More to 4-8-3 than Just Divorce

When you learn and use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to identify tendency signs of divorce, it’s not about getting “hits” and “high accuracy”. On the contrary, I’d prefer the “divorce” observations to have more “misses” instead. This shows that the couple are adopting the right positive attitude and mindset to communicate with each other. You should use EON as a tool to draw your life path map, so that you can identify the various stumbling roadblocks in your life path. You can then can take proactive actions to right the wrongs and avert disasters wherever possible before inactions turned to prolonged sufferings and regrets.

When there are tendency signs of relationship strains, both parties must be willing to take an extra effort to change their habits and perspective. They can then revitalise and change their lifestyle and continue to have wonderful times of their lives together as loving couples. It’s common for couples to quarrel. When relationship continues to strain, the dream of doing things together quickly shattered away. When such unfortunate event happened, it’s usually one or both people are not living their dreams faithfully and sincerely together.

Is there a way to foretell an impending relationship problem in a fast and easy way?

Yes, there are telltale signs you can identify in the person’s chart. I have posted many articles about relationships and how the number patterns 4-8-3 or 8-4-3 could have manifested the negative vibes that influence the thoughts and actions of the person. Take the case of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. They have just announced the end of their six-year marriage, according to this BBC article.

Take a look at their charts – the 4-8-3 patterns are present in their Personal Year 2011 charts.  There is a tendency their relationship, EQ, or communication tactics with others (loved ones, colleagues, customers, and others) may strain. However, these are just tendency signs. They can still adjust and tweak the negative vibes, and prevent the extreme consequences from happening.

If you know someone with similar chart and currently having relationship problems with their spouse, there’s still hope if they want to restore the marriage vows they’d made to their loved ones. Here’s the key – RECHARGE, RECHANGE, READAPT, and REKINDLE!

What’s that? It means that you need to change and adapt. You need to RECHARGE the magical vibes you once had when you first fell in love with each other. You need to throw away old and bad habits and RECHANGE your thoughts and actions. You need to adjust your personal lifestyle and READAPT that into a family lifestyle together. It’s no longer about you or your spouse. Your lifestyle revolves around both of you, and the family. You have to persistently REKINDLE the dream and hope of walking down the memory lane together, holding hands, and enjoy life the way you want to have with your loved ones.

When you have identified potential strains in coming Personal Year charts, put a stop to your bad habits. Avoid taking up the sensual urge and walking along the transgression path. A false and impulsive step ahead could lead to unforgettable lifetime regrets. It’s just not worth it.

Check on the articles I’ve posted previously relating to 4-8-3 and 8-4-3.

The negative vibes of 4-8-3 or 8-4-3 does not only influence the relationship issue. There are more influencing effects of 4-8-3 and 8-4-3 than you thought. It could affect other areas, including sensitive ones that I can only explain at the workshop sessions, to avoid misinterpretations and abuse.

I have shared many discoveries at the previous two workshops, and will continue to share them at the forthcoming 3rd EON Workshop next Saturday (26 Nov 2011). Call McCoy now at 8356-0179 and learn the extended techniques of EON.

Take charge and live the life you want with your loved ones blissfully, healthily, and happily.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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