On William Barr & 4-8-3 Pattern

I was excited after posting the article “On Mike Pompeo & 8-4-3 Positives” last week. It appears that William Barr has a similar EON chart as Mike Pompeo, except that the numbers on his chart are, sort of, mirrored or flipped. That means the numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R on William’s EON chart is 1-6-7-4-8-3, and Mike’s chart is showing the 6-1-7-8-4-3 pattern.

Technically, what I’ve described in my earlier article on Mike Pompeo, has (almost) similar effects on William Barr, except for some key difference, which sets both apart from their behaviours, attitudes, and actions.

In today’s article, I’ll be focusing on sharing my profiling observations on William Barr, by applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. And as always, a person’s birth chart does not represent their current personality, which means what I’m about to share might not be what or who they are, today. Rather, their characteristics are contributed by their self-beliefs accumulated since their growing-up years to present times, social influences, habits and behaviours, and their attitudes toward his or her life purpose. This means the transient energies surrounding them, might have influenced their conscious and subconscious minds, and in terms, toward their behaviours and actions that we’ve witnessed or heard about them in the various news and social media, or on TV.

In a recent Bloomberg online article “Barr Makes Excuses for Election Sabotage. Again.” it was reported that William had constantly been in denial mode, giving excuses for his actions.

Let’s look at his EON chart to find out more on the contributing factors toward his behaviour and actions. The screenshot on the left was taken from an unreleased FEON+ v2 software running on an iPhone. The software was designed as a portable web application (PWA) that runs on Android, iOS, ChromeOS, MacOS, and Windows devices.

Let’s begin with the elemental energies displayed in the “Elemental Strengths” section – you’d noticed that William’s Earth element is stronger than that of Mike Pompeo. Furthermore, Mike’s Fire element is more substantial, which is why his  aggressive “hawking” attitude against others, are obvious – like a wild forest fire. Mike is more temperamental, hasty, and wild; while William is focusing more on his elemental strengths – Metal and Earth elements.

In the Five Elements principles, we could associate the Metal element with symbolic representations like a blade, dagger, knives, and any sharp objects that could be used to injure someone from the front, and at the back. In a way, we could interpret that as a sign of being backstabbed, or backstabbing others. The Metal element is also associated with the pen – a signature endorsement, pride, ego, and power (authority). When the Metal element is strong (multiple 1s or 6s is present in the chart), the individual tends to be influenced by the negative aspects – overbearing, misusing or abusing their powers, unnecessary worries, manifesting their egos and pride, for self-beneficial reasons. They tend to cling to, or support people whom they believe, could help them achieve their objectives.

We could associate Metal with cognitive and mental thoughts. When Metal is strong, the individual could easily twist their words through intellectual debates and reasoning, by applying grey areas in the law, to substantiate their claims.

The Five ElementsWhen the Earth element is moderate, the person tends to act with humility, caring, and adopt social responsibilities, like the flexible and adaptable nature of sand and clay. However, when the Earth element is strong (three or more), we could interpret that as a solid rock, a boulder, and a mountain. This implies they’re not easily moved, beyond their own belief. We could associate the Earth element to a person who is principle-minded, profound, go by-the-book, follow the principles of law which allows them to provide interpretative information, when needed.

William has multiple 5s (Earth); and 1s and 6s (Metal) in his birth chart. In the Five Elements principles, Earth element produce or support Metal element. This means the Metal element is further reinforced by the Earth element, and it could aggravate the already strong Metal element. A simple analogy – you’ve just taken a heavy early lunch, and your Mother-in-law insisted you join her for late lunch. If you pushed yourself to eat more just to please her, you could end up having over-bloated tummy, stomach upset, or worsted, vomiting out. The ideal approach is to pass the food to another person.

Similarly, in William’s chart, the ideal way to release the excess Metal element is to push it towards the Water element, rather than back to the Earth element. As the Earth element already strong, it’d be more stressful and unpleasant when both Earth and Metal elements are constantly in “conflict” as these could further aggravate the Water (feelings) and Fire (temperament, angst) elements. Once you understand the elemental cycles of the Five Elements, it’d be easy to connect them to William’s behaviour and attitudes. By the way, I’ve also described the elemental cycles and its effects when the element is weak or strong, in my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” that you can read. You can as well buy the book directly from me – check out this link for more details.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could associate Water with communication, and manipulation, like spreading of gossips, exaggerating facts and passing out misinformation. The Metal element is like a principle-minded person enforcing his strong opinions upon others, and claiming his interpretations of the rules and the law, and follow-up actions are correct.

Now, let’s look at the 6-1-7-4-8-3 pattern,  which we could interpret as [Pride – Self – Others – Scheme – Pressure – Hurt]. This implies the self-pride, and egotistical traits are always manifested before he set about planning. And when he does (work on the planning), he’d ensured it imposes pressure on others and hurt them as much as he could. Theoretically, William Barr’s 4-8-3 pattern is more scheming and destructive than Mike Pompeo’s 8-4-3. Mike’s 8-4-3 is about hasty and relentless actions first, and then plan further how he could push others. In some instances, he could have regretted his actions without factual evidence, and the ideal way is to ignore what he’d said. Or be quiet, to get out or sneak away from the situation he’d created. William’s 4-8-3 is about strategising first, like a scheming person checking on all possibilities and reading up loopholes of the law, before he carry out the action to pressuring others.

William has strong street-smart genes; while Mike has both the street-smart and book-smart genes, according to their charts. This means Mike could easily apply his smart genes to get around the situations (like wild fire moving to another direction abruptly), more quickly than William, who could mainly focused on his intellectual mindset, principles and interpretations of the law, to support his behaviours and actions.

Now, having described the traits, it does not imply Mike Pompeo or William Barr would behave and acted like what I’ve mentioned, as the observations are based on the tendency signs present in their various charts.

As we all recognise, both Mike Pompeo and William Barr are supporting Donald Trump in his “visionary” quest. Again, when we apply the Five Elements principles, Water elements support Wood element. From the screenshot of the Relationship / Compatibility Chart, you can determine that both Mike and William’s Root 7 (Water) is supporting Donald’s Root 4 (Wood). And when you combine them, the R/C Chart is showing multiple 9s.

In basic EON theory, we associate the number 9 with vision, success, growth, and humanitarian. However, when there are multiple 9s, it’s like a densely populated forest, where every tree is competitions to be the highest, to reach for the skies – the greed and competitiveI must win” attitude. This implies there is a unrealistic vision of success when the three of them are adopting political opportunism mindsets – supporting one another, to achieve their personal goals. In the Five Elements, the Wood element will weaken the Water element when its strong. This implies; Donald is manipulating the thoughts and feelings of Mike and William, raising their egos and prides with unrealistic and exaggerating visions. Unless they could transform their excessive negative behaviours to positive ones, they could end up being a “victim of their own successes” because of greed and false, high-headedness, unrealistic visions, where nothing matters except their personal achievement.

William needs to take care of his health. Besides the Earth element showing up as his Health Symptom (associating to digestive and immune health issues), there are other tendency signs suggesting he might be in the “high-risk” group of people having cancer and kidney illnesses, plus weakening heart and immune conditions.

That’s all for today’s article. And as always, I trust you’ve enjoyed reading this article and learned something interesting along the way.

Unless a person has shifted their mindset and behaviours towards positive enrichment, they’d be trapped by the dark forces manifesting the extreme end of the worst behavioural traits.

There are many EON/FEN techniques (like applying the EFV and Periodic Codes) that a person could adopt to achieve harmonious and cohesive outcomes, without hurting others.

Happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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