On Ellen DeGeneres’ 9-Year Cycle Vibes

I’ve formulated the 9-Year Luck Cycle Period (9YLCP) many years back, and shared it with my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students. I adapted it based on my Bazi experience, and recognising the 10-Year Luck Cycle Pillars could provide extra clues on the energies influencing a person during the 10-year period. After sharing my 9-Year Cycle info on this site, I noticed many trainers soon came out with their own variation of the 9-Year Cycles too… probably being compelled by external competing forces.

Recently, I discovered the 9YLCP relevance and practicality after taking a long break, as I was concentrating on developing the FEON+ Pro software. The absence reinforced the “out of the box” and “fresh” mindset, as when I revisit the method, I observed I could identify more clues where a person could face, during the wider cyclic period. I’ve also renamed the 9YLCP to be “9-Year Cycle” (9YR-C) as it’s more relevant and appropriate since we’re concentrating on cyclic energies that could influence and/or affect a person’s life aspects, besides the luck or wealth which many people generally associated the “luck cycles” with.

I was happy that the formula for the 9-Year Cycle that I’d made many years back, is still useable, practical, and relevant. I wouldn’t have done it without the passionate inside force in me. The 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) method is merely one of the many components included in the FEON+ Pro tool. It enables you to identify potential tendency signs that could influence, affect, or impact a person’s life aspect. It could be about themselves, their health, skills, money, fortune, career, and more.

Take a look at the screenshot below (taken from FEON+ Pro) showing Ellen DeGeneres EON chart, and her PY2020 and PY2021 charts. Many of you’d have read or heard about Ellen facing allegations against her, from mainstream media and online sites, like this Pop Times article, titled “Here’s how celebrities are responding to the allegations against Ellen DeGeneres

Her 9YR-C (displayed in the “Personal Year Charts” section) for this year 2020, is showing the 38/2 pattern. This implies that the energies of the numbers 3 and 8 (both are Fire elements) are influencing her. We could associate the number 3 with forcefulness, criticism, hurtful, focused, radical, anger, sharp tongue, laugh, joy, warmth, hope, and many other traits. We could associate the number 8 as perseverance, relentless, working hard, obsessions, command and control, temperamental outburst, and others.

The fiery emotions of numbers 3 and 8 are over-empowering, and it could exhaust and weakened her Root 4 (Wood), making her feeling even more emotionally excited. Furthermore, her PY2020 chart is showing the 4-8-3 and 8-4-3 patterns, which we could easily associate that with many aspects, including having poor EQ and strained communication with others.

The number 2 in the 9YR-C, is about feelings, expressions, gossips, scandals, and communication. This implies; amid the numbers 3 and 8 vibes, it’s important that Ellen communicated truthfully with her supporters and friends, and clarified on matters towards the allegations against her. The FireWater (38/2) vibes could create hot steam, vapours and smoky effects – resulting in distractions, blindsiding, and imposing hurt on herself and others.

Ellen is facing the Double-Effect (DE) vibes next year, as indicated in her PY2021 chart. The multiple 5-5-5 pattern is doubled – this could implicate and/or worsen her health. While she maintained a humble, positive, and  flexible mindset, it is important that she also takes charge of her health. I’m referring to her inner-body health, and not only about maintaining the physical body by keeping fit through exercises, diet, and so on. It’d be helpful for her to go for regular medical health checks.

On the 9-Year CycleJack Ma founded Alibaba in 1999, according to this Wikipedia page. His 9YR-C for 1999 is showing the 54/9 pattern, which we could interpret as taking the risk and facing the challenges, to achieve the success he’d envisioned.  Shinzo Abe has resigned yesterday (28/8/2020) as the Prime Minister of Japan, as reported in this online BBC news article, titled “Shinzo Abe: Japan’s PM resigns for health reasons.”  His 9YR-C for this year is showing the 18/9 pattern. From the extended FEN theories using the Five Elements principles, the energies influencing the self, career and skill sets, are manifested. The Fire (8) and Metal (1) elements are imposing on his Root 4 (Wood), exhausting and weakening his health further. Donald Trump’s 9YR-C for this year is 66/3, while Joe Biden’s 9YR-C is 22/4. The 9YR-C for USA for this year is 38/2.

I’m glad the 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) method could provide relevant and useful info to aid in my profiling analysis, and I believe; it’d also come handy for everyone as well, once the FEON+ Pro software tool is released. There are many more cyclic patterns that I’m currently researching, again to determine its relevance and practicality.

The current FEON+ v1.x (Android) software has ample info to allow you to identify extra clues that you could analyse more than just the number patterns. I’ve included additional info in the work-in-progress FEON+ Pro software. The detailed info could help those planning to become profiling professional or proficient enthusiast, and possibly, charging customers for their services. I’m aware many users are waiting for FEON+ Pro.

Having an automated tool, like the FEON+ and FEON+ Pro, could help automate the plotting of various charts, and displaying info as substantial references for your analysis. However, you still have to build your profiling knowledge and understanding of a person, by interpreting the information displayed from the software. Otherwise, if you inculcate the number-pattern mindset, you’re restricting yourself from understanding a person beyond perceived limiting beliefs. And you could make hasty conclusions of traits associated with a person based on the presence of certain number patterns. That’s somewhat like prejudiced profiling.

While we’re still facing the COVID-19 pandemic crisis globally, make use of this period to improve your profiling knowledge. While there could be online courses conducted by many external trainers, do check on the integrity and allegiance of the trainers, and whether they provide “after-class” lessons and continuing advisory support. As some trainers do share their knowledge in an “over-promise, under-deliver” manner, do be vigilant and prudent with your spending. Expensive course fees do not mean quality learning, particularly those courses conducted by some numerology masters, mentors, and trainers. Wherever possible, consider alternative ways, besides attending the costly courses, to help you understand yourself and others better.

One user from Vietnam has recently found an alternative and affordable manner to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. He purchased my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and registered the FEON+ v1.x (Android) software. And when he needs to find out more information, he could visit my ElementsOfNumbers.com site and read the articles. And just like this Vietnam user, you can, likewise, learn about the Elements of Numbers (EON) method readily and affordably. And when you used the FEON+ tool, you can be ahead of many profiling professionals who delved only on number patterns, and/or unfounded stereotyping associations to specific traits.

Many people have purchased my EON book, even though they might have attended classes conducted by external trainers elsewhere. Those who’ve attended my FEN courses, appreciate the value-added and quality knowledge that I’ve shared in class, and as well as on-going advisory support via the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. From students, they’ve instantly become my profiling friends, where we share and learn different profiling views with one another.

I’ve also got positive feedback on my EON book. Click here to purchase my EON book. For those of you, who are staying overseas (i.e., outside Singapore), there’s no issue as long as your registered address can be delivered by your local postal agency.

If you’re currently using an Android smartphone (Android OS version 5 and above), you can use the FEON+ quickly to improve your profiling skill sets. Click here to purchase the FEON+ (Android) software tool.

Whichever direction you need, profiling in a happier and affordable way is a smart choice…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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