When Sally met EON

Sally recently bought my book at a Kinokuniya bookstore in Singapore and found the case studies included in the book “helpful in explaining the concepts and application”. Sally has a keen interest in Metaphysics. She chanced on my book and bought it. Her newfound interest in numerology soon started. She then attended Dr Oliver Tan’s Power of Numbers (PON) course.

According to Sally, she could understand the fundamentals taught at Dr Tan’s class as she has read my book earlier.  If you are intending to attend Dr Oliver Tan’s PON course, perhaps you may want to follow what Sally did – get my book and digest the fundamentals first. Anyway, here’s what Sally said about my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and easy Character Profiling” when I asked for a quote:

“The content is well structured and easy to read. It’s a great book for any beginner. It got me intrigue to want to learn more.”

I’m glad my book inspired Sally with the insights to know more about human behavioural profiling. Many found my book “interesting” and “intriguing” as it brings fresh insights from another perspective. I had many ideas before I completed my first book. After much self-reflection, I decided to focus on my priorities – to get readers an alternative way to explore on the science and power in numbers, through a course-like approach bundled with case studies and explanation. And at affordable price!

So I decided to include the basic theories of PON to popularise the method. I’ve also included my own extended theories that I thought was important. I noticed it was equally important to understand the purpose and use of the Five Elements.


Sally asked, “…there are so many possible number combinations. Do you plan to compile and publish a list of numbers and its corresponding characteristics any time soon?  E.g. 1-1-1 means xxx, 5-6-7 means xxx”

I admitted I had wild thoughts of explaining the traits from 1-1-1 to 9-9-9 previously. I even thought about “a trait pattern a day” on my site. But I had to be realistic – it’d take me 999 days to complete them and almost 3 years for you to read the last 999th article. I also told Sally if I’m to write them and publish as a book, it would be a 1000-page encyclopedia instead. Perhaps that could be a long-term goal for me to consider writing an ‘EON almanac’. I’ve developed the Chinese Almanac software for PDAs (Portable Digital Assistant) previously, and it provided me with the “know-how” experience. I have also shared with some of you at the recent 1st EON Workshop on the methods to plot the Personal and Universal Year, Month, Day and Hour charts.  In many ways, it’s aligned to what I’m doing for my next Book 2 project – on “life path profiling”.


Sally asked, “In your research and studies, what numbers should appear in the birth chart of an individual who wants to be their own boss i.e., be successful in business?”

Any person can setup a business. There is no specific “boss” or “successful” number a person can rely on. The numbers 6, 7 and 9 (Money, Luck, Success) are general traits that apply to everyone. But when we look at the individual trait of a person, we need to consider the Five Elements influences as well. Every business, including charitable organisations, has to be profitable to continue its missions. Profits alone does not necessary decide the success of an organisation. We need to understand the objectives for setting up a business. Some do it because they like making money for the love of money. Some people set up business because of passion, and not to make huge profits. Money is important (for survival and daily needs). But when greed takes over, money can destroy a person’s mental and emotional states, and their business.


“As numbers vibrate, are there ways to use numbers just like in Feng shui, to enhance good things (e.g., motivate a child to study) and to reduce ill effects (e.g., lessen quarrels, reduce sickness)?,” asked Sally.

“New Age” methods like numerology, astrology, palm reading, feng shui and even EON are tools you can use to know yourself better, and to improve your lives and health. If you know Feng Shui, you can use the right “feng shui cures” to manifest the positive energies you need. If you practised Yoga, Reiki, Silva or any meditation method, it can help you relax and control your emotional and mental mind, which also helps improve your life purpose and your health.


The Elements of Numbers (EON) method is one easiest method you can use for life path profiling. Often, it is handy to know other metaphysical methods like Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny), Feng Shui, and Astrology. However, you shouldn’t try to mix them like a “bowl of salad” – you’d ended more confused as the energies manifested using various metaphysical methods are different, and may be harmful at times.

Once you can understand the fundamental and application limits of the individual method, you have the power of choice to use them to improve your life, and that of your loved ones.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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