On Mike Pompeo & 8-4-3 Positives

At last, someone is curious to know about the positive aspects of the 8-4-3 effects,” I said to myself, “and it’s always good to look at number patterns from wider perspectives.

Somebody searched for “8-4-3” and “8-4-3 Positive” on my site about two weeks ago, and as always, I’m glad to share my observations using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method in today’s article.

Let’s revisit the 8-4-3 pattern first. In basic interpretation, we can read it as [Stress – Plan – Fast]. And when we widen the horizon views, we could interpret them as [Pressure – Scheming – Critical], [Control – Strategy – Forceful], [Financial Commitment – Growth – Relentless Pursuits], and many others.

From the Five Elements principles, we could relate the 8-4-3 pattern as [FireWoodFire]. We can visualise these as strong fire burning up the woods and trees, and emitting fiery sparkles everywhere, shooting outwards in all directions. Applying a negative analogy, it’s like the commander instructing the soldiers to fire the missile at a specific location, and hurting innocent lives. We could also visualise the pattern as a failed satellite launch midway up to the sky before reaching the orbit, causing it to crash back to Earth. However, when we interpret the pattern using a positive analogy, it’s like lighting up the pyrotechnic devices to the sky, and getting everyone excited by the sparkling fireworks display.

Putting the analogies aside, it entirely depends on the individual’s behaviour that was somehow influenced by their subconscious thoughts. We could correlate the 8-4-3 pattern as behavioural states in P-Q-R locations. And the subconscious thoughts would be in locations M-N-O. In short, these mean the eventual result in location R, is a consequential effect of P-Q. In turn; it is caused by a direct effect caused by the actions in location O. And these conscious actions are being acted upon by the  subconscious thoughts in M-N locations.

A mouthful sentence indeed. Confused? Well, treat it as a “cause-and-effort” process flow where M-N is about the subconscious thoughts; O is about the behavioural action; P-Q is about the consequential effect; and R is about the resulting outcome.

If you’re still confused, take a look at the left screenshot showing Mike Pompeo’s EON chart. The 6-1-7-8-4-3 pattern is present in M-N-O-P-Q-R locations in his birth chart. The 6-1 pattern relates to his subconscious thoughts. The Root 7 relates to his behaviours and actions. The 8-4 pattern relates to the process of his action. And the number 3 is the resulting or achieved outcome.

As mentioned in my past articles, we could easily associate the 8-4-3 pattern like a separation of some sort, caused by many factors, including poor EQ communication styles, lack of communication, miscommunication, and mistrust. For most people, the extreme cases could have a short relationship separation, and if the tension is still unresolved, it could lead to divorce. However, from a politician’s perspective, we could analyse it from another angle.

As we all know, a fire cannot start without fuel or wood. In the case of 8-4 pattern, the Fire is ignited first, and then reinforced by putting in more fuel (Wood), to make the burning heat stronger. Without fuel, igniting the fire (8) could be interpreted as invoking tensions intentionally, like maximising strategies to impose unrealistic pressure or stress, and/or to create the “command and conquer” thoughts. It’s like the commander instructing his soldiers (4, fuel) to attack a country based on his self-perceived gut-feeling beliefs. Eventually, the behavioural actions (8-4) resulted in hurting others (3), causing tensions, and consequential loss of lives and assets.

The tendency signs are suggesting that Mike might be compelled (for personal reasons, or factors mentioned earlier) to behave and act in a rash manner, intentionally or not be bothered about the consequence of his action. At present, what could have influenced him to behave or acted in constant “attack” mode? Well, we need to look at the numbers in M-N-O location to identify the influencing vibes, and that’s where we noted the 6-1-7 pattern.

