two charts again.

Although the Career element does provide tendency signs, there is no standard way to assume if one person has a better career prospect than the other, or who will reach the top of the corporate ladder earlier.  There are few factors we need to consider. These include:

– The person’s mindsets, perspective, and work attitudes. Look at the PY2012 chart for both people – the 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 numbers are identical. The emotional stress, planning, and success-driven traits are high in 2012. How far they can reach their goal depends on their traits, from both the outer and subconscious traits.

– The tendency signs present in the Personal Year chart, and its influence on the Career element vibes.

– The person’s career objectives. I’ve provided five conditional rules at the EON Workshop that would help identify the possible element to focus on. If the specific element and supporting elements are present in a particular year, there is a high chance the person may achieve their career objectives.


1)  Person 1 has 2-2-2-3 in the I-J-K-L location of his PY2012 chart, whereas Person 2 has 7-6-2-3. If we simply look at the career path for both people for 2012, then I’d say the tendency signs are:

– Person 1: 2-2-2-3 [Talk-Talk-Talk-Fast]. Although this person could have the “charismatic appeal”, they need to talk persistently to convince others. Often, they may be successful in getting the first impression. But after all the relentless communication effort, the person may still ended talking since 2+2+2+3 = 2

– Person 2: 7-6-2-3 [Supporter-Money-Talk-Fast]. There is a strong tendency the person has favourable support from others, including the material benefits (e.g., increment, bonuses). In the end, the success sign is present (7+6+2+3 = 9).

Putting all other considerations aside, Person 2 has a higher chance than Person 1 in climbing up the career ladder. However, as I’d said earlier, whether Person 2 will succeed or not depends on his life purpose, work attitude, health, and habits.


2) In general, 2-1-3 could create a stumbling block that may prevent the person from moving ahead towards their goal.   If the person could change their habit or attitude and plan (strategy) their moves (tactics) carefully, they may get the material wealth needed since 2+1+3 = 6 (money).

Kaisar has to remember the five conditional rules that I’ve shared with him and others at the class. He needs to identify the purpose of the career change or path before he can review the PY charts again.


3) Normally, we can analyse the PY energies from 1 Jan to 31 Dec as a general guideline. However, we also need to remind ourselves that the elemental energies and vibes are in constant motion. This means there is no fixed period when a person may feel the yearly vibes. For example, if there are too many Yang elements on the person’s Birth chart, then this person may experience next year’s PY energies in the later months (e.g., around Oct-Dec) of the current year.


I hope you’ve learned useful information here. If you find this article a little difficult to digest than usual, do attend the workshop if you can. EON Workshop participants can learn the methods to identify the Career element, the conditional rules, and other tendency signs.

I look forward to share the techniques and new discoveries with you at the forthcoming 3rd EON Workshop on 26 Nov 2011.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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