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In the Power of Numbers (PON) method, the numbers in location R could represents the tangible achievement at the later years of a person’s life, old age, or when they die. The three unique numbers and material achievements found in location R are – 3 (nothing), 6 (have money) and 9 (have assets).

“If a person has the 3 on R, why should they bother to work so hard since they’d ended with nothing?,” wrote Sandy. How true. Sandy’s comment seems so real and frightening. She then asked, “Do 3 means nothing left at the end of your life? And how do you answer people’s comment?”

369onRMany students who’ve completed the PON and similar courses learned that if a person has a 3 on location R, this person would have nothing at old age, or in their later years. And ‘3 on R’ is NOTHING became a self-made opinion on them.

Here’s my advice to you, “Be practical and stop being too naïve. After learning a profiling method (including PON, UCM, or EON), do your homework with open mindset and test the result. Do more case studies. Take the best of each method, add that into your character analysis techniques list, improvise your observations through different perspectives, and then use the know-how to build up your own profiling knowledge.”

While researching to extend the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I noticed there is more to ‘3 on R’ than at first assumed. Truth be told, people with ‘3 and R’ can have amassed wealth and assets ‘til they death do them part. Let me share my observations…

BANNER2First, you got to trash out those myopic thinking, and open your mind and eyes wider. Use ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. Start doing your homework – check birthdates of popular celebrities who’ve died for a start, and identify those who’d a ‘3 on R’. Can you find those late celebrities who’d left ‘SOMETHING’ of material value to their family members or to charities when they died? Or have you found they’ve died with ‘NOTHING’ (no money or assets) to give their family or descendants except memories?

BillGates_sBill Gates is one admired living philanthropist who continues to ‘pass on his wealth’ to charities and humanitarian aids today. He has the ‘3 on R’ chart.

Let’s put aside the usual observation on the number 3. Instead, try to adopt the ‘process thoughts’ of using the Five Elements to identify tendency signs.

The element of number 3 is FIRE. Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if you’re still unsure of the elements and traits associated to each of the nine numbers. Some positive traits associated to FIRE include vigour, dynamism, energy, creative, spiritual, passion, and heartiness. A ‘3 on R’ person with strong positive traits should take action to amass the wealth. But when the person does nothing to increase their wealth during their ‘living years’, then it’s nobody’s fault except them. When people manifested the wrong energies, the negative ones (like deceit, temperamental, haste, selfish and narrowed thoughts) would result in their incapacity to gather the wealth and assets they’d hope for.

The numbers 3, 6, or 9 on location R is just a set of numbers on the ‘blueprint’ of a person’s birth chart. It’s just like the ‘good sounding’ numbers or names of the signboard of a restaurant. The quality and tastefulness of the food served depends on the attitude of the cooks. The quality of service attracting loyal customers also depends on the customer-orientated service attitude of the management and staff. In short, the attitude of the person is important. To manifest the positive energies, it must come from within the person and not through external sources.

If you knows someone who have a ‘3 on R’ (perhaps it could be you), don’t despair. The ‘3 on R’ is about vitality and passion, so build up the strength and energy to grab the wealth opportunity when it comes.

And now, let me show you how these people can do just that. They CAN earn much wealth during their Personal Years period. You can combine the Birth Root number with the Personal Year Root number to get the needed resultant number.

For example if you’ve Birth Root 3 and when you have a Personal Year Root 6 (PYR6) this year, what does that imply? Birth Root 3 (Action) + Personal Year Root 6 (money) = 9 (Success). When you have a PYR6, you need to invest some money first before you can expect success. Similarly, if you’ve PYR3, then you have to be more passionate and quick, for money (3+3=6) is within your reach as long as you focused on your promises, complete your plans affirmatively, and deliver the results on time. On the other hand, you can also look at the number in location R of your PY chart. If there is a 6 or 9 during that year, focus on what you need to do to achieve the desired goal. One special method that I’ve shared only at recent EON WORKSHOP (5th and 6th) sessions is to apply the ANNUAL CODE techniques to find out the general yearly actions to take. I’d encourage you to attend the 7th EON WORKSHOP session on 2nd March 2013 if you want to learn more extended EON techniques.

Next time when someone tells you that ‘3 on R’ is nothing unlike the 6 (money) or 9 (success), don’t get too emotional and start arguing with them. Just LOL (laugh it loud) for ‘laughter is the best medicine’ which is good for health. OK, seriously, it’s because you’re already ahead in life path profiling than them, and the reason – you’re applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

What about people who have ‘6 on R’ and ‘9 on R’ charts?  That, I’ll discuss in a separate article.

Eventually, we should not decide the financial and asset status of a person by looking at the number on location R of their birth chart. If there is a number 6 or 9 on location R, it’s simply a promising hint but not definitive. These people may have lucky stars shinning on them, but it doesn’t mean the stars would shine brightly until the end of their lives. They need to continue to work to ensure their lucky stars keep shining brightly on them. Then again, it could imply people with ‘3 on R’ would need to work harder to reach the goals, and it’s NOT impossible to achieve similar results to those people who’ve 6 or 9 on R. “When there’s HOPE, there’s a WILL… And THERE IS A WAY.”  Work to become the person you want to be by consciously taking charge of your own life, focus on positive affirmations, and taking actions.

The numbers 3, 6, or 9 is just a set of numbers with associated positive and negative traits. The eventual result depends on the internal mindset (attitude) of the person, like the signboard analogy I’ve mentioned earlier. Don’t worry too much if you have the ‘3 on R’. Just do your best by taking positive actions now! Remember, money does not bring ‘true inner happiness’ and is not the ‘be-all and end-all’ of problem resolutions. Come what may, you have a life. LIVE IT postively.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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