We could interpret the 6-1-7 pattern as [Money – Alone – Support]. In simple terms, it’s like John needs to find more support (7) from his customers and suppliers. However, from another angle, we could interpret that as “no money, no action” kind of mentality – like “give me the money first, and then I’ll act, and do my utmost best to influence and manipulate others.” As stated in past articles, we could also associate the number 6 with other traits like materialistic rewards, pride, confidence, financial stability, opportunist, ego-centric, self-esteem, mental (psychology), and others. This means; we can as well interpret the 6-1-7 pattern as [For Financial stability (career development) – Opportunity (For self-rewards) – By imposing tensions on others]. From another point of view, we could interpret that as  [Money’s available – that I can give out – only if you support me]. It’s like manipulating others, using material rewards and taking on psychological strategies, to persuade others to carry out the actions without dirtying his own hands. That’s what came to mind after I read this recent Yahoo articleWest ‘doesn’t have the tools’ to tackle China, says Mike Pompeo.”

What I’ve just described about the tendency signs present in Mike Pompeo’s chart, when he’s inclined to behave or act on the negative opportunism vibes. His credibility could be at stake when Donald Trump is no longer elected as the USA president. If he could focus on the positive aspects of the 6-1-7-8-4-3 pattern, like resolving internal domestic chaos rather than attacking or blaming others, he could enjoy healthier and happier times ahead. He could attain that as we could also interpret the 6-1-7-8-4-3 pattern as [Focused on USA economic stability – Think like a Leader – Help/support the US citizens – Pursue domestic issues – Work on plans to resolve the internal crisis – Act on it without hurting others].

Maybe, it could benefit Mike if he could focus on creating positive and cohesive diplomatic relationships with others, rather than imposing the imbalanced, one-sided “Head, I Win. Tail, You Lose” attitude unto others. There are tendency signs suggesting his humility is lacking. Take a look at the same screenshot shown above that was taken from an unreleased FEON+ v2 (Pro) software – the EARTH element (displayed in the Elemental Strength section) that represents his humbleness, good-nature, caring, and kind-heartedness, is very weak. His health symptom is also related to the EARTH element, meaning he needs to take extra care of his health and reduced his weight, as it could create potential digestive and intestinal health problems. He needs to cut down on alcoholic drinking and consuming sugary or high-carbo diet, as there are tendency signs suggesting he might suffer from diabetic-related illness.

I’ve described some positive sides of the 8-4-3 pattern in earlier paragraphs. Once you’re aware of the effects and influencing vibes, and understand how to handle and control them, it could lead to a desired and beneficial outcome. Many FengShui professionals and experts would highly recommend not to energise areas where the “San Sha” (3-Killings) are located in a particular year. “Don’t fight the San Sha, or you’ll face bad luck and calamity,” thus they said. I was taught a unique way to “fight the San Sha” and it’s worked for me when I was actively pursuing Feng Shui techniques some years back. Similarly, when I started the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I’ve used the 8-4-3 pattern as a breakaway effect – to rid the stagnant Qi energy, to start anew on unfinished projects, and like “breaking new grounds” by intentionally manifesting the 8-4-3 vibes. Yes, the result is just like viewing the fireworks pyrotechnics display. If you look closely, the 8-4-3 pattern is also about reinforcing confidence and identifying opportunities (8+4+3=6). Oh, a word of caution here – unless you can control and manage the 8-4-3 vibes, do not choose a date with the 8-4-3 pattern present. You could do more harm instead.

The 8-4-3 pattern could also suggest that you could break away from a prolonged strained relationship, and yet enjoy a happier and healthier life. The 8-4-3 pattern can also be about [Financial Management – Planning – Passion], [Manage – Growth – Inspire], or [Stress Pleasure – Envisioning Plans – Sparkling Result]. That’s where you could enjoy the financial rewards, create better-managed family responsibilities, have loads of fun and joys, and build higher self-esteem (8+4+3=6).

I hope you’ve learned something interesting in today’s article. Understand the underlying essences of the numbers and its associated elements is important. Do not focus on number patterns purely based on one-way only assumption. Instead, unfold your hands (with open arms), widen your horizons (embrace wider perspectives), watch the scenarios (find the clues), and enjoy the rewards of understanding yourself and others better.

Have a good week ahead! Stay safe.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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