Roo had the Double Whammy!

When a person is having a “Double Effect” year, the energies on each set of numbers in both the Birth and Personal Year charts are manifested twice. If you can control the negative energies and maximise on the positive ones, you may experience a “Double Blessing” for that year. However, if you cannot control the negative energies well, chances are, you may experience the “Double Whammy” instead.

For the former South Korea President Roo Moo-Hyun, the “Double Whammy” effects were just too severe for him, and he could not take it.

Let us look at his Personal Year 2009 (PY2009) chart.

In my book Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling, I have provided the steps to identify a person’s basic HEALTH symptom. For Roo, Metal is his weakest link and is also his HEALTH symptom element. Metal is also associated to worrying. Roo was embroiled in a broadening corruption scandal, and could have been worrying too much.

The root number 7 is Water, and is associated to fear and anxiety. Roo could have felt these symptoms too. The number 9 is Wood, and is associated to anger and resentment – the EMOTIONAL part. Roo could have felt angry and resentful in the way the scandal was handled.

When Wood is too strong,

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On 23 May 2009, Roo committed suicide by jumping from a mountain cliff behind his rural southern home.

Regards, Ron


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