Taking Risk on 4-5 and 5-4

This year 2010, the strong urge to take risk is high. We see more people coming out of their comfort zone. Some risk themselves to become leaders. Some took part in riots, strikes and other demonstrations to voice their anger, frustrations and disappointment. And some took risk to invest in the volatile stock and share markets.

For some others, the urge to gamble is strong. With the two Integrated Resorts (IR) opened in Singapore, more people have flocked to the casinos to gamble. It’s also a trend elsewhere – casinos are opening or scheduled in many countries as the demand increases. The urge to more money is strong, so is the urge to steal.

With the recent World Cup 2010 game, it opens yet another floodgate of punters (legal and illegal) staking high on the winning teams. Some won, many lost. And the winners are still the betting centres, or the illegal loan sharks and moneylenders. Of course, not forgetting FIFA and the footballers!

With the coming Youth Olympics Games (YOG) in Singapore in August, and F1 Singapore Grand Prix in September this year, even more people will start to gamble on the winning teams.

More people are also taking risk to try to make their wildest dream come true. In a related way, more people are also doing illegal business; or other businesses out of the ordinary, like entertainment pubs or legalised pawnshops.

Why are there more risk-takers this year than before? Why are more people gambling than before?

Is it a coincidence that many of these ‘game of skill and chance’ events take place in 2010?

The answer is in the Year 2010 chart.

The sign is in the 4-5 and 5-4 number combination.

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With number 6 in close proximity, you believe you are planting a money tree, hoping to pluck the money fruits when it’s ripe.

If the number combination 4-5 or 5-4 is present in your birth chart or Personal Year chart, you will keep thinking “no matter what comes, your plan must always work.” There may be no compassion as you want your plan to work, regardless of the obstacles. You may even have the gut feeling to do what you had always wanted to do but dare not previously because of fear.

Again, don’t worry too much if you have the 4-5 or 5-4 in your birth chart, or in your Personal Year chart. The signs may be there, but it does not necessary mean you will become a thief or a gambler. As said many times in my earlier articles, our social environment, family upbringing, and moral values do play a major part in influencing our thoughts and actions, and our habits.

Feel the Fear. Experience the Success.

When you dare to take risk (on the legal side, of course), the benefits (tangible and intangible) are higher. The positive results can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Every major success is the results of many smaller failures and little successes. And every failure and little success is result of many risks you took.

“No Risk, No Gain”

Regards, Ron


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