Car Numbers: Pride and Vibes

“My sister and I had attended your 2 workshops and are highly satisfied and impressed with the logic of your methodology and professional presentation of EON. We too bought 2 of your books autographed by you.”

That’s what Chua wrote in his email to me with the subject title as “Strong Supporter of Your EON Methodology”. Chua also wrote, “We would like to clarify with you on our car number 2133 and greatly appreciate your advice / analysis on whether it is positive / auspicious number for us.”

So, today’s topic is about car numberspride, prejudice, vibes, and memories. I’ve nothing against choosing car numbers as it all depends on your own feelings. In Singapore, car owners can pay a premium price to bid for the car number, or pay the standard registration fee and leave it to the local authority to assign a car number.

I always find it fascinating watching car numbers. Often, I was all smiles when I saw the car numbers “matching” the colour, makes, or model of the car.

Many cars with premium-paid car numbers do show the pride of its car owner, like the one shown here. I quickly asked a friend to take a photo of the front car when I noticed its unique car number. We saw the car a few days before the Singapore General Election 2011.

People staying in Singapore would associate the acronym “PAP” with the ruling party – People’s Action Party. The number 1 could imply status, leadership, pride, prejudice, and reinforcing the “I AM NUMBER ONE” and “I AM THE LEADER” attitude.

In the early 90s, I know of this humble multimillionaire in Singapore who dare to take risks and challenges, and be “creatively” different. He was proud to drive a “Toyota Lexus” although he could have driven a more expensive car of different makes to match his status. His car plate numbers were unique – 5558, or 5588 as the numbers suddenly slipped my mind.  Some people are superstitious and like auspicious-sounding numbers. 5558 or 5588 is not one of those recommended numbers as it sounded (in Cantonese) like “never prospers”. Even when he bought a new car (Toyota Lexus again, but a different model) a few years later, he kept the numbers 5558. The numbers could have memorable significance to him. Perhaps he could have been driving a car with the numbers 5558 (or 5588) when he founded success, after much relentless pursuits and perseverance.

The “auspicious numbers” feeling is subjective, and lies in the eyes and mind of the beholder. There are regular instances where I noticed expensive cars on Singapore roads with the car plate numbers 4444. That’s “Die, Die, Die, Die” when you said it in Cantonese. It’s up to you to interpret its meanings. Who knows, when you combine the two sets of double 4s, you can interpreted them as “88(double prosperity, 4+4=8; 4+4=8).

If you use the EON method to look at the car numbers 4444, it could have a positive result when you look at the “hidden numbers” in the series.  It could imply the capacity to gain material wealth if the person is willing to withstand the stress and persevere to achieve their goals. There are also signs of “wealth” in the numbers 5558 and 5588.

[Supplement note to EON Workshop participants: Try to analyse using the “hidden number/pattern” method I’ve shared with you in class to find out the subtle signs.]


Let’s look at Chua’s car numbers 2133. I do not know of its significance to Chua, and will analyse it based on all possible interpretations I can think, using the number patterns and elemental influences. In basic theory, 2133 could imply [Talk-Alone-Fast-Fast]. It could also imply [Movement-Leader-Fast-Action], [Communicate-Lead-Creative-Action]. Anyway, the compound number when you add up the 2133 is 9 (2+1+3+3 = 9) which denote “success”.

What this means is that to achieve the success, Chua needs to be more communicative in his people-management skills, and guide others (as good leaders do) to think creatively “out-of-the-box” for solutions and workarounds. He must then take prompt action when there is a consensus solution. It’s the teamwork and collaborative efforts the team members must do to achieve the needed success.

I also cautioned Chua to be careful when driving alone since 2133 could also imply [Movement-Alone-Fast-Fast]. There are so many creative meanings you can think in the 2133 numbers apart from what I’ve mentioned earlier, including:
–    The success-driven urge to complete a task quickly
–     Gossiping in the grapevine spreading like wildfire
–     Frequent thinking of mental and intuitive thoughts to hasten creative pursuits
–    Fast planning on the wheels, leading to mental or visual distractions while driving (hidden numbers)

The 2133 vibes could influence everybody. When you received a personal set of numbers (like car numbers, and passport numbers), there could be some underlying tendencies in the energies manifested. Often the energies could have influenced the subconscious mind and thoughts, resulting in certain actions and reactions. Perhaps Chua can do some case studies by checking the significant incidents that affected him (positively and negatively) during the period when he was driving the cars with different car numbers. He can explore further by checking to see if there is any relation of the incidents to his Personal Year vibes.

In conclusion, the car numbers have subtle effects on the person. Beyond the “auspicious” feelings, the same set of numbers can have different influences on different people. It’s mainly the perceptions and subconscious thoughts that somehow influence the person, and not really the numbers.

It’s like the “Law of Attraction” metaphors where “if you believe you can achieve, you will achieve”. This implies that when the person believes they can do it and take positive steps, the chances of them achieving their goals are usually higher. As a result, the car numbers became “special” and “memorable” to the person as it’d provided the positive vibes to manifest on their minds and actions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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