Double-Effect on Jaime King’s Relationships

In a Yahoo online article titled “Jaime King files for divorce,” it was reported that “Jaime King is seeking to divorce her husband Kyle Newman.

In recent articles, I’ve described the influences, effects, and possible consequences of the Double-Effect (DE) vibes present in a particular year. This DE vibes was formulated by me, after years of research and discoveries between 2007-2010. I included my observations and the DE in my EON bookElements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” that was published in 2010.

Soon after, I began developing the FEON+ software as a productivity tool, to enable me to identify signs easily and quickly, without wasting too much time performing the manual, mundane tasks of plotting different charts, which could take some minutes off my profiling time. With the FEON+ software, it just takes less than a few seconds to have all the different charts, periodic pillars, and essential information displayed on my Android smartphone.

I included the Compatibility Year Chart (PY) in the FEON+ tool, as I felt the importance and relevance of the chart, to furnish information on the relationship status, and potential influences (positive and negative ones) that might affect the relationship in that particular year.

In the same Yahoo article, it was reported that Jaime had family issues concerning her children in 2018 and 2019. The screenshot on the right shows the Compatibility Year Chart (PY2018) has similar numbers 1-4-5-9-6-6 in same locations as the Relationship / Compatibility (R/C) Chart. This means; the couple was facing a Double-Effect vibe in 2018. And as in any DE-vibe, the energies are manifested and repeated, and it could create “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy” situations depending on how well the couple had managed the relationship strains and domestic affairs.

This means, Double-Effect vibes, Triple-Effect or Multiple-effect vibes (when three or more charts are showing similar numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q), could influence the relationship of couples, partners, and any two people, should their R/C chart shows a Double-Effect or Multiple-Effect for that period.

Separately, both Jaime and Kyle have different personalities. While one person has the control-obsession, the other person has the egocentric and prideful traits. Together, it becomes a “rock-and-sand” kind of relationship, as depicted in their R/C chart, with the number 5 as the R/C Root number. We could interpret the 1-4-5-9-6-6 pattern as [I (or We) – Plan together – Faced obstacles – our Visions – For Family – and Financial]. This implies, potential stumbling blocks and obstacles like the stubbornness traits of either or both not agreeing to disagree, during their times together as married couples, and as parents to their kids. Both could hold their own visions on how they’d want to manage the family, and a work-life balance.

In the Five Elements principles, we associate the number 5 as Earth element. This includes solid object like rock, borders, walls and concrete. The flexible object includes sand, mud, and soil. Negative ones include mud, quicksand, and swamps. Just like the number 5, their relationships together could be flexible and adaptable; and yet, it could be stubborn and uncompromising.

We need to look at individual’s charts, together with their Personal Year charts, to determine the influencing energies that could create the inflexibility, emotions, mental, and fiery tempers in them. When you’ve the FEON+ installed, it’d be easy to check on them individually, within seconds.

RelationshipsJaime’s PY2020 Chart is showing an excessive and emotional disposition. And if not properly managed or controlled, it could go to some form of “giving up,” which at extreme cases, could lead to suicidal inclinations and/or mental depressions. Kyle, on the other hand, is facing a Triple-Effect vibe in his PY2020, with the same 1-4-5-9-6-6 pattern present in his R/C chart, and Compatibility Year Chart (PY2020). This further enforces even stronger energies manifesting towards him. When positive energies are influencing you, it’s a beneficial sign. When too much of everything, like with the triple-effect energies coming in, it could lead to uncontrollable state. As Kyle has many Metal elements in his birth chart, the strong Metal element in 2020 is creating mental and cognitive issues, including mental disorder, rage, and depression.

Both Jaime and Kyle are facing extreme effects this year, and would have to decide whether it’s good to divorce or go for temporary separation to do some self-reflections. No matter, they’ve to consider their kids too, who don’t deserve a broken family. And usually in broken families, the emotional feelings, concerns, and desperation, could somehow influence the children’s upbringing behaviours, and instilled some form of self-imposing beliefs.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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