Is ‘6 or 9 on R’ always GOOD?


In my last article “Nothing for ‘3 on R’”, I mentioned many people had the wrong impression of people with ‘3 on R’ chart. The assumption is these people would have left with nothing of material value when they’re old, or when they died.

Bill Gates has the ‘3 on R’ on his birth chart. He choose to ‘pass on his wealth’ to charitable organisations and humanitarian aids instead of giving the entire wealth to his children. Even when he dies one day, it’s not because he has ‘nothing left.’ His wealth lives on. He has created a legacy through the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

In today’s article, I’m addressing the question, “What about the ‘6 on R’ and ‘9 on R’ charts?”

369onRMany people had the impression that if a person has the number 6 or 9 on location R, they would have good material life (6=money; 9=assets) in their later years, old age, or when they die. Sadly, many of these assumptions come about after they’ve completed their Power of Numbers (PON) courses. They should explore beyond personality profiling and moves on to life path profiling using complementary or extended methods to help improve someone’s life.

I’d be happy to show you how number patterns with “confirmed-chopped-signed” affirmatives (popular phrase from some trainers) are relative and not definitive at the forthcoming 7th EON WORKSHOP session on 2nd March 2013. Of course, you’ll also get to learn new extended EON methods as well.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, the assumption that ‘6 on R is money’ or ‘9 on R is asset” is always correct is not true. Once again, let me share my observations and you can decide whether the PON-taught assumption remains ‘accurate’ and relevant for all case studies.

First, ‘6 on R’ does not necessary mean having money, yes, lots of them, when you’re at senior age or when you die. And you can pass on the material wealth to your family members or others.

When there are too many 6 coming into a person’s life (through their Personal Years and Personal Months), it could manifest the negative energies and invoke the negative traits. These include deceit thoughts, illegal moneymaking scheme, corruption, money laundering, whistleblowing for monetary gains, and so on. When these people are not careful (we can associate 6 to security and law), they could spent time in jail. Do your research – the fastest way is check the birthdates of billionaire convicts, plot their charts and analyse them.

BANNER5On health side, a person with too many 6s could show tendency signs suggesting mental-related health conditions like madness, craziness, hallucinations, bipolar disorder, and unnecessary worries. Should they neglected taking care of their health, it could lead to respiratory problems, brain-function problems, strokes, and worsening lung conditions at extreme cases.  Much of these ‘unnecessary spending’ often goes to medical fees and hospitalisation bills.

What about ‘9 on R’?

You think about it… and do your homework.  If unsure, check the negative traits of 9 in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. You can also read up the negative traits on multiple 9s in many of the articles I’ve posted on this site.  The negative thoughts, if manifested strongly, could lead to the downfall of a person. Often it’s because of greed, jealousy, calculative, scheming, and unrealistic draconic thoughts and actions.

Eventually, we should not decide the financial and asset status of a person by looking at the number on location R of their birth chart. If there is a number 6 or 9 on location R, it’s simply a promising hint but not definitive. It’s like the ‘blueprint’ of their birth chart. It may looks good and promising. How well they performed at your final destination of life depends on the past actions they took. These people with ‘6 or 9 on R’ may have lucky stars shinning on them, but it doesn’t mean the stars would shine brightly until the end of their lives. They need to fuel the shining sparks. They need to continue to work to ensure their lucky stars keep shining brightly on them.

Get EON BOOK nowIt doesn’t serve any purpose if people have money and assets when they’re old but in an UNHEALTHY and POOR state of body, soul, and mind. They can’t enjoy the last phase of their life to the fullest by then. What’s more important is how these people could make full use of their living years today that they can be proud of tomorrow – being a better person who could leave behind a living legacy.

The ‘3, 6, or 9 on R’ are just like the attractive book cover of a novel – compelling design and positive words. Yes, nice-looking book cover can attract more potential readers to browse the book than a plain-looking ones. Eventually, the number of books sold matters. And the pages inside the book is importantthe content, the words, style, and essence of the author, and their attitude and dedication in putting their fullest effort to write a good manuscript.

Put aside the impression and stop worrying if 3, 6, or 9 on R is good or bad. It doesn’t really matter to you. It’s just a sign without substance. You are the one who must provide the substances to make it happen. Make it a point to focus instead on the positive attitudes and actions to achieve your life goals. And leave a legacy the future generations can be proud of.

Regards, Ron WZ SunRegister for the EON Workshop now!



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