On Larry King: Signs of Multiple Marriages

Once again, I’m happy to receive Larry’s analysis of a chart, from another angle. He gathered his observations from his knowledge build over the years, and his experience in different Chinese Metaphysics and Numerology systems. Larry recently bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and obtained the book about 10 days after I’ve shipped out the item to his address in Malaysia.

[Larry] I’ve finally received your book! After thoroughly flipping the pages, intuitively, the book tells me: “Ya! I’m somewhat different!” Yes, I can sense from the years of collecting numerous numerology books and researching on them; your book can stand out as one of its kind! I noticed you’ve put extra efforts into studying at a more in-depth level, and bring out your very own fresh views on the mechanism and the workings of the numbers.

[Ron] Thanks to like-minded users like Larry and many others, people are still giving positive feedback about my book after reading them. Due to the emergence of e-books and online business affecting traditional book stores, it is difficult to buy my book at local bookstores. Even the local distributor has scaled down their businesses and returned the remaining books to me.

The good news is, you can order my book straight from me and the charges stated, include delivery as well.

Here’s another feedback for those in Europe and USA, and other countries in the Middle East and the West – if you order the “print-on-demand” version of my book from Motivational Press, the page numbers are missing (and I’m puzzled as the final-copy document given to them has proper page numbers), and the version of the book is the 1st edition.  The current book that you’ll receive – if you purchase direct from me – is the 3rd edition.

[Larry] By the way, I would like to share my views on Larry King (Page 214 of your book), who has been in the cycle of divorce – remarried for eight times! I would like to put the analysis in the interpretation of element interaction.

[Ron] I’m always excited when Larry provided his analytical views from his angle. Likewise, I might have a different analysis if I have to review Larry King’s EON charts again, due to the time-factor reasons, where our subconscious and conscious thoughts, at the present moment, could influence the way we perceive the charts and lead us to analyse from a different angle.

[Larry] As you can see the chart, within the inner-V (locations I-J-K-L-M-N-O), the element of Water is strong, with the presence of few Metal elements. So, the outcome is Fire 3 which is damaging. On the contrary, the outer-V, the Fire is so active with the presence of Wood!

Furthermore, on the left quadrant of the chart, and in-between the inner-outer-V border lies the 3-5 pattern. The 5 can anytime become [transformed and exhibit the influence of] the 3. Both are odd numbers, and number 5 cannot influence number 4. Therefore, this might create three sets of 3-4-9, 8-4-3, 8-4-3 (Fire becomes fiery, as being constantly supplied by Wood).

Well, from my view, I’d interpret the inner-V = marriage life not exciting (due to damaging 3); and the outer-V = more exciting out there (fiery fire). Thus, the fiery excitement would be channeled from the outer-V into the inner-V; and next being “extinguished” by Water, before channeling back again. And after that, the process repeated this way (eight times of married-divorce). This is only my personal view. Thanks!

[Ron] I replied to Larry, “What can I say, as you have looked at it from another angle. Well said. Great observation. When too many 3s, the passion becomes sexual also…

[Larry] Yes, but number 3 Fires don’t stand long… come fast go fast!

[Ron] Sex is fast too…

The number 3, like a burning candle flickering in the wind, depends to a great extent on the wick for survival. Hence, we usually identify the burning flame as providing short-termed brightness or enjoyment. In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could associate the number 3 with religious, passions, creativity, sexual, furious, fiery, joy, passion, enlightenment, and so on. And like what I have shared with FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, when there are multiple 3s in specific locations, we could easily associate that to the person having high sexual desire, or having strong sex-driven habits or behaviours. And the sexual urge is fast and short-termed too.

Over time, and if the urge and temptations are left without considerable control, the person might become an impulsive sex maniac.

Now, having shared my views earlier, do not become too happy, excited, or feeling lucky when you noticed a person’s birth chart (or even your chart) does not have the multiple number 3s in the specific locations. I’ve disclosed my observations to the FEN students – the tendency signs could be present once we performed a multi-layer chart analysis, which factored in the periodic charts as well. That is why some people seemed to be “very normal” most of the times, but on the spur of the moment, they behave like a total stranger. Their behaviours and actions would erupt – like the awakenings of a domain volcano – and they suddenly felt compelled to quench their sex urges with someone else.

Oh, one more thing… having high sex desires or being a sex-addict, is different from someone who enjoys self-discovery and D-I-Y sexual activities like masturbation. We could correlate that to a different set of numbers, and due to sensitivities here, I can exclusively share the patterns privately in my FEN class.

Once again, I’d wish to thank Larry – the one who bought my book and registered the FEON+ software, and presently not Larry King, the host of The Larry King Show – for sharing his alternative profiling observations with me.

As always, I looked forward to Larry’s next contributions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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