Tony Leung and Carina wishes for a baby

According to this recent article, Hong Kong celebrities Tony Leung and his wife Carina Lau had reportedly left for New Delhi, to seek blessing for a successful pregnancy.

I’ve explained why I associated the number 1 to the “Children” number on Page 218 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Do refer to my book to gather more information on the “children” number.

Sometime last year, I began to do some research in the areas of conception and childbirth as I was curious to find out if I could identify similar signs using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. The effort paid off. I noticed specific elements and patterns on conception, and it led me to identify another sign that got me worried – possible miscarriage.

I’ve been documenting my findings in the draft manuscript for my Book 2 project which focused on life path profiling using advanced EON techniques. Some of you have provided useful case studies that helped me fine-tune my analysis. In many ways, I’m thankful to all supporters who bought my book and users of EON as you have contributed in one way or another to my Book 2 project which is still “work-in-progress”.

At my recent EON Workshop in June, I’ve shared the advanced techniques on how to identify tendency signs of childbirth, conception, and miscarriage.  Let me highlight once again about the discovery of the tendency signs. The signs may be present but it doesn’t necessary imply the energies (for conception, childbirth and miscarriage) would be manifested. Eventually, it still depends on the nurturing and eating habits, lifestyle, mental and emotional mindset of the woman.

Let’s look at Carina Lau’s birth chart and check whether there is any hope of her getting pregnant this year (2011) using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

The number 1 is present in her PY2011 chart. From basic EON perspective, it shows a high tendency sign of the “children” number. This could imply that Carina and Tony’s wishes for a baby may come true, as long as they take the necessary health precautions.

As the first trimester of pregnancy usually takes the first 12 weeks (about 3 months), there is a need to consider the month of conception as well. For example, if the conception happens in the last few months of the year, it is important to check the following year’s chart – to identify possible negative signs that may lead to childbirth complications and at extreme cases, miscarriage. Carina would be age 46 in December, and she needs to take extra precaution.

Once you have identified high tendency signs of pregnancy, you can use other complementary methods to manifest the positive energies.

For example, you can use “feng shui cures” to energise the “good Qi” in the couple’s bedroom. Whether these “feng shui cures” do work depends mainly on the mindset, and actions of the couple. You can use other methods you’re familiar with, that could strengthen the positive mindset and increase the possibility of conception.

Manifestation of the positive energies is important for best results, besides changing lifestyle and eating habits. There’s an addition mindset change the couple must do if they want to increase the chance of pregnancy. Carina is past the median age suggested by doctors for giving birth. She and her husband Tony must learn to let go of the unnecessary mental stress (the thoughts of trying to have a baby) and RELAX.

And when they have done everything possible, including getting the blessing they need, they should then let nature takes its course.

I’ve shared the basic method to identify the tendency signs of conception with you in this article. I hope you can use this basic technique in your “conception” analysis for a start. 

I’d taught the EON Workshop participants to identify more advanced signs on conceptions. I’ve also highlighted the negative signs that may suggest possible labour complications or miscarriage. I know many of you are keen to know more. Rest assured I’ll share the advanced conception techniques (and many others) with you at the next EON Workshop session.

Meanwhile, please continue to profile more case studies and apply the EON techniques wherever possible.  

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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