Charlotte Church split from Gavin Henson for kids

Gavin Henson has lifted the lid on the reason he and Charlotte Church separated and says the couple did it so their children wouldn’t grow up in an unhappy home, according to a recent article.

Gavin admitted the strained relationship with Charlotte, and both are worried about the effect on their two kids.

Let us look at the probable causes that could have triggered the tension, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

As my observations are based on the elemental influence of the number, it does not necessary mean the probable causes mentioned is true. In any event, I sincerely wish both of them can come up with an amicable solution, as eventually, the children will suffer in any separation or divorce.

The 8-4-3 number combination is present in Charlotte’s Personal Year 2010 (PY2010) chart. The tension could arise because of the lack of communication between both parties. While one party could be busy socialising (for a motive), the other party was feeling lonely and stressed.

The 3-3-6 number combination is present in Gavin’s Personal Year 2010 (PY2010) chart. This could imply focusing on trying to earn more money quickly, to gain the success he wants. Gavin’s PY2010 has mirror-like numbers – this could imply a tendency to have a dual-like personalities.

Coincidentally, when I look at Gavin’s Reflection chart, the resultant number combination in locations PQR is also a 3-3-6. Gavin could have been making many plans on how to earn more money this year, putting stress on himself. Gavin could have inhabit the other passionate traits resulted from the 3-3-6 number combination.

Although his intent may be good, his execution approach may not be what Charlotte would hope for. There could be a communication breakdown and wrong assumptions made by both parties. His socialising approach or attitude could be the triggering point. As a result, there could be frequent bickering, causing tensions in their relationship.

Charlotte could have initiated the separation. In a separate article, Charlotte is seriously thinking about reconciling with her ex-fiancé.

Both Charlotte and Gavin are working hard on their careers to please their supporters, stressing unnecessary. In the end, both became temperamental. Let’s hope both of them can make up and clear any misunderstanding. As long as both parties are willing to talk amicably, there is hope. A complete family is a happy family. The kids need their mom and dad to be together, always.

Regards, Ron


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