On Karen Bass & Her 4-8-3 Positives

I was reading this CNN online articleJoe Biden narrows down his VP list, with Karen Bass emerging as one of several key contenders,” and decided to check her birthdate.

I was initially surprised to see multiple 4s and 9s in her birth chart. From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, the two numbers (4 and 9) are associated with the Wood element. From a positive aspect, we could correlate these numbers with growth, planning, crafting, humanitarian, philanthropist, flexible, persistent (like clinging on), survivalist, visionary, and medical.

Yet, when we look at the same numbers from a negative aspect – with multiple instances of same numbers directly connected to one another – the extreme behavioural traits could be displayed. These include traits like emotional outburst, scheming (due to excessive planning and modifications), suicidal, hurtful, competitive, show-off (like blooming flowers swaying around), and destructive (like trees uprooting and damaging homes).

My initial observation of Karen Bass was more of a resounding concern, due to the strong Wood elements. In many of my past articles on multiple 4s and 9s, I’ve highlighted the need for the individual to redirect their excess elemental energies towards beneficial causes, to enable them to dilute the negative vibes by focusing on manifesting the positive sides. Once they could redirect these energies toward positive causes, they could be in control of their emotions, and manage them well. These are the “positives” that we should look out for, and encourage the individual that there is always a path to transform themselves, away from their emotional entrapment and unmanageable mental stress.

According to this Wikipedia page on Karen Bass, she has been involved in many community and humanitarian projects and services. My initial concern was immediately thrashed out. Here we have, an example of how a person could take charge of their emotions and excessive desires by redirecting them towards “good cause” initiatives.

Sure enough, there could be occasions when Karen might be influenced by the negative vibes of the strong Wood, but as she has “been there, done that” with her fight for serious cause, she can control and manage her emotions well. She just needs more conscious effort to take charge of her emotional and mental health during the next few years, like around 2024-2026 where she’d be facing her Double-Effect Year as shown in her PY2025 chart.

There are tendency signs in both her Birth and Reflection charts suggesting Karen is both a “perfectionist” and a “transformational change fighter” who would relentlessly pursue to get what she’d desired for. From a positive aspect, the signs are suggesting a strong-willed person who’s flexible (number 4) and yet, firm (number 9), in her pursuits for humanitarian reasons. And as stated earlier, when she’s unable to control her emotions, it could lead to some form of bipolar disorder, and mental depression.

Her EFV Birth Code is suggesting she should be committed to her quest, and act to call for action, and not just to talk about it. That’s exactly what she has been doing, from the information I’ve gathered from the Wikipedia page. That implies, she’s an action-driven person, and not a charismatic and eloquent speaker who’d appease others even though she’d disagree with them. The tendency signs are suggesting she could agitate others with her “undiplomatic” and “no-nonsense” behaviours, to drive her message across.

There are also signs suggesting the lack of power and authoritarian vibes, which means she’s not power-thirsty. That could be a blessing for a leader, to have an active, supportive, committed, and capable team member who’s willing to walk the path together for common good.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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