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Sammy sent an email to me with the EON Birth chart of her friend Dan, and wanted to know about his health conditions. According to her, “From the root number, he is a wood person. And it links to the liver. I am really worried of his health. Could you please advise and guide me? What are the supplement and prevention he can take?”

Sammy also asked, “Please advise in the birth chart I-J-M is 843. And this number sets won’t change in yearly personal chart…”

Do take note that it is important to consult a professional doctor about your health conditions. The doctors would usually recommend you to go for health detection or scanning tests. They’d then be able to advise you of your health status based on the test reports.

Let’s take a look at Dan’s EON Birth chart, and analyse using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Let’s begin using the basic theories – Dan’s health symptom is Fire which means that he needs to take care of his heart, cardiovascular problems, and high blood conditions even if the signs or symptoms have not surfaced yet.

Using the Five Elements theory, strong Fire in a chart could lead to other health conditions like high cholesterol, stroke, brain, kidney, and liver problems. In addition, there are tendency signs of diabetes if Dan continues to take sweet sugary stuff or food with high carbohydrates.

I replied to Sammy that Dan needs to take care of his liver and food intake, and asked if there are signs of diabetes or high blood sugar level. Sammy replied that Dan has no diabetes (which is good!) but he has high blood pressure. Sammy worries about his “fattening” food intake, and unhealthy habits like alcohol drinking and smoking.

Do read my past articles – people with strong Fire may take up alcohol drinking and smoking to relieve the stress. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone with strong Fire will take up such unhealthy and addictive habits. It all depends on the person’s attitude and perspective on their health, family upbringing, social influence, and thoughts. When there is strong Fire in a chart, the metabolism and “burnt-out” energies are normally high. The person may feel hungry or thirsty, heartburn, or dryness in their throats often.

I told Sammy that even if Dan does not take sugary food, excessive alcohol drinking can also cause diabetes as it contain carbohydrates that can increase the blood sugar level. Do check this health article for information on alcohol and diabetes. In addition, excessive alcohol drinking and smoking can cause liver and lungs problems as well. I’ve shared the Five Elements and its relation to health problems at the EON Workshops, and included basic information on Page 132 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Do get a copy if you’ve not already done so. Check this link to find out how or where you can buy the book.

Dan needs to take care of his health this year (2011) as the tendency signs of poor health on kidney and lungs (and respiratory) may be high. These could influence his thoughts and increase unwanted desires.  The career vibes are strong, and these may lead to unnecessary mental and emotional stress caused by “work-related” problems.

It could lead to relationship and communication issues with family members, colleagues, bosses, and others. The 8-4-3 in Dan’s chart (locations IJM) could lead to anger, frustration, and temperamental moods. Dan needs to control his emotions and mental stress, and should not resort to alcohol drinking and drinking to “relieve” his stress.

Although the prospect of getting more money next year (2012) could be high, Dan needs to practise anger and emotion management to minimise possible strained relationship and communication problems with others that may worsen next year.

Practising meditation, yoga, or other stress-releasing and relaxation exercises do help. Taking natural supplements to improve heart-related energies would be great too. Here’s another precautionary note – many pharmaceutical-trained doctors practising western medicine would not recommend taking supplements other than the medicine that they’ve prescribed, even though they are fully aware of the side effects the medicine may caused. Therefore, I’d advise Dan to consult his doctor whether he can take COQ10 (Co-Enzyme Q10) supplements. Drinking enough and regular water would help quench the thirst for Dan, and would helps harmonise the thoughts and improve his kidney and liver energies. And that include reducing (preferably stopping) the urge to smoke and drink, for his own health’s sake.

If you have an 8-4-3 in your chart, it doesn’t always imply possible strained relationships leading to divorce every time. You have a choice. You must be willing to change your attitudes and mindsets, learn to be tolerant towards other’s flaws, and accept other’s opinions. Smoking and drinking is not a “relieving” solution to resolve a person’s problem. It’d cause more problems to their loved ones too. Imagine coming home in drunken state, coughing or breathing problems, or excessive phlegm problems caused by smoking?  Why should you give out your hard-earned money to the doctors and the medical fees? Instead, you can use the money to improve your well-being to enjoy a better, and healthier lifestyle!

If you’ve similar birth chart, it doesn’t imply the health conditions and other traits may happen to you. It’s all about your thoughts and actions that may affect your health conditions.

In one of my earlier article, I mentioned this book by Dr Ray D. Strand, “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You”. You may want to check out the book for more information on alternative nutritional medicine.

Taking natural supplement is not a cure-all solution to one’s health problems. STRESS contributed to many of the health problems like heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, and so on. If a person can handle stress well and change their mindsets positively, they can reduce many of these health problems.

When it’s time to play, relax and enjoy. In conclusion, whatever you enjoy doing, do it in moderation.  You have one life – make it the best life you ever live in this lifetime.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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