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I’ve shared my observations on the tendency signs on Debra’s husband (David) in yesterday’s article “About Debra: Hubby’s Lo$$”.  I was more concerned with Debra’s message than her UCM course experience. In her email to me, Debra wrote, “I thought the course could help me to understand myself and my relationship with my husband who does not care for me.  After the 2-days course, I don’t think it helps”.

BANNER6After posting the first article, I thought I could share more observations on the relationship between Debra and David. That’s the least I could do to explain the relationship tendencies from an Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective. After all, Debra has also supported me by buying my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I believe Debra’s EON knowledge would improve after digesting my book and practice doing more case studies.

I’d also encourage Debra and other UCM, PON, and LifeQuest students to learn the EON method. It’d gives them the capacity to widen their understanding on human behaviour, personality, and life path profiling from a different perspective. I’d also encourage them to use the FEON+ software as an essential productive tool to speed up their analysis.

CaseStudy_RC_Debra_n_HusbandLet’s take a look at the Relationship/Compatibility chart between Debra and David. The 5-2-7 pattern in locations M-N-O suggest a challenging experience when both are together.

The number 5 has a duality effect. On the hard side, it could suggest stubbornness, hard-headed inflexibility, and principle-minded attitudes. On the soft side, it could suggest flexibility, deep wisdom and knowledge, and enabling easier workarounds to solving matters. When one party decided to give in, the endless chatter and joyful laughter could arise, and they could chat until the cows come home. One moment they’re enjoying exhilarating experience. The next moment they could be having frustrating and exasperating experiences together. They could enliven the passions and creative thinking to help them achieve the success and goals needed by putting aside their differences.

There are also signs suggesting a ‘I need you, and you need me” formal relationship rather than a true-love affair. Either way, both Debra and David could carry out their plans and achieve their goals when they stayed focus and controlled their emotions and thoughts.

NEON Workshop - Slide on Focus and Distraction patternsow, look at the extra feature in FEON+ software – the Compatibility Year (CY) chart for the couples. The double 5-1-6 are present in PY2014. The number 5 could suggest unnecessary contemplative thinking often resulting in swaying thoughts of ‘risk averse(dislikes risk) or ‘risk adverse(dare take risk) mood-swings. In short, there are potential major obstacles affecting them this year and they have to face them together. When the number 5 inhibits the surrounding number 1s, the Metal element becomes stronger and these could imply mental worries and tiring pursuits. There are signs in the CY chart suggesting issues relating to finances, greed, gambling and risk-taking. Sure, the signs of achieving success and high hopes are strong (9-6-6). The signs of carrying out plans to transform dreams to reality are high (4-2-6). And the visions that money are coming in fast (6-6-3). But like the candle in the wind, the flickering fire could end fast too. This means their passions and visions could often be short-lived when they do not take precautions to prevent swaying distractions. Staying focus is the keyword.

Both Debra and David has to make a paradigm shift in their habits and thinking if they want to transform their visions into a successful reality. They could put aside chasing the materialistic pursuits. Perhaps they could consider working on humanitarian and charitable pursuits instead. These could strengthen their vibes and dilute the yearly negative vibes.   

AnnualCodeThe combinedannual code’ tendency signs suggest Debra and David to stick to their promises to be true to each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. They have to plan and take action together. The CY chart for PY2015 shows a 5-7-3-1-8-9 patterns. These could imply monetary loss and carelessness. Take precautions not to sign on the dotted line of any legal agreements before reading them. Avoid being a guarantor and be attentive to financial settlements. The 8-4-3 pattern is also present in the CY chart (PY2015). These imply quarrels and disagreements may often occur. Exercising toleration and sensitivity is the ideal way to avoid straining relations.

Selective ListeningBoth Debra and David must strengthen their bond to face the challenges ahead positively. When they manifest the positive vibes, it’d influence others to help them achieve their goals. David has to communicate more to Debra and share his worries and feelings to her. Debra has to lend a sincere empathetic listening ear to David, and provide moral support regardless of the tiring and stressing times.

Seeking professional family counsellors could help them understand each other’s needs, wants, fears, and hopes. When both of them could stay focused, face the challenges ahead as one united family team and work on their positive strengths, they should be able to stride along the success pathway.

I wish Debra and David all the best and hope they can relive the happier times together again.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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