Emotional Impact on Hana Kimura

I was watching the “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” talk show on NetFlix over the past few days. In one of the episodes in Season 5, Hassan talked about the mental health state in the USA, and how the insurance companies got away with separating mental health from other health illnesses.

While watching the talk show, I recollected a recent media report of Ms Hana Kimura, who died on 23rd May 2020. According to this online Yahoo article, Hana Kimura passed away at age 22. The cause of Hana’s death was unknown then, and there was subsequent media news coverage of suicide notes found, suggested that she could have committed suicide.

I’ve posted many case-study articles relating to mental health. I’d posted some external contributions from people who’re willing to share and anyone facing mental health matters. If you, or you suspect someone suffering from mental health, there is assistance available. Click this link for my articles on mental health.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, there are tendency signs we can identify that could potentially contribute to certain health symptoms, including mental health and suicidal inclinations. This is on the presumption that you understood the Five Elements principles, its interactions and interdependencies on the elements. While these tendency signs are inconclusive, they do offer some kind of a basic guide to allow anyone to be consciously aware of the impending signs. The cause for its inconclusive information is due to many external factors – whether it’d just be a health scare or symptom surfacing, it depends on the individual behavioural states of the mind, their lifestyles and dietary habits, age, and their responses and actions.

When there are too many 4s in a periodic chart – like a Personal Year, Personal Day, or Combined Day chart – it could lead to emotional tendencies like suicidal thoughts when not properly handled. We also associate the number 4 (Wood element) with mood-swinging, emotional tendencies, like little grass/plants’ swaying left-right according to the wind flow. That’s the extreme negative end of the number 4. However, from the positive end, multiple 4s could also imply the need for resilience and survival instincts, just like the dried, brownish grass suddenly showing of its greenery again after subsequent rainfall.

That said, it all depends on the strengths and the willpower of the individual to choose whether to face such challenges, or simply giving up the hope and ended their lives as an “end-all” to resolve the problem.

In the Five Elements principles, strong Wood elements could affect the Metal element. And we do associate the Metal element with mental, cognitive, brain, skin, air, wind, gas, chemicals, and respiratory systems. What this entails is that the strong Wood could invoke the emotional states of the person, and influencing their mental states, like depression, hallucination, hyperventilating, and anxiety.

In some of my earlier articles, I also mentioned about the 4-8-3 (and 8-4-3) number patterns which we could link up with different outcomes, depending on the decision made by the person.  Consequences could include poor EQ communication and diplomacy issues, tactlessness, emotions and temperaments, and extreme quarrels leading to separations and divorces. And in some instances, such prolonged separations and emotional outbursts could leave behind the death note.

Let’s check on the late Hana Kimura’s charts. I plotted her chart and check the Selected Day and Combined Day charts of the day she passed away. There were minimal clues suggesting signs of self-destructive tendencies or potential mental depression-like symptoms. I then checked the previous day, i.e., 22nd May 2020. Sadly, the signs were present on the chart. The 9-4-4-8-4-3 patterns on the Selected Day Chart are manifesting the strong Wood elements. The Combined Day Chart shows the criss-cross 3-6-9 patterns, which could be about confusing mindsets (criss-cross, left-right effects) and hasty action (3) to end her life (6) to solve the problem as completion or closure (9) to her trouble. There are multiple 9s, which could have further influenced on her mental state. In short, we could also interpret the 3-6-9 pattern as [Fast – Death – Closure]. Her weak Root number 2 is also suggesting sensitive feelings and insecurity, and that, sadly, could have influenced her suicidal action.

May Hana Kimura’s soul rests in peace…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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