On Relationship Matching

Somebody recently posted a search on “Relationship matching.” How do you define a good and compatible relationship matched, assuming it’s for marriage and the aptitude or readiness for family life?

If you visit many Western numerology sites, it’s usual to come across  some form of Compatibility Matrix tables showing various Life Path Numbers, and their compatibility strengths. Many of the information is great, but relevant up to a certain extend, due to fluctuating influences from the individuals. Hence, a simple mix-and-match variety of compatibility rules, has limits as they didn’t factor in other influencing energies already present in the individual’s birth charts.

We recognise that there are many presumably compatible couples, like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who ended being separated in 2016; and accordingly to a court ruling in 2019, they are both “legally single.” Even so, we have seen many incompatible couples who ended up living their lives together as a united family, still enjoying great moments with their children who’ve since grown up to become responsible adults.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we have the Relationship / Compatibility (R/C) Chart. This chart offers a general overview of two or more (up to four in the FEON+ software) people – each with their own individual chart – coming together, to form a new combined overview representation of their relationship and/or connection bonding.

The R/C chart of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shows huge challenges in their relationships, and does not indicate a lovey-dovey sort of high-compatibility bonding between them. The 4-5-9-5-4-9 patterns on their R/C chart suggested challenges, obstacles, and stumbling blocks in their relationships. We could also associate the 4-5-9 (and 5-4-9) pattern as risk-averse and risk-adverse. In short, it’s all about taking risks – the fear or flight; or the fight – when facing the challenges ahead. 

The presence of 4-8-3 pattern in the R/C chart could indicate some form of communication issues between them, like one party not truthfully telling the other; or one person frequently mistrusting the other. The 2-3-5 pattern in the R/C chart, further reinforce the communication issues between them. We could translate that as [Talk-Temper-Stubborn] which implies frequent tempers rising when one person is stubbornly refusing to listen, adapt, accept, and tolerate the other person’s talking, behaviours and habits. And like the trees with creepers and ferns living on their trunks, such Relationship is creating some form of “cannot live with the person, and yet cannot endure without that person” kind of scenario.

The number 5, as in the 4-5-9-5-4-9 pattern is all about tenacity and tolerance, flexibility, adaptability and acceptability; and the power to change and transform, and accept other’s faults and strengths as a full package. Otherwise, with the stubborn nature (associated with number 5), the multiple 4s and 9s could lead to mood-swinging emotional and temperamental states.

As we all know, checking on Compatibility Charts alone, is insufficient, to enable us to envision what might happen in a coming year; and provide time for us to reflect how we’re facing these challenges together. That was why I came up with the Compatibility Year (PY) Chart in the FEON+ software, first released in 2014.  The screenshot shows the Compatibility Year Chart (PY2016) of Angelina and Brad, with the 4-9-4-4-8-3 patterns and excessive Wood elements (numbers 4 and 9). Both filed for separation in 2016. As brought up in many of my past articles, when there are too many 4s in a chart, it could denote emotional and temperamental tendencies. And with strong Wood element (based on the Five Elements principles), it could trigger nagging quarrels, fiery outburst, bipolar and domestic violence, when not properly managed.

An experienced human behavioural professional equipped with the EON/FEN knowledge, could also look at the individual’s birth charts to determine the characteristics and potential traits of the person. One example is the presence of the “selective listening” tendencies in their charts, which could indicate that both have the tendency to “shut off” frequently during the conversation, and just wanted to hear “the good stuff only.” There are also signs of carelessness and financial strains in their charts, possibly a result of excessive overspending and/or easily trusting others. Once the couple could overcome the challenges and obstacles, and strives to be more adaptable and tolerant with one another, their kids could enjoy a complete family.

I’d highly recommend using the FEON+ as a productivity profiling tool, as it provides many charts at once, within seconds. Furthermore, there is information specially provided for FEN students – you can even benefit from using this extra information even if you’ve not attended my FEN class, or have bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” previously. The FEON+ v1.x is currently for Android smartphone users.

Lastly, no single profiling method is capable of providing conclusive information relating to a person, their behaviours, and their relationship with others. People do change over time; it’s unavoidable. Your older habits have been superseded with other habits over the years. You used to behave “like that in your younger years” and “not like that at present” because your lifestyle, dietary habits, age, and beliefs, have changed along the way. And the other person has changed too…

Understanding another person’s strengths and taking on their faults, would empower you to build a better and a happier relationship together. There is the little need to specify if your compatibility matching is high or good before you contemplate to take action to strengthen the relationship bonding. By then, it might be too late as the one you love, could have started loving someone else.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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