Hidden Wealth on 1-2-3 and 2-1-3

Kaisar posted another comment in my site, asking the differences between 1-2-3 and 2-1-3.  I have posted articles about 1-2-3 and 2-1-3 previously. Here’re some links you can check out:

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Besides the links on this site, check my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling for more examples and case studies on the number patterns.


1-2-3 [Alone-Talk-Fast]

It doesn’t mean everyone with the 1-2-3 number pattern in their Birth chart (especially in locations PQR) would be rich, wealthy, or have assets. I believe many of you especially those who’d studied the Power of Numbers (PON) Mastery level would affirm that. Though 1-2-3 could imply the person is able to express themselves quickly, it doesn’t always imply the person could achieve the material goal they want. The wealth opportunities are present. If 1-2-3 means assets and rich, why are some people not getting the wealth and asset?

The possibilities – these people could have acted too fast without proper planning.  They could be overconfident, stressful, and arrogant at times. When they face challenges, they become confused.  The feelings are “confusing” the gutsy thoughts in their head. Occasionally, they could have the “it will never happen to me” crazy thoughts in their mind. Do they “fight or flight” to get what they want? If they persistently strive to work towards their goal (the fight approach), the chances of getting success (and wealth) are high. Otherwise, when the doubts and fear (feelings) constantly occupy their minds, these people would prefer to take flight and be risk-averse. As a result, they aren’t getting the wealth and asset as they should.


2-1-3 [Talk-Alone-Fast]

These people could face more challenges than people with 1-2-3 patterns. As explained in previous articles, the stumbling blocks come just when they’re “so near and yet so far” in getting the wealth and success. They must be flexible and quick-witted. They must tap on the experiences and knowledge of others to work on alternative actions, if they want to succeed. They must plan their strategies well and then have the guts to take action (fight) when they see wealth opportunities coming. Otherwise, action without careful planning may create the lack of confidence when they face a challenge. When the fear comes, they’d prefer to withdraw (flight) and stay in their comfort zone.


People with 1-2-3 and 2-1-3 have different hidden tendency signs. One needs to review their actions, be flexible, humble, and daring. The other need to change their perspectives, learn to adapt, and carefully plan their moves to achieve their goals.

There are other possible hidden tendency signs in 1-2-3 and 2-1-3, including other sets of number patterns. I’ve shared the method to identify the hidden signs at the last two workshops. Even if you know how to identify the hidden signs, you still need to understand the influences and vibes in the numbers. Those who attended my workshop previously could easily recognise the traits and tendency signs of any number patterns, and gather their own observations.

And for those who’ve signed up for the 3rd EON Workshop, I looked forward to sharing the hidden signs and other extended EON methods with you this coming Saturday on 26 Nov 2011.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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