On 9-3-3-6-3 Affecting Health

Your Health is paramount. Regardless of your life pursuits, take a conscious effort to check your health status regularly. Otherwise, it might lead to whammy-like impact on your health, and could disrupt plans to enrich your life pursuits – career, wealth, academic, or happiness and family.

I noted somebody searched for “9-3-3-6-3 affecting health, 6-3-9, 9-3-3” on this website. I decided to post an article to share the potential health issues that might strike anyone with a similar 9-3-3-6-3 patterns on their charts, which incidentally, also includes the 6-3-9 and 9-3-3 patterns.

I’ve described the topic “Identifying the Health Symptom Element” on Page 131, and potential “health symptoms” on Page 133 of my EON book, Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling. The steps are included to allow you to identify health issues from a basic layer, as it’s based only on the M-N-O-P-Q locations. This comes handy when you need a quick way to determine the health issues from the Five Elements principles.

Let’s look at Brooke Shields’ EON chart. She has the 9-3-3-6-3-9 pattern in her Birth Chart. From a logical perspective, there are signs in the M-N-O-P-Q-R locations, suggesting the FIRE element is strong. From the Five Elements principles, the strong FIRE element could affect the Metal, Earth, and Wood elements. I’ve also described the contributing factors on Page 105 of my EON book.

According to this Wikipedia page, it was quoted that Brooke Shields has publicised “her battle with postpartum depression, an experience that included depression, thoughts of suicide, an inability to respond to her baby’s needs and delayed maternal bonding” in 2005.

Her PY2004 chart shows the 6-6-6 pattern, which implied the strong Metal element is clashing with the strong Fire element. From the health’s perspectives, this could suggest health issues affecting Metal (like mental depression or disorder, cognitive, respiratory, skin issues, and immune) and Fire (like heart, blood vessels, cardiovascular, and bipolar disorder).

The 7-7-7 pattern in her PY2005 chart suggested a strong Water element. It created a FireWater effect that could affect her health. When Fire is more substantial and could heat up the Water, it leads to steaming results, like the boiling kettle pushing out hot vapour streams. The effects include, hyperventilating, distractions (like cannot focus, short attention span), emotions and tempers “boiling” inside, sensitive, and the worries and fear that the steaming vapours in the boiling kettle would soon dry up. That could also influence her suicidal tendencies. Now, let’s reverse the clashing elements, the WaterFire effect. The stronger Water elements could extinguish the Fire, and these could lead to demoralising attitudes, lack of passion, complacency, “couldn’t be bothered,” anxiety, anxiousness, wild thinking, exasperation, seeking sympathies, and weak desires.

The Personal Year (PY) charts are important, as it enables you to check for potential health issues, during a particular year. This allows you to identify early, take necessary safeguards, and continue to check your health during that period, so that you can “ride along with the flow of the tide” and arrive at your next destination in a safe and happy state.

From an extended or advanced level, I noticed that identifying potential health issues based mainly on the M-N-O-P-Q locations, could provide relevant info at times, but often superficial and inconclusive. For instance, I’ve shared steps to identify tendency signs relating to diabetes and other health conditions, and noticed that the signs could be present in other locations as well. This is more apparent when we identify potential hereditary health conditions.

While the key focus to generalise the basic health symptoms from the M-N-O-P-Q locations, I felt the need to include other locations on the chart as well, as mentioned earlier, to enable us to look at the chart, from a wider range.

The 3-3-3 patterns in the birth chart, is like three pockets of minor fire – at most it could cause irritation, hurt, and agitation; even so, not as fiery and furious if it’s 8-8-8 pattern. That means the Metal element being affected by the Fire element, as depicted earlier, might not create the mental depression symptoms; more like anxieties and unnecessary worries. That’s why I’ve included the “Elemental Strengths” feature in my current “work-in-progressFEON+ Pro software. The newer features are not available in current FEON+ v1.x (Android) software. The extra information displayed would allow more rational and practical profiling analysis.

Look at the second screenshot of Brooke Shields’ chart, showing the “Elemental Strengths” section. Notice the Wood element is extremely strong, compared with other elements present in her charts. This suggests that she has to consider steps to minimise the Wood effects. Otherwise, strong Wood element could repelled and affect Metal, Earth and Water elements. Besides the potential health conditions relating to skin, there are cancerous-like tendencies when the health is neglected. For adult females with similar charts, it could suggest potential breast cancer symptoms.

Do not be excessively worried or anxious, even if you’ve similar charts, or have the same birth date as Brooke Shields. As said, health is paramount, making a conscious effort to take good care of your wellness is important. Use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and learn to identify and recognise the potential ill-effects that could create unhealthy havoc in your life. Get my EON book, “Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if you haven’t bought a copy, and check out the Five Elements and Health topics for insights into the issues that could affect you when an element is strong or weak.

Take care. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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