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Yesterday (Friday, 6th Sep 2013) was one of my best TGIF day in recent times. I felt the positive, inspiring and spiritual vibes around. Most importantly, My wife and I have an important appointment with someone special.

On my way to the appointment place, I tuned in to the local radio station (FM 938Live) and listened to the ‘live’ interview with Nick Vujicic (pronounced as voo-yee-cheech). Nick talked about changing his life without limits despite his disabilities; his suicidal thoughts at 8 years old; and his depression a few years ago. Nick also talked about his marriage and his kid, something he thought was ‘very’ challenging a few years ago.

20130906_NickVujicicAn hour later, I was eagerly waiting to meet the special someone. With the hundreds of people in the MediaCorp theatre, we’re all glad to meet Nick ‘live’ in person at the special invite, a day ahead of his public speaking engagement to some 5000 people on Saturday. My wife and I were there as invited guests. The special event was organised by MediaCorp for their employees and family members; and guests from special organisations. You can also check the Channel NewsAsia online articleNick Vujicic spreads message of hope in Singapore.

I felt so blessed to see Nick ‘live’ in person. Despite his disabilities, Nick wanted to be a motivational speaker at a young age. He hopes to inspire us that we can all be ‘partners in team.’ And he wants us to know we can all make this world a better place for everyone, regardless of our physical abilities and appearance.

CaseStudy_NickVujicicLet’s check on Nick’s EON chart and see if there are positive signs that Nick can continue to be a great motivational speaker.

I’ve mentioned the traits of 7-2-9 (and 2-7-9) in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I’ve also posted earlier articles here that we can associate the 7-2-9 (2-7-9) with sensual and charismatic appeal. We can also associate the Water element (numbers 2, 7) to communication, expression, and movement; and the Wood element (number 9) to high aspirations, success, and humanitarian traits.

As you can see from Nick’s chart, he has all these qualities and traits in him and he shows them positively. I’ve heard him speak and could sense he is a passionate and devoted motivational speaker. The spiritual traits are present in his chart too, and he answered a question on what ‘contentment’ means to him. Without doubt, Nick has all the positive traits of a motivational and spiritual speaker. And he dare to experience the life he wants without limits.

Nick’s PY2014 chart implies there could be possible reduction in financial income (5-7-3, money lost) and we can associate the resultant (number 6) to home, stability and family. In the same CNA article, Nick “intends to take a break next year from his speaking engagements, to focus on one of his top priorities – spending time with his family.”

It could be tiring to travel to different countries for speaking engagements. Nick has to take care of his health especially his lungs and immune system. Besides the 5-7-3 patterns, the excess number 3 in PY2014 chart could imply increasing ‘Fire’ vibes – tempers, anger, frustrations – and he needs to control them as otherwise it could influence his mental and respiratory functions.

Nick wants to have more beautiful children and to be a great father to them; and a wonderful husband to his lovely wife. Nick has inspired me and many others; and I give my blessings to Nick and wish him all the best in his pursuits.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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