Monthly Archive: September 2020

Nancy & Her Love Vibes

I posted the two articles “Nancy & Her Career Vibes” and “Nancy & Her Career Vibes Again” early this month. And I’m glad Nancy has commented on the positive changes she’s made, that gradually...


On Milos Vystrcil PY2020

I chanced upon below two online news articles yesterday that raised my curiosity to find out more about the Czech Republic politician, Milos Vystrcil. Czech president calls senate leader’s Taiwan visit ‘boyish provocation’ –...


The Search for 1, 3, and 4 Patterns

This week, I noted there were recent searches for “1-3, 1-3-4, 3-1-4, and 4-1-3” number patterns. The search requests could have been done by users who’d attended external courses conducted by other trainers, or...


On China’s 9-Year Cycles

I recently received a text message from David, a former colleague, whom we’ve not met for many years. He asked whether it’s possible to use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to profile a...


Nancy & Her Career Vibes Again

After posting the earlier article “Nancy & Her Career Vibes” on Tuesday, I texted Nancy and asked her to check the article out. Here’s an edited WhatsApp extract of our conversation: Ron: My observations...


Nancy & Her Career Vibes

I received a WhatsApp message in early August from Nancy, who wrote, “I would like to enrol for the FEN workshop. Please advise how to do it and how to start from here. Or...

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